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How to Come Up With a Great Content Plan for Your Instagram Page?

Crafting compelling captions and CTAs is essential to ensure consumers follow your page, engage with your post, or purchase your product. When creating a content plan for the month, quarter, or recent campaign, it's helpful to plot out which days of the week you want to talk about what. Next, choose the topic and then form the right caption. Breaking content planning into smaller actionable steps makes it easier to make a content calendar. Then, if you have your goals, topics laid out, and captions, you can move to the next step: Create the necessary pictures or videos. Finally, you can compile your topics, days you're posting, and captions and hashtags into a simple Google Doc so that you can easily copy and paste when you're ready to schedule out your content.

Bonus Tip: Align Your Content With Marketing Initiatives If you already have some marketing initiatives in place, it's the perfect time to incorporate them into your marketing campaign. For example, maybe you have a new product release.

Instagram used to be the square-photo-centered social media platform. Now, it focuses on videos – short-form videos, specifically. Either way, it makes a great platform for marketing and buying new Instagram followers for virtually any downstream platform. The platform has many users and is visuals-focused; thus, you can showcase your products properly.

How to Come Up With a Great Content Plan for Your Instagram Page?

Still, you may struggle to make your Instagram business page bring in desirable results. If that's the case, there is something wrong. No, it is not on the platform because many businesses have successfully utilized Instagram. Likely, the mistake is in your marketing strategy. That said, you may want to reshape it. A content plan can help you grow your business. So try making one if you haven't yet or improve the one you are already using.

But how will you know what you are doing wrong or how to create a great content plan? Let this guide help you.

Define Your Goal

This should be a no-brainer. The first step for almost everything is to define your goal or goals. Otherwise, you will be doing things without having a direction in mind. That will be a mess. 

So it is better to define your goal or set of goals instead of doing things blindly. Ask yourself this question: What do I want to accomplish on Instagram? The answer could be generating sales or increasing your online presence to increase your brand recognition. Maybe you are fine on both of those ends, so you simply want to drive more engagement. It can help you gather feedback and suggestions.

Now that you have a clear target, you will be more prepared to make a content plan that works. And you would be better informed on what to do, which is a lot better than trying random things. These random things may not bring you the accomplishment you are looking for.

Next, set the key performance indicators to mark the different points you want to observe as you do your Instagram campaign. They will help you track your progress. Some example KPIs are cost efficiency, new and returning users, and conversion goals by percentage-based metrics.

Then, break your goals into different milestones. Which goal will be easier to achieve and will help you achieve the other goals? Go for those first, and set a time period. Do you want to achieve that within a month, 6 months, or a year?

Finally, you can brainstorm what content types, series, or topics can bring you closer to that goal. And once that is done, you can start making your content calendar.

Create A Content Calendar

You don't have to plan things for an Instagram account that is mainly for personal uses. You can post whatever comes to your mind at the moment. That is not recommended for business pages. You want to be as consistent as possible if you want to make it work. So, a content calendar is necessary.

How to Come Up With a Great Content Plan for Your Instagram Page?

A content calendar ensures you have something to post every day. Because you planned them in advance, they will be well-written and well-produced. You will have more time to take captivating photos or videos and engaging captions.

Then, open a spreadsheet to schedule your content. Put the pictures/videos, captions, and hashtags in rows representing each day. And when those days come, open this spreadsheet and copy and paste the posts to Instagram.

Keep Uniformity In Mind

Instagram users love aesthetics. So if your page looks like a grade-schooler art project, it would not be appealing to your audience. That said, it is best to maintain a similar theme throughout your posts. Use the same fonts, styles, filters, and colors. If unsure about what color scheme to use, you can use Instagram Stories. That product has tools that can help you figure it out.

Aside from aesthetics, you should also be consistent in your tone. A standard operating procedure for how you respond to consumers would be helpful. It will show that you value your consumers equally.

Know The Best Time To Post

No matter how great your post is, it may not do well if no one sees it immediately. A two-hour-old post that got a few likes and comments will make users think it is not worth their time. So, they will ignore it.

Therefore, knowing the best time to post is important. Post in the hours your audience is the most active. That ensures that they will see your post. In turn, that will make getting lots of engagement possible.

Meta Business Suites is a fantastic scheduling tool for Instagram and Facebook. It will give you suggestions on what is the best time to post to get the most engagement and views. But don't be too reliant on this feature. It is still best to do your research to know the best time or day for the specific industry you are in. 

You should also consider the upcoming holidays. They can be a great time to do promotions or giveaways. Or you can choose not to post on that day. 

Be Creative

So, you want great pictures and videos of your products to upload to your Instagram page. That is important to keep in mind. But don't forget you also have other options. Sometimes, you can use photos only as a background for a text overlay. The text could be a quote or a question you answer in your caption. 

Also, try Instagram Stories and Reels. They are also great for increasing brand awareness and engagement.

Have Great Captions and Call-to-Action

A great photo or video makes your audience look; a great caption keeps their attention. So don't ignore your captions. Ensure they are well-written.

Assuming you followed the tip above, you will have your audience's attention. Now what? It is important to tell them what to do after to increase conversions. This is where good CTA comes in.

How to Come Up With a Great Content Plan for Your Instagram Page?

Tell your audience to visit your website or point them to your shop. Instagram makes that seamless with the Shopping feature. It allows users to buy products directly from a post. So remind your viewers that they have the option to do that.


Things may still not work, even if you spent a lot of time planning. So don't forget to measure results. Are your plans proving to be effective, or are some things not working as you hoped they would? Look into those to see the problem, then adjust your strategies. With that, you can ensure your marketing strategies are constantly improving.


Crafting captivating captions and calls-to-action (CTAs) is vital to attracting and retaining consumers on your page, engaging them with your posts, and ultimately, driving sales. When devising a content plan for a given period, whether it be a month, quarter, or recent campaign, it can be advantageous to map out which topics to cover on which days of the week. From there, select your subject matter and craft a fitting caption. By breaking down the content planning process into smaller, actionable steps, creating a content calendar becomes much more manageable. Once you have established your goals, topics, and captions, the next step is to create any necessary visuals such as pictures or videos. Lastly, compile your topics, posting days, captions, and hashtags into a user-friendly Google Doc for seamless copying and pasting when scheduling your content. By following these steps, you can create a consistent and engaging social media presence that will captivate your audience and drive results.

Date: March 1, 2023 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Disturbinsilence

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