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Get Views On Instagram Videos for Your Account, Be a Video Star!

Videos are becoming a trend on Instagram, a platform that was once solely populated by images. Getting views on Instagram offers the promise of exposure and potential virality – when done right. Learn how to get views on Instagram in the guide below.

Using hashtags to get views on Instagram video

Hashtags are a mainstay on almost all social networking platforms. These are keywords that follow the pound (#) sign that indexes content based on the topic. Keeping tabs on trending hashtags and evaluating which ones are most relevant to a campaign can help users get Instagram views from the right audience.

Users can place the most relevant hashtags in the description, and secondary hashtags in the first comment section to avoid looking spammy.

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Celebrate #EarthDay by making a BIG impact. 🌎

A post shared by Ben & Jerry's (@benandjerrys) on

Ben & Jerry knows how to take advantage of trending hashtags without straying too far from their brand story. Their #EarthDay video earned over 25,000 views on the first day it was posted. As an environmentally conscious brand, Ben & Jerry was able to publish highly relevant content and jump on a trending hashtag while it was hot – earning them a massive number of views in a short amount of time.

Run video ads to get views on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram holds unlimited marketing potential for brands wanting to reach diverse communities. It also offers a higher engagement rate compared to other social networking sites at 42.1%.

Instagram allows users to run 60-second clips for their video ads. Getting views on Instagram through video ads are more likely to go viral compared to photo ads, which means wider reach and better follower recall.

Bai is a beverage brand that sells antioxidant infusion drinks. They have a carefully curated Instagram feed that features videos and images that showcase their brand persona. Bai regularly publishes engaging and informative videos that show their followers how to create concoction beverages using their products.

Bai is also known for running video ads to get views on Instagram. By creating proprietary video content that delivers value to customers, Bai is able to generate a respectable amount of views for their videos on Instagram

Upload teaser Stories to get views on Instagram

Part of what made Instagram Stories so successful is the fact that it lives in the social networking app, which allows them to tap into their already bustling user base. Instagram Story is also loaded with interactive features that let brands build engagement among their followers.

One way to get video views on Instagram is by creating teaser content through Instagram Story. Generate initial interest by uploading stills combined with text overlays with strong calls-to-action, like “Watch out for the full video soon.”

HBO knows how to get their followers interested about their latest releases through interactive teaser stories. They could drive people to notice their content even more with an Instagram Likes service. They also take advantage of polls and catchy captions to keep the fandom alive as followers wait for the new releases.

Use other platforms to get Instagram video views

Here are a few miscellaneous ways to get views from other social platforms:

  • Cross promotion: Facebook and Instagram are two great platforms to utilize for cross promotion.
  • Uploading teaser content: Putting Instagram videos on Facebook and Twitter helps users bring a new follower to their profile.
  • Links: After uploading the content on any other social networking site, it's important that users link back to their Instagram profile in order maximize the initial engagement and turn it into a growth opportunity.
  • Quality: Regularly uploading watch-worthy content on another platform can help users broaden their reach and tap into a completely new fan base they might otherwise never have reached.

Treating other social platforms as throwaway accounts with no plan will result in low returns.

Tell a story using the caption to get views

Instagram may be a visual platform, but that doesn't mean captions are of no importance to any video campaign. Captions are powerful storytelling tools that allow users to engage and connect with as many mobile viewers as possible.

Nike combines powerful visuals with riveting captions to engage their community and strengthen brand loyalty among their followers. They don't overstuff their captions with hashtags, instead they use it to add value to the videos they share.

In the video featuring Serena Williams, Nike empowers women everywhere to love who they are and drown out society's outdated perceptions.Their #UntilWeAllWin campaign featuring Williams has over 1 million views and a bustling comment thread filled with women tagging other women, clearly showing the success of a great caption.

Get video views for Instagram using a mixed strategy

Creating compelling video content is only half the battle on Instagram, users also need to come up with a consistent marketing strategy to help them reach as many viewers as possible. They then must utilize every feature Instagram has to offer to generate comments and engagement among existing followers, and cross-promote to draw in others.

When creating videos for Instagram, viewers need to have a clear idea of who their viewers are and what interests them. There are endless marketing strategies for a successful video campaign on Instagram, users shouldn't be afraid to test out different techniques until they find what works for them and their specific set of followers.

Date: April 25, 2018 / Author: Rich Drees

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