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The Contents of Instagram Insider for Fall 2021

Like what Instagram has been promoting in the last issue for April, the new Insider issue for Fall is also about inspiration and discovery. 

Due to the challenging times brought by the pandemic, Instagram users are more focused on “starting” new things. Inside the fall issue is the reflection for the past year and a half. The issue pays high respect for nature, art, self-identity, and pageantry. These things are the most common trend inside the application.

The Contents of Instagram Insider for Fall 2021

The Editor’s Letter

The third incarnation of Instagram Insider mainly focuses on trends in beauty and fashion. The Insider for Fall 2021 started with the Editor's Letter written by Leigh Belz Ray. She introduced some of the content inside the issue by enumerating them. She mentioned the trend they call C'mon Get Happy, which is mainly about appreciating the little things and putting their photographs and videos on social media. In addition, she mentioned the commencement of the fashion month, kicking off on September 13. 

The Trends

The Insider issue then proceeds to enumerate the trends that gained the most appeal during the season. These are groups of fashion trends that continuously gained fame throughout a specific time. Here are the six best beauty and fashion trends for the fall issue:

C’mon Get Happy

Characterized by bright design and colors, C'mon Get Happy Trend is your gateway to the summer fun we all missed due to safety protocols brought by the pandemic. This trend primarily focused on bold colors, upbeat motifs, and kitschy prints. 

Although some might describe this one as a bit of a campier take on the trend, the fact that C'mon Get Happy still manages to be relevant even with the inevitable change of season solidifies its state as a trend that everyone can get behind on. Additionally, the fun prints and over-the-top silhouettes really give this trend life and feeling unlike any other. Take notes, girls – this is how you rock a modern design and breathe your own life into it. 

New Prep

Since it is September, many schools have just started opening their premises for a new school year. The new prep trend is perfect for back-to-school outfits. This means that you'll regularly see pleated skirts, plaid, chunky loafers, and plaid varsity lettering all over the app for the entirety of Fall.

Academia aesthetics is by no means the newest fashion trend to have sprung out of Fall – but it indeed is one of the neatest, too. There is a certain flair as to how plaid skirts mix together with oversized sweaters and chunky loafers that scream “fashionable.” The New Prep way of styling is more than just a fashion choice for the fall season – it is a relatively solid look that goes well any time you wear it. Furthermore, adding a more subtle, natural look really adds to the flavor and uniqueness of this style as well. 

Retro Western

Well, we are not here for a fleeting craze season but authenticity! The Retro Western trend upholds true western fashion so expect to bump into fringe jackets, cowboy boots, and flared denim all over the app for a significant amount of time.

Hold your horses before you comment – the Retro Western is a style that combines the sensibility of the wild, wild west with a modern touch. It is not racist at all. It has that right amount of racial appropriation that would make you go “aww” instead of hurling pitchforks. Yes, the trend might have been re-invigorated thanks to modern singers like Orville Peck and Lil Nas X revitalizing the love for country music and everything that it stands for – two chords and truth – but that gives the Retro Western-style more gallic charm than it should have, doesn't it?

The Contents of Instagram Insider for Fall 2021

The Great Outdoors

Since people are deprived of getting out of the house and enjoying a great time with friends, outdoor outfits related to hiking and camping are becoming more popular than ever.  Garments such as hiking boots, jackets, removable sleeves, and other pieces of clothes made of waterproof fabrics are dominating Instagram lately.

Though the Great Outdoors might be slightly inspired by this look from the hit reality TV show RuPaul's Drag Race, the Great Outdoors aesthetic screams for everything that we did not achieve last year. Yes, staying at home and watching TV is great – but enjoying nature at its finest is still a fantastic experience in and of itself. And that is what the Great Outdoors trend is all about – at least what it probably is: A scream from the people that have been stuck in their homes after the world stopped for an entire year. 

Alt Beauty

Many influencers and beauty experts on Instagram have been more peculiar in doing their makeup, nails, and brows. This trend brings beauty customization to another level. This movement is more like empowering women that beauty should not be contained on a single set of standards. 

The Contents of Instagram Insider for Fall 2021

Drag Race UK's Bimini Bon Boulash's stunning non-binary beauty might have been the one that bought this trend rolling across our floors, and we are all thankful for that. The Alt Beauty focuses less on what you wear or how you look – it would focus more on how you wear your face. The Alt Beauty challenges to revolutionize and to change the norms on what people's preconceived notions of beauty; it is a testament that the people of today live in an ever-changing world where the preconceived notions of yesteryear are starting to look like old ideologies, 

Still Going Strong: Natural Hair

People on Instagram are somewhat getting tired of colorful hair that this trend emerged out of the blue. The natural hair movement highly promotes products that nourish the hair instead of damaging it. This advocacy aims to redefine beauty standards by staying natural.

Natural Hair is more than just a trend; it is a movement against the preconceived notions of beauty, much like Alt Beauty. Loving your hair and the skin your in has been a topic of relative debate over the past few years, and the Natural Hair trend teaches everyone that everyone should love themselves on how they look, no matter how modern society tries to change them.

Real-World Example of Fall Trends Early For Instagram Followers

Instagram is the most popular photo-sharing social media platform. At least at the time of this writing, it is. The company announced that it would be shifting its focus to video content and shopping. But that is a different topic. 

People upload their most OK photos on Instagram to let their followers know what they are doing. These photos show the highlights of their days. Along with the image is a caption that either describes their mood or tells the story behind it. In short, people use Instagram posts to express themselves.

Celebrities also use Instagram to their advantage, and often buy Instagram Followers and Likes to boost these posts. Through their posts, they let their fans know more about them. The platform acts as a bridge that connects them. 

Dua Lipa Faces Lawsuit For Putting Paparazzi Photo Of Herself On Instagram

But aside from establishing a relationship with fans, they also use the platform for advertising. Since they are already well-known, their number of followers is sky-high. Because of that, they reach a broad audience. Therefore, they can effectively use their Instagram posts to endorse their content or their sponsor's products. 

However, life for celebrities is quite hard. Cameras follow them almost everywhere. Wherever they go, there will always be paparazzi to snap a picture. Thus, they do not experience enough privacy.  

What is worse is they can be sued because these photos were taken without their permission. For instance, singer Dua Lipa was sued for uploading a paparazzi photo of herself on Instagram. 

The Copyrighted Image

“I'll be living under big fluffy hats until further notice,” wrote Dua Lipa on Instagram. It was the caption on a photo of her queuing at an airport in February 2019. She made the post on February 7, 2019 – four days after it was taken. 

No one would think there is something wrong with the post. It is just a star, flexing like stars usually do. However, Integral Images claims it is a copyright infringement.

According to Copyright law, the ownership of a photo belongs to the photographer and not to the subject. Admittedly, neither Dua Lipa nor her friends, manager, or assistants took the picture. The paparazzi took it. 

The US Copyright House confirmed that the image is, indeed, copyrighted. Integral Images applied for it, although it was granted two weeks after the songstress's post was made.

The Lawsuit

Integral Images accused Dua Lipa of “knowingly” sharing the copyrighted photo without permission or authorization from the photographer. Furthermore, they claim the singer profited from it. They based their accusation on the fact that her Instagram account acts as a marketing tool for her music. 

According to court documents seen by BBC news, it claims Lipa's Instagram account is monetized. It contains posts that, via link or advertisement, direct her followers to consume and purchase her content.

The company says that they should be the only ones to be able to use the photo for such purposes. It licensed the picture for various uses, including online and print publications. Therefore, what Dua Lipa did was an infringement of Plaintiff's copyright.

The singer has since deleted the post. Still, Integral Images is seeking $150,000 in damages. Furthermore, the company has asked for a jury trial. Also, it asks for an order preventing Lipa from further acts of infringement. 

Dua Lipa Faces Lawsuit For Putting Paparazzi Photo Of Herself On Instagram

The company insists that Dua Lipa plays an active role in selecting the images posted on her account. It claims that she doesn't outsource its handling to a third party. Therefore, the blame goes directly to her.

Dua Lipa's team is yet to respond.

Why Are Paparazzi Suing Celebrities?

Celebrities and that paparazzi never had the sweetest of relationships. They constantly clash. For a long time, most of the complaints came from the celebs' side. They accuse the paparazzi of invasion of privacy. Furthermore, some of the photos taken show them in an unflattering state. Those were the images that the paparazzi love the most since they garner so much attention. The stars, of course, don't love them that much. They are embarrassing and often lead to criticism, which can sometimes ruin their careers. Needless to say, the stars hate those who are paid to pursue them and observe them like spies. 

The rise of social media to prominence changed the power balance between the two parties. The value of social media posts skyrocketed while that of paparazzi celebrity photos declined. Because of the different functions on social media platforms, the proliferation of images became quick. They spread so fast that they go far beyond the control of the copyright holder.

Now, it is the paparazzi's turn to file complaints. If the photo agencies want to stay in business, they must aggressively protect their intellectual properties.

The companies claim that it is unfair for celebrities to distribute their photos without a license. It causes them to lose earnings while the stars benefit from it. So, photo agencies sue them for compensation.

Other Celebrities Who Battled Copyright Lawsuits

Dua Lipa was not the first celebrity to be publicly pursued in one of these copyright cases. It was Khloe Kardashian who posted a paparazzi photo of herself in a restaurant. Aside from them, there are a couple of others that battled the same lawsuit.

Model Gigi Hadid faced the same case. However, a judge dismissed it because the company suing her failed to register the copyright in time. In the same year, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber settled copyright lawsuits with photographer Robert Barbera for an undisclosed amount. Jennifer Lopez, 50 Cent, Jessica Simpson, and Liam Hemsworth were also sued for posting papped photos of themselves.

Dua Lipa Faces Lawsuit For Putting Paparazzi Photo Of Herself On Instagram

As things are right now, it seems the animosity between celebrities and the paparazzi is about to get worse. Celebrities still think photo agencies see them as cash bags – walking shiny things whose life can produce them a fortune. On the other side, the paparazzi claim the celebrities are taking advantage of their work. The stars use their intellectual property to promote their content on social media platforms like Instagram. If only they could meet halfway, everyone would be happy. 

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