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The 25 Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram

Instagram allows users to connect with hundreds of millions of people worldwide through videos and images. Standing out in a highly popular social networking site becomes hard to do without the help of relevant hashtags.

Hashtags index posts into categories of interest, which allows users to connect with targeted people on Instagram. Keeping tabs on trending hashtags can help users gain exposure and engagement, while keeping track of what people want to see on the platform. The most popular hashtags on Instagram below are great starting points to draw inspiration from.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Love, 1 billion posts

#Love is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram, with over 1.3 billion posts to date. Instagram users use this hashtag to share content that shows love in one way or another – from love for dogs to love for crossfit.

😥😥😥 . . We all love rowing🚣 @crossfit

A post shared by 🎥Produced For Over 3M+ Views 🎥 (@indie_creative_agency) on

The action-packed image shared by @indie_creative_agency shows just how much people love the crossfit community, no matter how tough the workouts are. It gained them over 800 likes within hours as other who like crossfit smashed that thumbs up button!

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #PhotoOfTheDay, 516 million posts

The key to a successful social media marketing campaign is consistency. #PhotoOfTheDay is probably the second most used hashtag on Instagram, with over 500 million posts to date. Unlike other hashtags, #PhotoOfTheDay encourages users to upload random content and reach out to an active community on Instagram.

Travel photographer @tom_hendry frequently uses hashtags to connect with Instagram users. He uses a combination of targeted and broad keywords to gain as much exposure as possible, and frequently uses #PhotoOftheDay to engage with active users on Instagram.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Fashion, 501 million posts

Fashion is everywhere, and what you can find on the streets you can find on Instagram. #Fashion is a commonly used hashtag on Instagram with 500 million posts to date. Users share photos and videos that depict their personal style or fashion inspiration from some of the biggest names in the industry.

@rottenbananasvintage is a pop-up clothing store on Instagram that sells unique pre-owned pieces. They strategically use fashion-related hashtags to increase their visibility among their target customers, and get more likes and shares overall.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Happy, 433 million posts

A compelling content strategy tells a vivid brand story that evokes emotions. #Happy is another popular hashtag that allows users to convey a more upbeat brand strategy that tugs at the heartstrings.

@spaitgirl is a spa and lifestyle blogger who fills her feed with aspirational posts that trigger good feelings among her followers. She doesn't shy away from using hashtags that convey the emotion she wants to elicit from her followers.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Cute, 432 million posts

Posts that exude cuteness are considered showstoppers on social media, especially on Instagram. Adorable content – whether it be for pets or babies – are among the most well-performing posts on the Internet. Users tag one another to share delightful clips or images to brighten someone's day.

@wellyhamster shares daily clips and images of her adorable hamsters to all her 46,000 followers. She dresses her pets in cute bows and snaps photos of them going about their usual hammy business throughout the day. On average, her posts generate over 2,000 views and in a matter of minutes and a whole lot of engagement from hammie-loving users.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #TBT, 418 million posts

#ThrowBackThursday is one of the most viral hashtags on Instagram of all time. Users upload old – often embarrassing – photos to bring back good memories.

@postpartum is a mommyhood account that shares a lot of throwback photos featuring moms and their little ones – from the time they were inside the womb, until they’re born.

Influencers can use this hashtag to show their followers where they came from and how they become the person they are today. Brands who want to increase brand loyalty can also jump on the nostalgia bandwagon to depict their founding story among their customers, show off old product, or interact with influencers.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #FollowMe, 400 million posts

Gaining followers organically can be hard to achieve on a competitive platform like Instagram. Rookie brands and influencers use this hashtag to instantly gain more followers and increase their social proof. Using the hashtag #FollowMe may not be the best way to earn high-quality followers, but it can help users kick start their growth campaign and potentially build a relationship with other users who are looking to grow their following as well.

Model and blogger @blogdapridiniz uses the hashtag #FollowMe to bring more attention to her profile on Instagram. She uses a combination of stunning images with growth hacking hashtags to strengthen her new account as an up and coming influencer.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Repost, 371 million posts

Consistently uploading original content on Instagram can drain one's resources. Those who want to keep their feed alive can grab an image from another user and include the hashtag #Repost, and @tag the account, to avoid copyright infringement.

Brands who want to build loyalty among customers can use this hashtag to put a spotlight on their brand evangelists and customers.

Prairie View A&M University keeps their Instagram feed alive by putting their students and faculty in the limelight. One of their best-performing posts features one of their alumna welcoming her bundle of joy with a little dance.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Selfie, 341 million posts

Instagram users love taking pictures of three things: their food, their dogs, and their faces. Self-portraits, or selfies, are a mainstay on Instagram and especially popular among those in the lifestyle niche. Brands and influencers can start campaigns where they ask followers to submit their own self-portraits to gain user-uploaded content.

Jaclyn Hill is a popular beauty guru on YouTube with over 5 million followers. As a makeup artist, Hill isn't shy about posting a few selfies here and there for all her glam-loving followers. For this highly competitive hashtag, and others, it’s recommended that you use an Instagram likes service to draw more attention to your posts as people drool all over everything they see, but yours stand out with so many likes!

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Travel, 276 million posts

Instagram is the perfect place to share travel photos among nomads from across the globe. #Travel helps brands and travelers find one another in a densely populated social networking site like Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

“We've come a long way since that day, and we will never look back, look back at the faded silhouette” Avicii ❤️ – Mount Lowe twice in one week? Yassss. Did an amazing sunset hike yesterday with #ryphiking! Met amazing people & definitely de-stressed after work! Never again will I say “I have no time to do anything after work!” Or “I’m too tired after work” Because I definitely do have time and can fit in an a whole hike after work 😂! – #travel #travelblogger #travelling #exploring #inspiration #adventure #womantraveler #travelbug #traveller #solotravel #wanderlust #travelgram #michiventures #hike #hiking #lahikes #mountains #naturephotography #losangeles #mountlowe #ca #greatoutdoorgirls #ladiesgetoutside #optoutside #choosemountains #sunset #inspiringwomen #CHG #avicii

A post shared by Michelle Peredia 🌎 ✈️ ⛰ (@michiventures) on

@michiventures is an Instagram influencer who uses the platform to share photos and videos of her travels around the world. She creates aspirational posts using travel-related hashtags, stunning images, and motivational quotes that can awaken anyone's lust for travel.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Fitness, 260 million posts

Instagram is fast becoming a search network for those who are looking for content that will feed their interest. #Fitness is a popular hashtag among wellness enthusiasts and gurus who want to inspire others to live a healthier life, and people looking for new workouts often search through it.

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Today’s cardio 🏄🏽‍♂️

A post shared by Christian Guzman (@christianguzmanfitness) on

Christian Guzman is a fitness mogul who shares tips and motivational posts that inspire others to workout harder and eat better. With over 1 million followers, Guzman has definitely mastered the art of combining strategic hashtags with valuable, niche-specific content.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #ContestAlert, 228 million posts

Brands and influencers can gain more followers by running giveaways on their profile. In order to find the right audience, one must include #ContestAlert in their caption. Adding a location at the end of the hashtag lets users draw attention from geo-targeted followers.

@veronicamclothing is a clothing brand that runs giveaways whenever they launch a new collection. As a result, their comment section is bustling with entries from their followers all aspiring to win a Veronica M Clothing original.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #OOTD, 178 million posts

Fashionistas and lifestyle bloggers share their ‘Outfits for the Day’ using the hashtag #OOTD. Influencers use this hashtag to introduce the brands they're collaborating with to their followers.

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Dinner in the jungle 🍽

A post shared by Kayleigh Li (@itskaykayleigh) on

Chicago-based fashion blogger Kayleigh Li shares her street style on Instagram using a bunch of fashion and design-related hashtags. She also tags brands in her photos to broaden her reach even more.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Foodporn, 157 million posts

Gluttonous burgers and ridiculous milkshakes are like Hollywood elites on Instagram. Foodies of Instagram are obsessed with taking pictures of their food and sharing it with their followers. This phenomenon has changed the course of marketing for a lot of food brands and restaurants.

@unlokt is a Vegas-based account that features cuisines from local restaurants on the Vegas strip. Their feed is filled with photos of food that regularly garner thousands of likes. 

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Motivation, 140 million posts

#Motivation is a highly versatile hashtag that can be used in almost every niche imaginable. Combining this hashtag with inspirational quotes or posts can help accounts diversify campaigns and generate interest among new followers.

Tarawera Ultramarathon shares photos of athletes who join their trail run in the hopes of inspiring others to sign up. They always pair their posts with inspirational quotes and stories that pique people's interests regardless of if they've run a marathon in the past or not.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Handmade, 115 million posts

Instagram is all about creativity and people use the hashtag #handmade to share their creations online and find like-minded people within the community. It’s very popular with Etsy users and crafters the world over.

GoldyBelle is a clothing brand that sells handmade apparel for kids. They add value to their brand by making it clear that their clothing pieces are handmade.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Yummy, 113 million posts

#Yummy is another food-related hashtag that is commonly used (and abused) on Instagram. This hashtag has the power to shape people's food choices and help small businesses gain virality.

@eatnlondon is an influencer and tastemaker who shares her culinary adventures with the world using food-related hashtags. She never fails to combine trending and broad keywords with brand-specific hashtags to increase familiarity and retention among followers.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Wedding, 111 million posts

Weddings of today are more outrageous than they've ever been. Instagram is one of those platforms that lets couples, friends, and family share snippets of their wedding in real time.

Many also use #wedding to share announcements, design inspirations, and more. NYC Photo Films builds their portfolio by sharing pre-nup photos from past clients and curating under the right topic category by using the hashtag #wedding. By doing so, they're able to show their portfolio online and build trust among potential clients.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Workout, 108 million posts

Users who are interested in fitness are always looking for new workouts. #Workout is a hashtag that helps influencers build a following by publishing valuable content for those who need a new way to stay in shape.

View this post on Instagram

How a typical leg and booty day goes for me 👏🏼🍑 SWIPE 1️⃣ GLUTE ACTIVATION | if you have stubborn glutes and aren’t doing activation exercises, GIRL👏🏼 game changer. Here are a few simple banded movements I do to begin every leg day 2️⃣ COMPOUND EXERCISES | I typically do about 2 a day. These are movements that target more than 1 muscle group! So here’s 3/4th box squats. I did 4 sets of 5-8 reps 3️⃣ ISOLATION | here’s where I focus in more on certain muscles. So for example, straight leg DL will hit the hammies HARD. 3 sets of 8 reps then straight into split lunge, GLUTES BABY! I’ll do 2-3 isolation movements. This was a superset NEW YOUTUBE IS LIVE!!!! 2 simple and quick meal prep recipes 🤤❤️ go give it a view Song is 2 Souls on Fire by Bebe Rexha #bootyfordays #legworkout #workout #bootybootybooty

A post shared by Whitney Simmons (@whitneyysimmons) on

@whitneyysimmons is a fitness blogger who shares short workout clips on Instagram. She managed to turn her profile into a resource for those looking to change up their routine at the gym.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #DogsOfInstagram, 97 million posts

If Instagram users aren't obsessing about messy burgers, they're most probably gushing over dogs, doggos, and puppers who do zoomies. This an example of a very niche-specific hashtag that does well. While not all Instagram users are dog lovers, there's still a community out there that can connect brands and influencers with the right followers.

Miss Mickey the Bulldog is a Canada-based Instagram influencer who charms millions of people online with her infectious grin. While she may not have opposable thumbs, she has an undeniably charming style that captivates thousands of users.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Foodie, 87 million posts

#Foodie is a marketing gateway for brands and personalities in the food niche. Those who manage to find the next viral dish or treat can rise to culinary infamy online.

Just Spices is managed by a German food blogger who takes editorial-like photos of healthy dishes. These posts inspire others to try out healthier recipes they might not otherwise try.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Birthday, 86 million posts

They say around 17 million people celebrate their birthday on any given day. Brands can use this hashtag to celebrate the birthday of anyone who is associated to their account, from owners to team members.

Gigi Gorgeous is a famous YouTube celebrity who recently celebrated her birthday. She shared snippets of it to her fans via Instagram. Sharing her special day helped her build a better relationship with her followers.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #QuoteOfTheDay, 42 million posts

Instagram isn't just for mirror selfies, adorable dogs, and messy burgers. Users can change their content strategy up a bit by posting inspirational quotes that are relevant to their niche.

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rate your day from 1-10

A post shared by book quotes and poetry (@thoughtfvl) on

@thoughtfvl is an account dedicated to posting book and poetry quotes. Through simple yet impactful quotes, they're able to generate significant engagement and reach out to more followers. Use this hashtag as part of your strategy to get on the Explore page.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #Inspo, 12 million posts

Instagram is fast becoming a search platform thanks to their intuitive Discovery page. Users search through niche-specific hashtags to find inspiration for almost anything – from fashion to cooking and everything in between.

@janina_who regularly posts photos of herself out and out in stunning outfits to help her followers find their fashion inspiration. She also tags all of the brands on her photo to help her followers find and purchase any piece they like.

Most Popular Hashtags on Instagram: #HappyHour, 8 million posts

They say it's always happy hour somewhere. With a little bit of creativity, brands can use this hashtag to show followers how they can celebrate happy hour while using their products or services.

Glam Glow is a skincare brand that shares a lot of user-uploaded content that shows their product in action. For Glam Glow, happy hour is taking your makeup off at the end of a tiring day and slathering on their world-famous face mask.

#BeCreative #WithYour #Hashtags

Hashtags are amazing tools that can help brands and influencers get more followers on Instagram. Using relevant hashtags can help users connect highly-targeted followers on a busy platform like Instagram. When researching for potentially viral hashtags, it's important that users stick to their niche – because there's nothing Instagram users hate more than phonies and spammers.


Date: April 30, 2018 / Author: Rich Drees

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