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Top 10 Instagram Follower Providers



$14Per 1000
$14Per 1000
  • Ultra-Realistic Followers
  • Excellent Pricing Across the Board
  • Highest Retention Followers
  • Best Customer Support & Policies


$20Per 1000
$20Per 1000
  • Good Level of Realism
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Great Duration for Retention
  • Best Customer Support & Policies


$20Per 1000
$20Per 1000
  • Great Levels of Realism
  • Great Pricing Overall
  • High Duration of Retention
  • Best Customer Support & Policies

Can you really buy instagram followers?

Yes you can certainly buy instagram followers from multiple locations. The quality of those followers, if they will interact with you and their engagement with you make the difference between a 1 star provider and a 5 star provider. There are several factors to consider when purchasing instagram followers and we have rated these followers based on all relevant information and our personal experience with them.

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Is Buying Instagram followers safe?

That depends on what you mean by safe. Using paypal as a payment system and making sure you are on a secure website will ensure that your financial information is safe, as well as using google chrome to ensure you are on a non-malicous website. Each supplier is different however and the quality of followers delivered may negatively impact your overall instagram experience.

Are these followers real people?

Maybe, maybe not. Instagram follower providers vary a lot. Some services are cheaper, but offer inactive or downright fake accounts as followers. Other services are a bit more expensive, and may offer slightly more active followers. Remember, the more active and current followers do have a tendency to have less retention as they are real people that no one can control.

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying instagram followers and likes is similar to buying twitter followers or facebook likes. It’s another tool in your chest to allow you to boost your social proof. People want to engage with other interesting and popular people. Even if you have the best pictures in the world uploaded to instagram, if no one interacts with it, then you are not meeting your goals. Buying followers gives the impression that you already have people interested in your profile, it helps others engage with you so you can gain real targeted followers.

What is a "quality" follower?

We determine the quality of the follower by many things, but most importantly: are they a human? Many providers will give auto-follow accounts that have little to no interaction, no profile, no comments, no images nothing. Literally a shell of an account that does nothing but pad the numbers for your account. These are the cheapest and most prevalent types of followers you can buy. There are reasons that you would sometimes want to use accounts like this, but they are few and far between.

A decent quality account is one that is of a real person, but hasn’t been used in a long time. They probably won’t be engaging with you in conversation, but they have a real profile, images and comments of their own and may have followers themselves. The more reputable companies sell these types of followers on their cheaper services.

A good quality account is a current, real profile that will engage with you. They will comment on your photos, share them with their followers and generally be an assist to your account. The best Instagram Follower Providers sell these types of accounts. They are more expensive than the others and do have a higher rate of unfollowing.

An excellent quality account is one gained naturally through the website and someone who is very active on the site, has many pictures and they are continually sharing and commenting on your pictures. It is very rare and expensive to be able to buy these types of followers.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The concept of buying Instagram Followers, Likes, and Comments may be something you’re considering, but it raises more questions than answers. So, we’ve listed the most common questions we get asked below.

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