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8 Bussin’ Reasons Why Instagram Reels Slaps TikTok

Researchers say that people's attention span has grown shorter. They are easily distracted, and they easily lose interest. This behavior change caused a huge shift in the social media scene. TikTok exploding in popularity illustrates that. 

Suddenly, the ByteDance-owned social media platform became one of the most-downloaded social media apps. It challenged YouTube as the king of video content platforms. Also, it is giving Facebook a run for its money as the world's most popular social media platform. 

As such, these other platforms had to react by introducing TikTok-like features. YouTube launched Shorts, while Meta launched Reels for Instagram, which they recently also brought to Facebook. 

Reasons Why Instagram Reels Remains Unbothered By TikTok's Popularity

These have different names, but they are practically the same. They let people make videos using nothing but their mobile phones. So, they offer a very accessible road to fame

These features center around the creation of short-form videos. That makes them popular in a time when you can only have people's attention for a short time.

If one does not know anything about these, they might say TikTok is the best. That's simply based on the fact that Reels is only a copycat. But that is not entirely true.

It is undeniable that TikTok is more popular. But that does not mean Reels is not seeing much use. Reels will not be included in the long list of social platforms/features that flopped, to put it simply. The Meta-owned platform makes a competent challenger to TikTok. And it is unfazed by TikTok's popularity. 

Here are some reasons why Meta is confident it can overtake TikTok.

1) Reels Inherits Instagram and Facebook's User Base

Reels may be a little late for the party. But it had no trouble catching up. It quickly grabbed the lion's share of the market. To other companies, that would be an impossible feat. But it is something Meta can achieve.

Reels' seamless integration with Instagram allowed it to inherit the photo-sharing platform's user base. Meta did not need to convince people to install or use Reels. They added it to a platform with already a lot of users. And when there are new features on a platform, users can't help but try them. 

Recently, Meta has also launched Reels on Facebook – worldwide. That increases the number of Reels further. 

2) Advertisers Prefer Meta Platforms Over TikTok

Ad buyers typically choose the path with the least resistance. As such, they will keep spending money on Meta-owned platforms. Admittedly, Meta does not have the same tracking capability it once had. The controversies that surrounded the company permitted it from keeping that power. Nevertheless, Meta-owned platforms are still a commodity that advertisers like. TikTok will have a hard time trying to steal its consumers. 

Peter Stringer, a social media ad buyer, says that he “rarely gets primary inquiries about spending on TikTok.” It is always about Facebook and Instagram, he adds.

Backed by the Facebook ad platform, Reels has the potential to grow a lot more.

3) Reels is Growing Rapidly

Here are some comparisons between TikTok and Reels to show how much Reels have grown since its introduction. 

Reasons Why Instagram Reels Remains Unbothered By TikTok's Popularity

4) User Interface

Reels and TikTok have almost the same user interface. The username, hashtags, and caption are at the bottom. Meanwhile, the number of hearts, comments, and the share button are near the bottom-right. The difference is that TikTok's icons are bigger, while Instagram Reels has a minimalist feel.

Reels is snappier than TikTok in iOS, though. Because it is part of Instagram and Facebook, there's a host of settings to fine-tune most Reels' essential aspects. That includes camera settings, which makes filming a lot smoother.

5) Editing Tools

Editing your video is essential for ensuring it gets lots of likes. And remember, these platforms' goal is to let you make high-quality videos using nothing else. So, the editing tools they offer make or break the deal. Fortunately, both offer fantastic editing tools.

However, Reels is a touch better than TikTok. The video alignment tool is not that reliable on TikTok, but it is very consistent on Reels. Furthermore, Reels' slider to adjust playback speed also offers convenience.

6) Audio and Video Effects

Audio and video effects help your video gain more attention. TikTok's video effects are top-notch. At first, Reels can't compete with it on that front. But now that Reels is more fleshed out, it can stand its ground. There are tons of video effects to choose from. 

Regarding which is better, it depends on your preference since the two are pretty even.

Reels also offer audio effects that can change or improve the “atmosphere” of your video. That's important to consider too.

7) Security and Privacy

How safe you are while on a social platform affects its appeal. You would not want your personal information to become public, which may lead to danger.

TikTok is not known for safeguarding personal information. According to reports, ByteDance's short-form video-sharing platform has an intimate relationship with the Chinese government. It is accused of spying on its users.

Due to these accusations, many countries have banned TikTok. That list includes India, one of the most populated countries in the world.

Admittedly, Meta does not have a clean record either. Nevertheless, the company is still better than its Chinese counterpart. And so, using Reels is more secure than using TikTok.

8) Monetization

As with other platforms, the prospect of earning money on these two platforms depends on your skills as a video creator. The question is, will it be worth your effort?

TikTok does not pay its creators for advertisements. But, those with 1 million or more followers can get paid $1,000 to over $5,000 per month. If you are extremely popular, you may get up to $1 million per post.

Reasons Why Instagram Reels Remains Unbothered By TikTok's Popularity

 Meanwhile, Meta has plans for Reels that will interest you. Reports say to invest over $1 billion in programs that provide creators new ways to earn money. Creators will earn money depending on how many views their videos garner. There's also the Summer Reels Bonus coming to the US this year.

Takeaway – Instagram Slaps TikTok with Time Itself

TikTok vs. Reels is a very close fight. That's why Reels is unbothered by TikTok's popularity. Give it more time, and Reels may overtake TikTok in popularity. However, the short-term popularity of TikTok is but a thorn in the side of Instagram. The gram knows something everyone else doesn't, which is the political instability of TikTok due to its highly problematic data sharing with mainland China. This is a problem that never seems to go away, and even rogue employees at TikTok continue to get busted.

While political movements tend to come and go, the trend to pressure TikTok into obscurity is a sentiment that is only growing with time. As time goes on, it's only inevitable that more and more mistakes happen within the confines of the TikTok corporate offices, both in the US and in China, and eventually, a straw will break the TikTok camel's back. When this fateful day comes, many sad influencers will lose their entire account, value, revenue, and following overnight. It does sound quite scary to invest so much time and energy with the platform, but if it's raining – you might as well make it wet!

Date: July 17, 2022 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Rich Drees


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