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Find the best providers to buy Instagram comments on to spark conversation and discussions on your posts. Buying comments for Instagram posts is a strategy used by thousands of users to spark conversation or combine with their purchase of Instagram Likes. While there are dozens of providers out there that sell Instagram comments, they don't all deliver the same quality you'd expect. Avoid getting spam, fake or negative comments by choosing any of the tested & verified provider below.

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  • Good-Quality IG Comments
  • Receive up to 1000 Comments
  • Offers Custom Comments
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
100 Comments for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Authentic-Looking Followers
  • Up to 500K Followers
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 30-Day Follower Retention Policy
  • Good Customer Support
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Good-Quality Comments
  • Up to 1 Million Followers
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Retention Policy
  • Reliable Customer Support
10 for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Wide Variety of Services
  • Up to 500k Followers
  • Geo-targeted Followers
  • Very Affordable Prices
  • Customer Support Can Be Slow
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Passable-Quality Followers
  • Up to 10000 Followers
  • Fair Refund Policy
  • Good Retention Policy
  • No Extra Marketing Options
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Good-Quality IG Comments
  • Receive up to 200+ Comments
  • No Custom Comments Available
  • Limited Retention Guarantee
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
100 Comments for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Good-Quality Instagram Followers
  • Up to 40K Followers
  • No Extra Marketing Options
  • Good Refund Policy
  • Good Customer Support
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Authentic-Looking Followers
  • Up to 50K Followers
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Follower Retention Policy
  • Good Customer Support
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Good Quality Instagram Followers
  • Up to 20K Followers
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Extra Marketing Options
  • Good Customer Support
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • High-Quality IG Services
  • Highly Reputable Provider
  • Good Customer Support
  • No Replacement Guarantee
  • 7-Day Refund Policy
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Good-Quality Instagram Followers
  • Up to 25,000 Followers
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • No Extra Marketing Options
  • Poor Customer Support
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Customized orders
  • Free trial offer
  • 30-day retention warranty
  • Customer support is limited
  • Seven-day refund policy
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Decent-Looking Followers
  • Up to 100K Followers
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • Retention Guarantee
  • No Extra Marketing Options
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal
  • Lower Prices
  • Wide Range of Services
  • Up to 100,000 Followers
  • Order customization
  • Bad Customer Support
1000 followers for
Credit Card / Paypal

How We Determine The Best Provider for Instagram Comments

We are constantly testing providers offering Instagram comments to make sure we find the best and keep our reviews and recommendations up to date and accurate. We test the usual things, from pricing and quality, to customer support and policies. However, Instagram comments is a little different than likes or followers. It's more personal than that — it's people leaving an actual response to your post, whether it's a video of you skydiving, posing on the beach, or even a picture of your cat. The comments have to be relevant to your post, they have to be delivered pretty quickly and they need to be from real people

Our top picks are proven to be excellent providers, the comments they deliver are relevant to your posts, delivered promptly and are from real people. They offer a variety of services and options to go along those comments, their pricing is fair and worth the value, their terms and policies are transparent, fair and privacy-focused. The best providers also provide an excellent customer support experience with quick and helpful responses to questions and issues, and resolve issues promptly so you're not stuck in limbo.

Why do you need to buy Instagram Comments?

Buying Instagram Comments sounds shady, but in reality it's simply paying a company to spark conversation on your Instagram posts, and the benefits for that are endless.  No one likes to be the first to say something or comment on a post, so buying comments is a way to get conversations started. A handful of comments on a post will encourage others to comment and join the conversation as well, as opposed to simply liking the post and going on with their day. This is called the Bandwagon Effect, and it's proven to work.

Aside from that, who doesn't want more comments on their posts?


High-Quality vs Low-Quality Instagram Comments

You may be considering going with just any Instagram comment provider — or maybe not since you're here. Regardless, we want to explain the difference between High-Quality vs Low-Quality Instagram Comments. The fact is, most of the providers offering Instagram comments are offering what we call low-quality comments. These are comments are bots or spammers are are always irrelevant and generic. They'll deliver generic comments like “Haha”, “LOL”,  “I like this”, or completely irrelevant or inappropriate comments such as “nice bubble butt”, or “this you make that yourself” all on your latest cat photo. And that's not even the worst part. Low-Quality comments are usually delivered within a few minutes — we mean, all of the comments. If you buy 100 comments from a bad provider, you could see your post overrun with these spam comments faster than you can delete them. Overall, that's shit-tier quality in our books and probably not what you're looking for when you're buying comments.

In comparison, High-Quality Comments come from real, active Instagram users (or at least they look as real as it gets). The type of users you'd want commenting on your posts and don't look like Russian bots. They post comments that are relevant and thoughtful, and even conversation sparking. The comments you'll receive would also be delivered gradually in an organic fashion — not all at once.

Providers offering High Quality Comments are rare, but they do exist — we've found them for you and conveniently listed them above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Instagram Comments

You probably have a ton of questions. We know because we get asked a ton of questions by you guys. So here are some of the most common questions we hear and our answers to them. We add new questions & answers regularly.

  • Can you really buy Instagram comments?
  • Yes. You can buy Instagram comments (really) from a website or seller and actually gain comments on their posts in as fast as a few minutes.

    Pretty crazy, right?

    There's a market for everything these days, and since you're here — we can assume you're interested in being a reason in why these services exist. However, before you buy comments, we'd recommend reading our reviews and choosing a top rated provider to ensure you receive the best quality.

  • How do companies sell Instagram comments?
  • Most company we've tested won't reveal their methods, but from our experience and from the ones that did share, we've understood that there are different ways companies can deliver comments. Here’s a list of the most common methods we've found:

    - Bots: Some providers use bots, managed by a software or platform, to create, manage and deliver generic comments quickly and in large quantities. While it does the job, the comments are usually obviously fake and the user accounts usually look fake too.
    - Comment-for-Comment: This method is usually part of an exchange network where users perform activities to get the same type of engagement for their own accounts. If your chosen provider has an exchange network, the comments you’ll receive are more likely to come from real users.
    - Rewards: Similar to how an exchange network works, companies that use this type of method has their own platform where people perform certain activities to gain points or coins. They can use these points to purchase likes, comments, or followers for their own accounts. With this method, you get comments from real users.
    - Promotions: Some companies create micro-advertising campaigns to drive targeted and real engagement to your account. Comments from these promotions are usually high-quality and are from real users that have some sort of interest in your posts, but they're usually very expensive and/or not guaranteed.

  • Does buying Instagram comments actually work?
  • Yes, it does! We've tested these type of services for years and we can verify that they definitely work.

    In fact, many celebrities, Instagram influencers, brands and just regular users are known to purchase Instagram comments and likes on their post regularly to:
    - Increase their posts popularity
    -  Increase the amount of users and followers they reach
    - Encourage organic comments and sparking conversations on their posts
    - Improving their image
    - Improving advertising / influencer campaign results

  • Are bought comments from real or fake users?
  • If the provider you’ve chosen uses bots or scripts, the comments are likely to be from fake users. Companies that deliver comments through an exchange network, reward scheme, or ad campaign often provide comments from real users but the comments may still be unnatural or forced.

    The quality of comments you’ll receive relies on the quality of provider you’ve chosen. Pick a trusted provider and you’ll have a much better chance of being satisfied with the results. Choose a dubious one, and you’ll most likely regret it.

  • Why should I buy Instagram comments?
  • Having comments on your Instagram posts shows that you are effectively connecting with your audience. Furthermore, it’s a sign that you are creating relevant posts for your followers. Buying Instagram comments helps get people engaging with your posts. There are other methods you could try, but buying comments is an easy and convenient option. Consider buying comments if you want to:

    - Make your post look interesting
    - Boost organic engagement on your posts
    - Look popular on Instagram
    - Improve your online credibility
    - Expand your reach
    - Grow your followers


  • Are Instagram comments services a scam?
  • No, services for Instagram comments are not scams.  There are many real companies that offer and deliver Instagram comments in the standard they claim.

    However, like any industry, there are companies, websites and sellers out there trying to scam or misled users into purchasing their service for something it isn't.

    For one Providers promising and guaranteeing Natural or Organic comments is most likely trying to misled you. From our experience, most providers that sell Instagram comments are selling comments that are either unnatural or forced. Some by bots. Some by offering real users something in return. Heck, some from hybrid bot users or user farms. Rarely do we find providers offering truly organic comments as a service is it's impossible to guarantee.


  • Is buying comments safe?
  • From our experience, buying Instagram comments is safe when you don't share your login details (which any trustworthy provider won't ask or require).

    The key is to take your time when choosing an Instagram comments provider, and make sure you read the reviews.

  • Is it illegal to buy comments?
  • There are no laws regulating purchasing comments or any promotional service, so it is not illegal.

    However, there are practices and services frowned upon by the industry and Instagram. However, the worse case scenario is that Instagram flags the bought comments somehow and removes them. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Can a company remove bought comments after delivering them?
  • No, most companies (aka. providers) aren't able to forcibly remove comments. However, it is definitely possible to experience a drop or loss in comments for a number of other reasons:

    - The user who posted the comment(s) deleted the comment.
    - The user who posted the comment(s) deleted their account or enabled a privacy setting.
    - The user who posted the comment(s) was suspended by the social platform.
    - The social platform deleted/suspended/hid the comment(s) and/or account(s) for violation of their terms of use.

    One of the criteria we have for Instagram comments service providers is reliability and long-term retention of results, so our top providers have the best track record for delivering Instagram comments that stick, and in the cases that you still experience a drop, they all offer a Replacement / Retention Guarantee to re-deliver.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Still have a question? Ask us and one of our experts will help give you the answers you need.

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