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Find the best place to buy Instagram likes with IGReviews - Your trusted source for Instagram service reviews. Dive deep into our in-depth reviews, discover the truth with our in-depth test results, read thousands of user reviews to gain different perspectives, or compare your top picks side-by-side to make the right final decision for you. Learn the facts and buy likes with confidence.

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The Best Providers for Instagram likes

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$14Per 1000
$14Per 1000
  • Ultra-Realistic Followers
  • Excellent Pricing Across the Board
  • Highest Retention Followers
  • Best Customer Support & Policies


$20Per 1000
$20Per 1000
  • Good Level of Realism
  • Most Affordable Pricing
  • Great Duration for Retention
  • Best Customer Support & Policies


$20Per 1000
$20Per 1000
  • Great Levels of Realism
  • Great Pricing Overall
  • High Duration of Retention
  • Best Customer Support & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

The concept of buying Instagram Likes may be something you’re considering, but it raises more questions than answers. So, we’ve listed the most common questions we get asked below.

  • Will Instagram ban my account if I buy Instagram likes?

    You have no control over who likes your content, so Instagram won’t ban your account for buying likes. For one, they have no way of proving that it was even you who bought them! At worst, you could lose some of your bought likes if they delete accounts you’ve been liked by. To avoid this outcome, make sure you read the reviews on our website to find a quality Instagram like a provider.

    Will other people know I’m buying Instagram likes for my content?

    This is ultimately determined by the quality of the provider you choose. Low-quality providers provide likes from accounts that have no profile photo, bio, or posts. Anyone doing research could see this and assume you buy likes, but they won’t ever know it for certain unless you disclose this information.

    What are the top features I should look for in an Instagram like provider?

    Before purchasing you should also read the protections that the provider offers, like a retention guarantee, satisfaction guarantee, and refund policies to know that they want to stand by what they sell. We quickly summarize this sometimes complication information in our reviews.

    After this, the top features are the quality of the accounts liking your content and consistency. Look at the accounts liking your content and see if they look real or not as this will impact how people perceive you. After this, you need to make sure you’re getting the number of likes you paid for.

    Does buying Instagram likes work?

    Purchasing some likes for your awesome Instagram content is the surest way to drum up some interest in your awesome Instagram content. Having a big, fat zero on social media, where for your followers or likes on a post, is always hard. A likes service is designed to give your content a push in the right direction, spurring real users to pay attention to your account. That’s what these services are really all about – getting real users to pay attention! Everyone from celebrities, to politicians, to large and small companies have bought Instagram likes in the past because it works.

    How do companies provider Instagram likes?

    Each company can have a different way to deliver likes to your account. This can include Bots Nets, Reward Programs, and even Targeted Advertising. Our reviews look at these methods so that you know what to expect before you purchase your first like.

    Will I lose the likes that I buy?

    It is unlikely that you will lose likes if you purchase them from a well-rated company. Many users have brought up concerns with us about buying Instagram likes since the Instagram Purge of 2014. Your results will come down to whether or not you choose a decent provider that won’t have issues, such as the ones we review well on our list. The best companies maintain a network of accounts that can like your content and not get shut down so that you keep the likes you purchase.

    Why should I trust the reviews of Instagram likes I find on this site?

    We’re big-time Instagram addicts, and we’ve used these services to boost our accounts from time to time and to get new accounts rolling. We made this site through our experiences, and then tested even more companies and providers to expand our knowledge. Our experience has shown us what to expect from the time the ‘Submit Order’ button is hit, until the moment those likes start hitting the Heart button on your content!

    Can I get banned for buying Instagram likes?

    You don’t have any personal control over who likes your content, so your account is usually going to be safe. If the likes you purchase are delivered to you too quickly, or in an unnatural way, you could lose those likes, but banning is incredibly rare. The providers we look at in our reviews above have had this aspect reviewed so that you know what you're going to get from them when you make your purchasing decision.

    How does buying Instagram likes work?

    Each company uses different methods to deliver Instagram followers. Some popular strategies are:

    Follow First: This is a basic method that requires you to give your password to your Instagram followers providers, which is risky and should never be done. Once they’re logged into your account, they will follow other users and these users would have the option to follow you back. Some companies use a program so they could follow hundreds of users at a time and then unfollow those who won’t follow you back, giving you a good follower-following ratio.

    Bot Followers: These are fake users created by Instagram followers providers for the sole purpose of growing your follower count. You don’t have to give them access to your account and they could complete your order faster than when using other methods.

    Exchange Networks: Top providers aim to deliver real followers to their customers. Exchange networks are platforms where real users could get incentives or rewards simply by following Instagram accounts like yours. The good thing about this is that you’re getting real followers. The downside is, the followers are often only interested in the rewards they would get and not with you.

    Ad Targeting Campaigns: This is a great strategy that results in high-quality followers. With ad campaigns, companies can set parameters to ensure you’re getting targeted followers, such as users from certain regions or countries.

    Why should I buy Instagram likes?

    There are many perks to buying Instagram likes. The main one is social proof. A lot of Instagram users check out the number of likes a post has before they decide whether to like, comment, or even pay any attention to it at all. With a lot of likes on your posts, you are bound to attract more organic likes. Other than that, you should buy Instagram likes if you are looking to:

    – Kickstart engagement on your account
    – Gain likes for your post quickly and easily
    – Improve the credibility of your Instagram profile
    – Increase your chances of going viral
    – Boost the popularity of your Instagram account
    – Attract more organic likes and followers

    Read our Pros and Cons section above to learn more about the benefits of buying Instagram likes.

    Can you really buy Instagram likes?

    Of course. The social media marketing industry is on the rise, giving birth to the practice of safely purchasing Instagram likes. Here is how you can do it:
    Find a provider that is reliable and credible.

    – Choose the package that suits your budget.
    – Place your order.
    – Wait for the delivery to be processed. Note that the delivery time varies depending on the provider and the size of your package.
    – Wait for the completion of your order.
    – Enjoy your newly purchased Instagram likes.

    Buying Instagram likes is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to make sure you choose a good provider who offers safe and organic services.

    Are Instagram likes I buy real or fake?

    It mostly depends on the provider. There are those who rely on poor techniques to deliver Instagram likes, such as using bot accounts to like your posts. There are also those who go the distance and actually provide high-quality likes. Your likes would come from real users with complete profiles, posts, and followers of their own. That is why it’s important to be well-informed about the provider you’re doing business with. You want one who will deliver organic-looking likes that won’t harm your reputation on Instagram.

    Is buying Instagram likes a scam?

    No, buying Instagram likes is 100% legitimate. Quality providers use methods for delivering likes that comply with Instagram’s terms of use. You must be aware that there are also low-quality providers that only look to deceive you and take your money, putting your account at risk.

    You must be able to distinguish good providers from bad ones. Reading extensive reviews, like ours you’ll find above, is the best way to do that.

    Is it illegal to buy Instagram likes?

    No, the act of buying Instagram likes is not illegal. Many methods of delivering likes are perfectly safe and don’t go against Instagram’s Terms of Use. You need to take extra precaution when a provider asks you to share your Instagram login details with them. Letting someone have full access to your account is never recommended.

    Is buying Instagram likes safe?

    Yes, buying Instagram likes is 100% safe. You can only get in trouble if you share your password with a company using the ‘follow first’ method. When a provider has your password they can do things with your account that may be against Instagram’s policies.

    Can a company remove likes after they deliver them?

    That is highly unlikely. Reputable companies don’t have a reason to remove the likes they’ve delivered to you. Instagram likes may drop from your post naturally or in case of an Instagram purge.


The Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Likes

There are two sides to everything, especially the controversial “Buy Instagram Likes” market. We’ve been using and testing these services for over a year, and we’ve become very familiar with both the Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Instagram Likes. Below, you’ll find our detailed list of Pros and Cons. Read them well, and decide for yourself if these services are right for you.

The Pros

  • Buying Instagram likes is a sure way to get activity on your account. Not just from the likes you purchase, but from those you get from users who see the activity and join in.
  • Have a new account? It can be really hard to get it going! An Instagram likes service will kickstart your account, especially on the content which you most want to draw attention to.
  • Those who link their instagram account to their business can expect to see their liked content give a boost to sales. Have a new product launching? Purchase some likes for it as part of your marketing budget!
  • Embedding well-liked Instagram content on your website can lead to better bounce rates, more time spent on your site, and even more sales. Dynamic content with high social responses always attract attention.
  • Increased likes on viral content, which is in front of so many users, can lead to more organic followers and overall account activity.

The Cons

  • Most of the likes you purchase are not going to come from people who will interact with you in other ways. They won’t comment on your content or follow your account, nor will they purchase your products.
  • You will still need to earnestly engage with your followers and create great content. You can’t use one of these services and walk away thinking that your account will be successful.
  • There are some negative issues and stigmas around buying Instagram likes. It is something you will want to keep to yourself when you make a purchase.
  • Many users of Instagram likes services get caught out by scam artists. While this is unfortunate, you have a whole list of tested providers above to choose from who will not scam you!

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