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Instagram DMs Will Now Have Facebook Messenger’s Features

Facebook, the largest social media platform, is the owner of the photo-sharing app Instagram. Both of these platforms have their own messaging features: Messenger for Facebook and DMs for Instagram. But now, the social media giant will begin introducing Messenger’s feature to Instagram.

According to Facebook, messaging has come a long way ever since it first bought Instagram. The social media giant has also been exploring how messaging should develop as Facebook products grow. 

Moreover, 100 billion messages are sent by users to their friends and family just on Facebook’s family of apps. Now that the global COVID-19 pandemic has left people with no choice but to stay at home, away from each other. For this reason,  almost everyone relies on messaging apps and social media platforms to stay in touch with each other.

Instagram DMs Will Now Have Facebook Messenger’s Features

In addition, people are communicating on social media, especially on Facebook Messenger, now more than ever. Over one billion individuals are using Messenger to hang out and express themselves to people, specifically to their friends and family. For this reason, Facebook has decided to connect Messenger and Instagram experience. This way, users will have more access to one of the top-notch messaging experiences, no matter which app they use. Furthermore, Instagram users choose to update to this new experience immediately or not. 

Facebook is Bringing the Best Messaging Experience to People

Research conducted by Facebook found out that four out of five people who use messaging apps use them to connect with people who are important to them in the US. However, one out of three users says they sometimes find it hard to remember where they will look for a particular conversation thread. But now that Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs are connected to each other, it will be easier for users to find the chat threads in one app. 

In addition, the social media giant is adding more than ten new features that people can use to connect with their friends and family. Some of these features are Selfie stickers– a unique hybrid of Boomerang, selfies, and emojis and a fresh way to react to conversations. 

Another new feature that is available on the latest update is Watch Together. This allows you to watch viral videos with your friends on IGTV during a video call. Furthermore, Vanish mode is a feature that you can use to set messages to disappear once the recipient has seen them automatically.

Furthermore, messages and calls that are already on Instagram will stay on the Instagram app. The main change is that individuals who are using Facebook Messenger can now reach their friends and family through Instagram without downloading the new app, and vice versa. In addition to that, users can control where they will receive calls and messages, like in their chats and message requests. They can also opt not to receive any messages at all. 

The Best Features of Messenger Brought to Instagram DM

According to Facebook, it will bring Messenger’s familiar features to the new update. Some of these features are forwarding a message, replying to a specific chat, as well as customizable themes and colors. 

Instagram DMs Will Now Have Facebook Messenger’s Features

The social media giant also added that more than 10 million users customize their Messenger chat threads with nicknames and custom colors. With this new update, users will be able to use Messenger’s custom emoji reactions. Soon, there will also be a message effects feature that people can use to put more emotion and visual flair on their reactions and messages. 

As time passes by, people will see more fun ways of connecting with people who are important to them. Features like selfie stickers and custom emoji reactions will be accessible through Instagram first and will be available on Messenger soon after.

The Features of the New Messenger Experience on Instagram

Now that Facebook has taken a huge step in connecting Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs, it has to make sure that the update will be beneficial for users. This is the reason why the social media giant will be introducing a number of new features once the update is released.

Here are the features that the new Messenger experience on Instagram have:

Watch Together

People can now enjoy watching videos together with their friends and families during video chats. They can watch trending videos and movies on Facebook Watch, IGTV, and Reels in a more fun way through this new feature.

Communicate Across Apps

Now that Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs are connected together, there is a seamless way to connect with people across the two apps. In addition, users can use either of the apps to send messages and make calls among their friends and family. 

Vanish Mode

Vanish mode allows users to pick an option where their messages will disappear after the receiver sees them or when they close a chat thread. 

Chat Colors

While this one is no longer a new feature, it feels good to know that the new update will still allow you to customize chat threads with fun color gradients. 

Instagram DMs Will Now Have Facebook Messenger’s Features

Selfie Stickers

You can now make a series of boomerang stickers using your selfies and use them in conversations. 

Custom Emoji Reactions

This feature lets you create a shortcut for your favorite emoji. This way, you will be able to react quickly to messages sent by your friends and family.


This one is a feature that allows you to directly respond to a particular chat.

Message Controls

Now, you can decide who can directly message you or who cannot message you at all.


Got a great message that you want to share with other people. Well, you can now easily do that using the update’s forward feature. This allows you to easily share messages and images with up to five friends or groups.

Animated Message Effects

The animated message effects let you add a visual flair to your messages using animated send effects.

What will Instagram DMs of the Future Be Like with Emojis?

While the future is certainly here, in a sense, tomorrow will always be different. Now that emojis have entered the scene, we are on the verge of another language evolution the likes of which is rarely seen. Every time the fundamental symbols and letters are changed for a basic form of communication, evolution happens. This isn't even including the inevitable change and addition of new DMs that will come to the platform.

This is similar to the human species learning a new language, albeit slowly. These letters and emojis can, and will, be used to send cryptic messages, only understood by the receivers. Even without high-level encryption, previously understood symbolism is impossible to decipher without the complete cooperation of those communicating. There are obvious and very real risks about this, but that's normal for every language already.

The good news is to think of the creative outlets that will emerge. Consider the humor and wit of new emojis being used in daily banter. The memes alone will be epic, and this isn't even the original communication through the messenger. Screenshots of the new emojis from these Instagram DMs will spread through the internet, fueling their adaption. The memes of tomorrow are of the communication wit of today. They cement the way we talk and communicate in hard rock, and teleport across all our screens, spreading like a parasite. Hopefully, the emoji masters think deeply about the emojis they install and activate on Instagram DMs.

Can you Add Your Own Emojis to Instagram DMs?

Currently, you can only use “masks” which overwrite the presentation of the emojis to you, but everyone else sees them as they load on their phone. They too could reinterpret the emojis with their own masks, but the underlying emoji will have steadfast letters that are used to represent them. Currently, there is no way to functionally add your own emojis, but you can change how they look to you and your friends, if you have access to their phone or computer!

Date: December 9, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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