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Instagram is Now Sharing Revenue with Content Creators Through IGTV Ads

For the first time ever since Instagram’s inception, the social media giant will start splitting its revenue with creators. This will be done through ads on IGTV, as well as badges that viewers can buy on Instagram Live. More than a year ago, the company has hinted that IGTV will contain ads in the future. Instagram also often says that the long-form video offering would likely become the place where it would first pay its creators.

Instagram is Now Sharing Revenue with Content Creators Through IGTV Ads

IGTV ads began showing on live videos last May. When it was first launched, only around 200 English-speaking content creator partners were approved. They include Lele Pons and Adam Waheed, from a handful of major advertiser partners such as Puma, Ikea, as well as Sephora. 

Moreover, Instagram is going to share a 55 percent industry standard cut with creators. This was announced by Instagram’s COO Justin Osofsky. The figure is the same as the cut that Facebook shares with Facebook Watch creators. Instagram’s goal is to eventually expand these 200 approved creators and bring it to more content creators from all around the world. 

Ads on IGTV

The ads on Instagram will only appear when viewers click to watch an IGTV video from previews shown in their feed. The initial round of advertisements will show in the form of vertical videos that are up to 15 seconds long. In addition, Instagram’s team will test different experiences within IGTV ads throughout this year, such as allowing viewers to skip ads. 

According to Osofsky, content creators will have to adhere to an Instagram monetization policy in order to make sure that ads will only appear on brand-friendly content. He also noted that the said monetization policy is different from the usual content policies within the platform. For instance, creators can swear on the videos they upload on the platform. However, they are not allowed to do so if they want to be monetized. The COO said that it will help guarantee that ads from brands will never appear next to inappropriate content. 

Good moderation is important for the success of ads on IGTV. This is because the introduction of these ads sets the social media giant to compete directly with Google-owned YouTube. The competition will especially be visible once creators begin prioritizing their vertical video shoots instead of landscapes. Another thing that will show the competition is when brands begin spending their money on Instagram ads instead of YouTube. 

IGTV Ads like Instagram Ads Buy Views for Creators

Moreover, IGTV needs to secure high view counts, as well as interaction with ads. Advertisers must also be ensured that their ads would not show up on content that is unsafe for their image– something that YouTube has been struggling to do. For instance, advertisers pulled money from YouTube in 2019 because a report showed how pedophiles find videos of children, use its comment section to talk about the young children’s bodies, or timestamp particular parts of a video that sexualizes them. In that case, the problem was not the content. Rather, it was the commenters, which is something that is difficult to police. 

Instagram is Now Sharing Revenue with Content Creators Through IGTV Ads

Osofsky has also added that every IGTV videos uploaded on Instagram are human-reviewed before it is accepted for monetization. Eventually, the social media giant hopes to deploy a combination of software and human review. According to him, Instagram will be relying on the moderation work of Facebook in terms of both the technology and the people that conduct the reviews. 

Viewers Can Now Purchase Badges for Instagram Live

Another way that content creators can make money through Instagram is through badges. They can sell badges during an Instagram Live, which was in test since June with a small group of businesses and creators. 

Once the test is over, it will expand across the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, and Mexico. Instagram Live viewers can choose between three badges. The prices are either $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99. Each of these badges will look different once they were bought. In addition, they will appear as heart icons next to the names of the purchasers. People who buy badges will also be prioritized and will rise at the top of the comments. 


Moreover, content creators will be able to see everyone who bought badges. According to Osofsky, Instagram will not take a cut off the revenue during the initial test. However, as this new feature is introduced, the platform will also introduce a rev share.

How Many Freakin' Different Live Streaming Options are on Instagram Now?!

Instagram also announced that it will expand Live Shopping over the coming months. This feature lets people to tag their live videos with bands, to more content creators who are aiming to sell merch. The social media giant is also expanding access to the Brand Collabs Managers to all content creators who are based in the US in the coming months. This means that more creators will be allowed to share engagements and insights with brands. They will also be able to find potential brand partners that align with their audiences.

Instagram is Now Sharing Revenue with Content Creators Through IGTV Ads

Clearly, Instagram is trying to take a bigger step toward allowing creators to make money within the platform. Back then, it lets influencers figure out monetization on their own. This led to the strange merch and other questionable methods that creators used in order to make money. 

But now, the said platform is making ways for creators to gain profit without having to get informal deals with brands and businesses. This will be good for both content creators and brands because working with each other will be easier and Instagram-sanctioned. In addition, Instagram will have to take more responsibility when it comes to content that shows up and is controversial. Now, the social media giant cannot play innocent when it is in charge of placing advertisements on content as well as answering advertisers. 

Conclusion: Instagram Shares Revenue and Wins Hearts and Minds

Instagram is undeniably a very large platform. Billions of people use it every day, making it a good place to place ads and videos that make money. Now that the company has done new steps to help creators make money, there is a high chance that more influencers will prioritize vertical videos over landscape ones.

Instagram is now sharing revenue with content creators who produce IGTV videos with ads, and that's a good thing. This move comes as the Facebook-owned platform looks to encourage more users to create long-form video content for its recently launched IGTV service.

Under the new program, which was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, Instagram will share a 55% cut of ad revenue with content creators. This is similar to the revenue-sharing model that YouTube has used for many years.

In order to be eligible for the program, content creators must have at least 10,000 followers on Instagram and agree to allow Instagram to sell ads on their videos. Videos must be at least one minute long in order to contain an ad.

Date: April 12, 2022 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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