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Can You Turn Off Questions During Instagram Live?

Instagram is no longer just a platform where you can show your vacation or food pictures. That version of Instagram has long gone. It now offers so much more, including Instagram Live. A growing number of Instagram Followers frequently use and enjoy live streams to interact with and ask questions to their favorite people on the ‘Gram!

For instance, it is the workplace of many people called influencers. And that makes the platform a valuable tool for businesses. They can use Instagram to promote their products and services.

Can You Turn Off Questions During Instagram Live?

Instagram is also competitive in the video content market. You can take a look at the Reels feature. It is a short-form video content-focused product that is one of TikTok's biggest competitors. People these days prefer this type of video content. And Instagram is one of their primary choices to look for it. That says how great the video experiences on the platform are.

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of short-form video content. But that's not all it helped grow. The global health crisis also helped skyrocket the live streaming industry. And Instagram is on that scene too.

Instagram Live and Questions

Years back, Instagram launched its live-streaming feature as part of Stories. Using this feature, users can broadcast to their followers in real-time.

Live streaming became very popular during the pandemic because of its interactive nature. It lets content creators and their viewers connect. So, watching one is like talking to the streamer in person. That provided the human interaction that people desperately needed during quarantine.

Instagram has a feature that makes the experience even better. It has the “Questions” feature. All comments on a live stream go in one section on almost any platform. Meaning emoji spams, questions, and reactions are all in one place.

That could be confusing for the streamers. They may miss some of the questions that their followers ask. That is not a problem on Instagram.

Streamers can post a Question Sticker on their Instagram Story before going live. Their followers can send their questions using that. Then, when the content creator is live, they can click or tap on the question mark button at the bottom of their screen. They can see the questions their followers sent through that. That is separated from the comment section. Thus, content creators can easily sift through questions to answer.

Thanks to this feature, it is easier for streamers to address things their viewers want them to address.

On top of that, streamers can post their answers in a Story after the broadcast. That will allow users who weren't online while the live stream was happening to be in the know. 

What if you are not interested in answering questions? You can turn this feature off. To do so, start a live stream. Then, tap on the three dots in the comments box at the bottom of your screen. That will reveal a list of options. “Turn Off Questions” is one of them. Select that, and you are good to go.

Another method is not posting a Question sticker in your Story. Without that, users have no way to ask you things other than through the comments section.  

Other Features You Can Turn Off on Instagram Live

Questions are not the only things you can turn off on Instagram Live. If you are looking forward to interacting with followers, these may not excite you. But for brands that need to utilize Instagram Live for certain purposes, it is exciting.

Can You Turn Off Questions During Instagram Live?


Streamers can turn off comments in their live stream. The process is similar to turning off questions. However, instead of choosing “Turn Off Questions,” one must tap on “Turn off commenting.”

This capability could be useful for brands who want to use Instagram Live for important announcements. Without a comments section, there will be no distraction. Their viewers can focus on what they are saying on the live stream.

It is also worth noting that you can't control your viewers' behavior. Some of them may say offensive things in the comment section. You or the other viewers could be the target of their rude words. Turning off commenting – especially when it is unnecessary – is a good way to prevent that from happening.

Disabling the comments also reduces the pressure of replying to fans. That is handy for small businesses that do not have the workforce to do it. Furthermore, as with removing the Questions, turning off commenting allows the streamer to focus on what they want to say.

Requests to Join

On Instagram Live, you can invite another user to join you. Viewers will see you and your guests on a split-screen. 

The thing is that your viewers can also send you requests to join. And it is super easy to do that too. They only have to tap the arrow-down icon next to the streamer's username. Then they can tapRequest to join,” then tap “Send Request.”

 That could be annoying when you do not want a guest in your live stream. Sure, you can decline their requests or pay it no mind. But that will inevitably cause distractions. That can lead to an unpleasant live streaming experience. 

Consequently, that can affect the quality of your broadcasts. There may be fewer viewers the next time you go live. You would not want that to happen, especially if you represent your business.

Thankfully, it is another thing Instagram allows you to turn off. Start a live stream, and then tap on the three dots. Then, tap “Turn off requests to go live.”


Live streams are great for connecting with people, as they can see you in real-time. To many streamers, the ability to interact with the audience is important. So, features like comments and Questions are much appreciated.

Can You Turn Off Questions During Instagram Live?

However, these features can cause problems for some streamers. Their viewers can say inappropriate or impolite things to them, which would make them uncomfortable. And always remember that your and others' well-being should always be your number one priority.

Thankfully, Instagram allows you to turn these off. You can turn off comments, Questions, and requests to go live. Use this to protect yourself and your viewers from disrespectful people. 

Why use Instagram Live stream for important announcements?

When you have something important to say, you want to make sure that your audience hears it loud and clear. And what better way to reach out to them than through Instagram Live?

Live streaming is a great way to connect with your audience in real-time, and it gives you the opportunity to deliver your message clearly and effectively. Plus, it allows you to gauge people's reactions and feedback instantaneously, so you can make any necessary adjustments on the fly.

So if you've got something important to announce, consider using the Instagram Live stream to reach out to your followers!

What Are The Biggest Announcements Ever on Instagram Live?

As marketers, we're always looking for new and innovative ways to reach our audience. And one of the best ways to do that is by using Instagram Live. But what are the biggest announcements ever made on Instagram Live? And what can we learn from them? Keep reading to find out!

1. The Birth of a Baby

2. A Surprise Engagement

3. A New Product Launch

4. A Huge Sale or Discount

5. An Exclusive Event or Party invite

6. Breaking News

7. A Major Milestone or Achievement

8. An Inspiring Speech or Talk

9. A Hilarious Joke or Story

10. Anything Else You Can Think Of!

As you can see, there are a ton of different things that you can announce on Instagram Live. And the great thing is that there's no wrong way to do it! Just be yourself, be creative, and have fun with it. Your audience will appreciate it, and you'll be sure to make a big impact. Thanks for reading!

Date: June 8, 2022 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Rich Drees


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