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Integrating Music in Video: Guidelines for Musical Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social media platforms today. It features images and videos uploaded by its users. However, like any other platform, it has some limitations when it comes to using licensed media like music.

Music has always been the bonding force during normal times. But it has become even more important now that everyone is isolated due to the pandemic. As the implementation of lockdowns and social distancing guidelines forced people to stay apart, more individuals have turned to Facebook and Instagram to stay connected with their friends and loved ones. Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, is aware of this fact.  

Integrating Music in Video: The Updates and Guidelines that You Need to Know

Moreover, the rapid rise in the use of the said social media platform was able to create a lot of good during these trying times. The platform was able to raise money for underserved communities and frontline workers. In addition, Instagram was used as a tool to drive awareness about healthy habits and stay safe by staying at home. On top of that, it brings people together through various forms of entertainment. However, this social media giant also admitted and highlighted some confusion across its community. This is especially true when it comes to the use of recorded music on both Facebook and Instagram Live. 

The core mission of Live is to bring people together in real-time and unproduced ways. This feature was able to open up fresh creative opportunities for many artists, creators, and other music figures. 

This social media giant continues to build for the long term. For this reason, Instagram shared product improvements as well as guidelines around music in both Facebook and Instagram videos and live streams. 

Instagram Clarifies Its Guidelines for the Integration of Music into Videos

Instagram aims to encourage musical expression on its platforms. But it wants to make sure that it is upholding its agreements with whoever owns the rights to the music used in the platform. The said agreements protect the songwriters, artists, and partners, who serve as the cornerstone of the music community. Moreover, Instagram noted that it is grateful for how musicians showcased the amazing creativity that people can see this time. 

Instagram’s partnerships with rights holders were able to bring people together around music within the social media platform. 

Integrating Music in Video: The Updates and Guidelines that You Need to Know

As part of the licensing agreements between Instagram and rights holders, there are some limitations that surround the amount of recorded music that Instagram users can include in Live broadcasts or videos. The specifics of Instagram’s licensing agreements remain confidential. However, it decided to share a number of general guidelines to help Instagram users plan their videos better. 

Guidelines for Including Music On Instagram Live and Videos:

  1. Things like music or traditional music performances have no limits in Stories.
  2. Videos that have a great number of full-length recorded tracks are more likely to be limited.
  3. Shorter music clips are recommended to prevent your videos from becoming limited.
  4. Recorded audio should not be the main purpose of the video. For this reason, videos that include licensed music must always have a visual component.

The guidelines mentioned above are consistent across recorded and live on both Instagram and Facebook. They also apply for all types of accounts within the platform: the profile, pages, verified, or unverified accounts. 

Moreover, music is launched on Facebook and Instagram in more than 90 countries. However, there are countries where it is not available yet. For this reason, if your video has recorded music, there are instances when it will not be available in those locations. 

In addition, people have access to a custom music and sound effects library at no cost through Facebook’s Sound Collection. This collection includes thousands of tracks that are all available to use with no limits in the videos you share on Facebook and Instagram. On top of that, this Sound Collection includes pop, hip hop, country, jazz, and more.

In-Product Video Notifications

Instagram is aware that its platform’s users become frustrated whenever their streams are interrupted. It is also frustrating to have parts of videos muted because they do not have permission to use the music that they have integrated. So, the social media giant made some steps to minimize these interruptions and prevent confusion regarding audio use. 

Instagram is improving its in-product notifications. The said notifications alert you when the platform’s systems detect that the music you included in your video or broadcast does not adhere to the licensing agreements of Instagram.

Integrating Music in Video: The Updates and Guidelines that You Need to Know

Updates also include developing clearer notifications. Surfacin0g notifications will also be sent earlier to live broadcasters. This will give them time to adjust their live streams. Through these updates, interruptions will be avoided once Instagram detects that they may be approaching the platform’s limitations. Once a user’s video is blocked or muted, Instagram is going to make it clear what actions they should take to stop the interruption. 

The Future of Instagram Will Cater to People, Artists, and Creators

There is no denying that Instagram gives various improvements to its platform. Recently, this social media giant also improved its Instagram Live and Instagram Shopping. Those improvements allowed content creators within the platform to earn a profit through their hard-worked crafts. 

With the current improvements regarding music, live broadcasts, and videos, Instagram aims to continue to share music and bond people with each other across the platform.

Furthermore, this social media platform emphasized that it will continue to work hand in hand with its music partners. The aim is to enable people to create a community with music in new ways. Instagram also wants to connect people, especially during this time when they heavily rely on social media platforms for communication. In addition, this social media platform is working to maximize the ability of people to express themselves through its products.    

There is no doubt that Instagram and its parent company Facebook are doing their best to cater to people’s needs. On top of that, it also ensures the security of both its users and its partners through its licensing. 

Instagram Develops a New Group Live Stream Feature for Instagram Followers

There is no denying that the social media platform Instagram is seeing how important group lives streaming is right now. This Facebook-owned social media giant seems to have been threatened by the increasing popularity of Clubhouse, a voice-based live streaming platform. For this reason, Instagram and other social media platforms seek to compete with the said newcomer. Influencers on both platforms drive traffic to increase their Instagram followers and vice-versa.

Instagram’s entry into this competition is its new feature called Instagram Live Rooms. This allows users to go live with up to three people. According to Instagram, the aim of this new feature is to open up more creative opportunities. That includes starting a podcast or a talk show, hosting a live performance, or collaborating with other artists. In addition, Instagram Live Rooms can also be used to host engaging panel discussions and Q&As. On top of that, you can use Live Rooms to hang out with friends. 

With Growing Pressure From Clubhouse, Instagram Develops a New Group Live Stream Feature

Moreover, Instagram Live Rooms are limited to only a small number of active participants as of now. However, it is still a significant move on the part of the social media platform. Such is because Instagram’s live stream functionality is widely used, especially now that there is a pandemic going on. It is where DJ D-Nice hosted virtual parties that attracted A-list names, including Rihanna, Drake, Michelle Obama, Oprah, and other artists, to interact virtually with their fans. 

Another example of Instagram Live’s use is when Justin Dior Combs — the son of rapper Sean Combs — put together a strip club. But since physical events were limited then, the said event was done virtually through Instagram Live. This even climbed high to the pop-culture consciousness. As a result, it gained a mention in Savage remix by Beyonce and Megan Thee Stallion.

Instagram and the Rising Pressure From Clubhouse

Of course, the development of Instagram Live Rooms is not only because the platform wants to give users a new way to communicate. Rather, it was created to compete with Clubhouse, a newcomer in the live streaming industry. Clubhouse became viral in just a blink of an eye, which made Instagram threatened and pressured. 

Moreover, Instagram Live Rooms are a less subtle imitation of the main features of Clubhouse. Clubhouse also has rooms; however, unlike Live Rooms, those rooms are only audio-based. And although Clubhouse’s rooms do not support video, they are proven a trend during the COVID-19 lockdown. Part of this increase in popularity is because this invite-only app was able to curate its own user base. It collected various people from the tech and entertainment elite. 

With Growing Pressure From Clubhouse, Instagram Develops a New Group Live Stream Feature

The rooms that you can access through Clubhouse are more expansive. It lets more active participants and markets make it easier for them to join as a speaker during a discussion. However, it does not seem like it is the last iteration of Instagram Live Rooms if it becomes popular. 

Nevertheless, it is not only Clubhouse that Instagram tried to imitate. When the short-form video platform Tiktok rose in popularity in just a snap, Instagram also created its own short video feature called Instagram Reels. It even rolled out a number of updates for this feature, including the extension of how Reels can last. 

Instagram is Not the Only Platform that Feels Pressured

Instagram is not the only platform that is running in the race to beat Clubhouse. Facebook — the owner of Instagram — is reportedly working on a platform that aims to compete with Clubhouse. Similarly, Twitter has already launched a Clubhouse competitor called Spaces. The said feature is a collaborative audio-based one that functions quite like a Clubhouse room. 

On Instagram, users have the ability to earn money using Live Rooms directly. Shortly after live streaming became popular during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Instagram added the ability for users to tip broadcasters digitally. Users can send a tip by purchasing in-app goods called Instagram Badges. They can still do the same with Live Rooms, which is an important consideration for content creators who are trying to turn their social media popularity into a source of income. 

More About Clubhouse

Clubhouse is basically a social media application where users can send audio clips rather than texts or chats. The creators describe the platform as a new type of social media project that is based on voice. In this platform, people can tell their stories, talk to each other, and deepen friendships regardless of where they are. They can also use Clubhouse to develop ideas and meet new people. 

Moreover, this platform was developed by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. In March 2020, CNBC reported that the company was already valued at $100 million. 

When users open the app, they will see different virtual rooms that they can choose from. Once they enter their chosen room, the audio will turn on automatically. The creator of that room has the ability to choose who can speak. On the other hand, members who want to speak during the discussion could raise their hands to join. CNBC said that Clubhouse is like entering a conference room where a Q&A session or panel discussion is happening. 

As mentioned, this audio-based platform is an invite-only one. However, people can create their own room anytime to meet new people or start a discussion. According to Clubhouse’s website, people who have already used the platform use it to communicate about day-to-day life, political issues, and entertainment. 

With Growing Pressure From Clubhouse, Instagram Develops a New Group Live Stream Feature

Final Takeaway

Live streaming has become so popular because people cannot go out of their homes due to the pandemic. For this reason, various social media platforms are trying to compete with each other in order to provide people with a live broadcast feature that they can use.

If you are not comfortable with video broadcasts, then Clubhouse is a good platform for you. However, if you want to show yourself to your viewers, Instagram Live Rooms would help you perfectly.

Date: October 15, 2021 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Joy P


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