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Did Instagram Just Change Its Logo?

Brand names and logos are two of the most critical assets of a company. These make people recognize who they are and what they do. For example, when you see the red, green, blue, and yellow squares assembled to make a giant square, you immediately think of Microsoft.

That's why companies can't change their logos out of the blue. People may not realize a product is from them if the logo is not familiar. But Instagram just did. However, the changes are barely noticeable.

Did Instagram Just Change Its Logo?

Now, brands don't change logos just because they feel like it. They usually shift how they operate or present themselves when they make this move. So, is something happening on Instagram that you should know about?

Changes on Instagram

Indeed, there are changes on Instagram. The company said in a blog post that they are refreshing the platform's visual identity. They are “bringing new energy and purpose to Instagram's colors, typeface, logo, and other brand elements.” 

Instagram says it changed to create more immersive and inclusive experiences for its community.

There are three changes in this update:

  • Changed the logo to make it “more vibrant and alive.”
  • Introduced the new Instagram typeface.
  • Changed its layout and design system to a more content-forward format, celebrating creativity, simplicity, and self-expression.

Changes In The Logo

It's not easy to notice the changes in Instagram's logo because there are barely any. You can only see it when you put the old and new ones side-by-side. The new one is more vibrant. Instagram says they made the reimagined logo using an innovative 3D modeling process. They did it to make it feel “illuminated and alive.”

The company says the illumination in the gradient symbolizes moments of discovery. Those moments are in Instagram's marketing, logo, and features like Story rings, stickers, and Create mode.

With the energy of this reimagined gradient, the company hopes to bring life to the Instagram experience.

Instagram Sans

Here's something more noticeable than the changes in Instagram's logo. The platform launched its official font called Instagram Sans. The company says design elements that users see every day, like the app's logo and wordmark, inspired this typeface. 

Instagram will use this typeface for future marketing campaigns and its website. This typeface will showcase the platform's distinct identity, like the logo and brand name.

Instagram users can use this typeface in their Stories and Reels. And the best thing is that Instagram ensured the typeface would be globally accessible when designing it. So, the company partnered with language experts from all around the world. They adopted the typeface to global scripts, including Arabic, Thai, and Japanese. Thus, users can express themselves entirely using the language they choose.

Did Instagram Just Change Its Logo?

New Marketing Layouts

The typeface is not the only thing new in Instagram's marketing layouts. They are doing an overhaul of the entire structure. The new design system puts content at the center, as described by Instagram in the blog post. “It focuses on simplicity and self-expression.”

Instagram says it will “showcase full-screen imagery and reference the in-app experience.” Furthermore, the new design system will “celebrate the creativity the company sees from its community every day.”

Does It Matter For Users?

To be completely honest, users don't get anything from these besides access to the Instagram-exclusive font face. The logo doesn't affect them, and the design-layout change is more for Instagram than its users. The center of this update is “Instagram will look a little different” and nothing more. Nothing will change in how Instagram operates (or no changes not already happening before this update will occur.)

But since users got something out of it, it is still a good update.  

Other New Features on Instagram

As hinted above, Instagram has been making many changes before this update. The platform itself is trying to move away from being “the square photo-sharing platform.” It is trying to compete with TikTok, the reigning champion in short-form videos. For sure, it is part of why Instagram released the custom typeface. When you see it in short-form videos, you'll immediately know it is from Instagram, not from TikTok. 

You may have noticed these changes while scrolling through your feed. But in case you missed them, here is a recap.

New Features Coming to Reels

Instagram launched Reels two years ago. And Meta, its parent company, wants it to beat TikTok in the short-form video space. That's why most of Instagram's recent efforts focus on improving this product.

Last year, Instagram doubled the maximum duration for these videos. Then, this year, Meta released Facebook Reels globally. Reels from Instagram can appear there, and when users check the comments, Facebook redirects them to Instagram.

Instagram is also testing two new features for Reels – Video Layouts and Double Exposure. The former allows creators to capture multiple videos in separate windows, one after another. Then, they can play them combined. Double Exposure allows content creators to capture a photo and then record a video on top of it.

These features encourage users to record original videos rather than re-upload TikTok videos to Reels.

60-second Stories 

Before Instagram cloned TikTok, it cloned another emerging social media platform – Snapchat. The thing about this is its maximum length is shorter than the limit in short-form videos. So, if you upload videos longer than 15 seconds, Instagram will chop them off into shorter segments. There would also be noticeable cuts, which is frustrating for the viewers.

Did Instagram Just Change Its Logo?

Instagram introduces a change that makes the maximum length 60 seconds. That's an upgrade that lovers of this ephemeral content will like.


Last June, Instagram launched a new feature that allows users to pin up to three posts or Reels at the top of their profiles. It helps showcase your favorite photos and videos.

 And that's what has been happening on Instagram. The company has prepared new experiences for you. So take your phones out, and take photos or videos to test these new features.

Date: August 30, 2022 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Rich Drees


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