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Instagram Updates its Followers About its Equity Work

This year was supposed to be the people’s year of redemption. A lot of individuals have thought that they would be able to make their lives better this 2020. However, things happened completely differently from what everyone thought of. The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused people to postpone their plans indefinitely. 

In addition, this pandemic has brought people events that they did not expect to happen. Just last year, everyone is allowed to stay out of their homes no matter what time of the day it is. But now, going out of their houses means exposing themselves to the fatal virus that took the lives of millions of people around the world.

Instagram Updates its Users About its Equity Work

In the middle of the pandemic, the upcoming elections, and all the other crises that the world is experiencing, people became more reliant on social media. This is the reason why the social media platform Instagram is doing its bests to cater to the needs of its users.

Moreover, millions of people are using the said social media platform to raise awareness about the civic, racial, and social causes that they care about. For this reason, Instagram remains committed to reviewing the ways that its platform could be undeserving of particular groups of individuals.

In addition, Instagram added that it has the responsibility to look at the products and features that it builds and how it builds those. This way, the experiences that people have with the social media platform’s products would be able to mirror the actions and aspirations of its community.

The Progress That Instagram Has Successfully Made

Policies Against Harassment and Hate

Instagram has developed and updated several company-wide policies that aim to support communities all over the world. In addition, the platform updated its policies to more specifically go against certain kinds of implicit hate speech. Some examples of hate speech that Instagram is taking down in content that is depicting blackface and stereotypes about Jewish individuals.

In addition, the social media platform also strengthened its policies against people who make rape threats. Accounts that will post such threats will be taken down as soon as the platform becomes aware of its violation.

Moreover, involuntary public figures, or those individuals who are known but may not have sought attention, will be protected against harassment and bullying. 

Instagram’s New Equity Team for Instagram Followers

Instagram wants to make sure that its work to protect the entire community is fully supported. For this reason, it has created a dedicated product group– the Instagram Equity Team. This team will focus on understanding and addressing bias in terms of Instagram’s product development. They will also oversee user experience on Instagram, helping more users buy Instagram followers

Instagram Updates its Users About its Equity Work

Moreover, the platform’s equity team will be tasked to create fair and equitable products. They will also work with Facebook’s Responsible AI team, ensuring that the algorithms of both platforms are fair. Also, they will build new features that will respond to the needs of the underserved communities.

On the other hand, the social media platform decided to hire a new Director for Diversity and Inclusion. The role of this position is to help in advancing the goal of Instagram of finding, keeping, as well as growing more diverse talents. 


The social media platform spent two months reviewing its verification practices. This is because it wants to make sure that everything is fair for all Instagram users. 

According to Instagram, an account should meet particular criteria before it becomes verified. These criteria include an account owner’s degree of notability. 

Moreover, the social media platform measures notability using press articles that are written about a person who is applying for verification.  In addition, Instagram expanded its list of press sources. It makes sure that those sources include more LGBTQ+, Black, as well as Latinx media.

In addition, Instagram noted that the number of followers an account has is not a requirement to become verified. However, there are still particular systems where accounts with high follower counts are prioritized. This allows the platform to get through the high number of requests that it receives every day. 


Instagram is aware that there are concerns about censorship that revolves around the platform. This is the reason why it published the set of guidelines that it uses to determine what content can appear in places such as the Explore tab on Instagram. The aim of this move is for people to know why there are types of content that are not appearing in recommendations across Instagram and Facebook. Certain types of content may not be distributed widely, as well.  

Instagram Updates its Users About its Equity Work

Furthermore, the social media platform has consulted more than 50 leading experts. All of them specialize in social computing, recommendation systems, safety, freedom of expression, civil, and digital rights. They have all contributed to developing Instagram’s guidelines.


There is no denying that Instagram values the well-being of everyone who uses its platform. This is the reason why the social media platform has been continuously creating features that improve the experience of users. In addition to that, Instagram also constantly updates its regulations and policies. This way, it is able to protect the safety, security, and privacy of all the users of its platform.

Furthermore, Instagram has millions or even billions of users. So, it is just right that the social media platform takes various steps in ensuring the safety of those users. Back in 2018, Instagram introduced a new security feature called the Instagram verification app. This app is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Once you have downloaded the verification app, go back to Instagram and go to your profile. You can find your profile at the bottom right corner of the app. Next, find Settings at the hamburger button at the upper right corner of your screen. On the Settings, you will be able to find the verification settings. If you have already installed the verification app, Instagram will automatically send you a code. Use that on your Instagram account and you are done. 

Date: December 28, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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