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Discover the best places to buy Instagram story views

Read these reviews to be sure that you’re buying Instagram Story Views from a trusted provider! Every provider listed below has proven themselves to be reliable, and will be sure to deliver exactly what you order from them. Either read our reviews below for more information, or click right through to the provider of your choice using the links below!

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The Best Providers for Instagram story views

Disclosure: We may be compensated when you make a purchase via our link. Click to learn more.
IGReviews is a free and professional review site that receives compensation from some of the companies we review when you make a purchase through our link. This does not affect our reviews which are our own independent opinions based on thousands of hours of research and testing. It is in our best interest to ensure we refer you to the best companies as we do not receive compensation if you are not satisfied with a company we referred you to (ie. you request a refund or cancel your order). If you find our reviews helpful, please make a purchase through our links to support our work. Thank you!


$14Per 1000
$14Per 1000
  • Ultra-Realistic Followers
  • Excellent Pricing Across the Board
  • Highest Retention Followers
  • Best Customer Support & Policies


$20Per 1000
$20Per 1000
  • Good Level of Realism
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Great Duration for Retention
  • Best Customer Support & Policies


$20Per 1000
$20Per 1000
  • Great Levels of Realism
  • Great Pricing Overall
  • High Duration of Retention
  • Best Customer Support & Policies

The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Story Views

There are two sides to everything, especially the controversial “Buy Instagram Story Views” market. We’ve been using and testing these services for over a year, and we’ve become very familiar with both the Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Instagram Story Views. Below, you’ll find our detailed list of Pros and Cons. Read them well, and decide for yourself if these services are right for you.

The Pros

  • Attract more views. It’s simple, the more views your Instagram story has, the more people would like to view it. Make the most of this herd mentality by buying views for your Instagram Story. You know it deserves to be watched!
  • Jump-start your Instagram account. Landing those first few views is a struggle — especially if you’re new to the network. Everyone starts from zero, but you don’t have to be stuck there forever. Get things rolling by purchasing views and showing everyone that your IG story deserves their attention!
  • Look popular. People associate views with popularity. When your Instagram story has a lot of views, other users would assume you are popular and would want to engage with you more overall.
  • Enhance your credibility. When you have a solid social reputation, people will be more open to your recommendations and listen to what you have to say. The number of views your Instagram Story has is one way of showing your reputation and credibility.
  • Expand your reach. Instagram stories can be shared. As your bought views attract organic views, you’ll be able to reach many viewers and increase your audience exponentially.
  • Experience organic growth. More views on your Instagram story could help improve your social proof, encouraging more people to follow you.

The Cons

  • Some views may be from fake or inactive accounts. If you’re not careful in choosing your Instagram Story views provider, you might end up with one that delivers views from fake users. They don’t add value to your account, making you lose any opportunity to get the most out of the views you bought.
  • Receive untargeted views. Some companies don’t have the technology to deliver targeted views, so you end up with views from users across the globe. There are providers, however, that offer targeted views. This allows you to set guidelines about the views you’d like to get, such as choosing the region or country that the views would come from.
  • This technique is often frowned upon. The practice of buying social signals, including Instagram Story views, are still not widely accepted. Some people consider it as taking a short cut in enhancing your social proof and credibility. Fortunately, trusted providers understand the importance of delivering their services discreetly. This is why it’s essential to make sure you’re getting the right provider.
  • It’s easy to fall prey to scammers. Because buying Instagram Story views is becoming popular, you’ll find a number of dubious companies that deliver low-quality views. But don’t worry. It’s why we’re here. We review providers and share are experience with their service so you know what to expect and which companies to trust.

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