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Can You Review Who Unfollows You on Instagram?

So you checked Instagram, and you saw something very shocking. You have one less follower than yesterday! Who could that be, and why did they unfollow, and did you actually pay for that Instagram follower?

While Instagram informs you about who followed you, it does not tell you who did the opposite.

Before you investigate, ask yourself some questions first. Does it matter? How would you react if the mystery user were someone close to you? 

Can You Review Who Unfollows You on Instagram?

If it is a personal account, do not mind it too much. You can get more followers as time goes by. Sometimes, not knowing who unfollowed you can also be good for your mental health.

On the other hand, if it is a business page or you are an influencer, there is value in knowing who unfollowed you. It helps when doing analysis. Knowing who suddenly lost interest in your posts can enable you to make informed decisions. It can make you understand your audience more and determine what you are doing wrong.

So, how can you know who unfollowed you on Instagram? You find out manually or use a third-party app. This article will guide you on how to do that.

How To Find Out Who Unfollowed You Through Investigation

You can find out who unfollowed you on Instagram without installing another app. However, you must be willing to put in the effort because it can be time-consuming. Also, it only works when you don't have many followers and have an almost equal follower-following ratio. It requires you to run through your “Followers” list. In a perfect world, everyone you follow follows you back. So, you want to compare your “Followers” with your following list.

So here's what you want to do:

Open your Instagram app and log into your account. Then, tap your profile picture at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Tap “Following,” then take screenshots or write the usernames on a notepad. Next, tap “Followers” and compare that list to your screenshots or notes.

Suppose you have some suspects. Enter their usernames in the search bar at the top. If their username did not appear, they either unfollowed you or never followed you.

As you can see, even with all that effort, it is not a surefire way to know. Your primary suspect may or may not have followed you in the past.

Using Third-Party Apps to Know Who Unfollowed You

As mentioned above, manually finding out who unfollowed you for big accounts is not a great option. It can take you hours. So instead, it is recommended you use a third-party app. It will present you with the data that you need.

Can You Review Who Unfollows You on Instagram?

Of course, you should be careful when choosing which third-party app to use. If the app is free, you have more reason to be wary. Instagram is a social media platform containing sensitive information about you. And if you use third-party apps, you need to allow them to access your data. If you select a not-safe-to-use app, shady people can get your personal information. That can lead to harmful situations or destroy your brand or career. 

Furthermore, not all of these apps can track Instagram's new API. That means not all of them can produce accurate results. It is another factor to consider.

A reliable app will give you great value. It can allow you to see who isn't following you back or who you aren't following back. Some can also show you who recently followed you or even who blocked you.

Admittedly, it is difficult to determine which apps are trustworthy on your own. So here's a compilation of great apps you can consider using.

Follower Track For Instagram

This app is available only on iOS devices. So if you are on Android, you can skip this one.

Follower Track for Instagram allows you to see who followed and unfollowed you. It also shows you who you don't follow back or who doesn't follow you back. Also, it reveals who among your followers engages with your profile and who doesn't. 

Those are useful information when making your marketing strategies. It allows you to see if the changes you made have positive or negative results.

You can also use this app to monitor multiple accounts at once.

Follower Track For Instagram is free but has a premium version that gives you access to more features.

Reports: Followers Tracker

Reports: Followers Tracker is an amazing app. It allows you to find out who followed and unfollowed you on Instagram. But it also has other uses aside from that.

This app lets you see which of your followers interact with your account. It also reveals who doesn't follow you back. Furthermore, you can unfollow users using this app. You will also receive notifications about any account activity. And it lets you use multiple accounts simultaneously.

With more features on top of these, Reports: Followers Tracker makes for a useful app for influencers and social media managers.

Reports: Followers Tracker is easy to use However, please note that it comes with in-app purchases.

Followers Insights: Profile +

This app is available on Android and iOS devices, so anyone can use it. It lets you see who unfollowed you on Instagram, who does not follow you back, and who blocked you. Furthermore, it gives you information about engagement in your account. Followers Insights: Profile + lets you know who views your Instagram Stories and visits your profile the most. Additionally, it informs you about who among your followers does not interact with your account.

Like the abovementioned apps, this one has in-app purchases.

Can You Review Who Unfollows You on Instagram?


FollowMeter is very easy to use. The catch is that you need a Plus subscription to access some of its features. If you are willing to spend money on this app, here's what you can get.

This app would allow you to see who followed you or unfollowed you on Instagram. It also reveals who does not follow you back and who blocked you. Data for who views your Stories the most and who likes your posts the most are also available. The same goes for data about followers who don't interact with your account.

Date: December 8, 2022 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Rich Drees


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