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Instagram Search: How Does It Works

One of the key features of Instagram is the search function which allows users to navigate the platform freely. In addition, since Instagram homes billions of users worldwide, searching is the best way to filter the explore page to what may interest you. But, have you ever wonder how Instagram search result works? This article will reveal how the Instagram search algorithm works and how you can optimize your visibility on Instagram search results.

Instagram Search Algorithm

Seemingly, most users think that Instagram search result is purely based on the text they entered on the search bar. If you also think so, you're wrong. In fact, Instagram reveals that various additional factors affect the result of your searches. These factors allow you to have custom-tailored search results every time you search for something. Here are the most significant factors or signals that affect your search result. 

Instagram Search: How Does It Works
  • Text Input.  Unsurprisingly, the text you typed in the search bar is the most critical factor. The platform will match the text you entered to the existing hashtags, topics, or accounts to give you the most relevant search results and suggestions possible. For example, if you enter the word “nature” on the search bar, the result will show you a list of accounts, topics, and hashtags that include the word “nature.” 
  • Your Activity. To give you a more custom-tailored search result, Instagram also considers your recent activities like your followed accounts, viewed posts, visited users, and your interaction. Typically, Instagram will show first the accounts and hashtags you have interacted with recently. 
  • Entries’ Engagement. If there is a lot of potential results, Instagram will analyze the popularity of the entry. Hence, the ranking of the result entry is affected by its engagement, including the number of clicks, likes, shares, and accounts’ follows. 

Tips on How Can You Optimize Your Instagram Search Result Visibility. 

With billions of Instagram users, it is not impossible to reach millions of people across the world. However, it won't happen anytime since your post is competing with millions of other posts. But, don't lose hope because there are proven ways to help you achieve higher interactions and be more visible on the Instagram search result. Here are some tips to optimize your visibility in Instagram search results. 

  • Post quality content. Since Instagram search result ranking is affected by popularity, including likes, comments, shares, and more., posting high-quality content is helpful in optimizing your search result visibility. Perhaps, the quality of your content is the most prevalent factor affecting the popularity of your posts. So, make sure that your content is eye-popping and worthy of interaction.
  • Make your username relevant. Most of the time, Instagram search result prioritizes the accounts matching the keyword entered. Hence, it is essential to match your user name to the nature of your account. If your account features nature, try to include the word in your username. This way, your account is more likely to pop out in the search result of the people interested in the same topic. 
Instagram Search: How Does It Works

Instagram Search Helps People Increase Instagram Follower Counts

  • Including keywords. Keywords are powerful when it comes to your visibility. Makes sure to search for the most relevant keywords about your topic and include them in your captions and stories. In addition, you can add keywords to your bio to enhance the search result visibility of your account. 
  • Be location-specific. Adding location to your bio also helps you reach the right audience, especially for businesses. It allows the user to find your location easily. For businesses, it will also help reach a more specific audience based on the location specified. Many people buy Instagram followers in specific countries, so be sure to geo-tagged.
  • Include relevant hashtags. Hashtags ensure that your post is searchable. By including relevant hashtags in your post, you optimize your chance to show in the search results and reach an audience specifically interested in your topic. In addition, Instagram also has features where you can see the relevant hashtags and the number of interactions of a particular hashtag; thus, you can select the best hashtag you can include in your caption without leaving the platform. 
  • Timing your post. Besides the top results, Instagram also prioritizes posts that are the most recent. So, make sure to know when your target is most active and time your post accordingly. If you have an Instagram Business Profile, you can view when most of your followers are active through Instagram Insight. If you don’t have, there are plenty of websites that can help you identify the best time to post on Instagram.

Fair and Square: How Instagram Community Guidelines Affects Search Result Visibility

Upon signing up on Instagram, you agree to the Guidelines that govern the platform. These standards help maintain the safety of every user. In addition, Instagram also set standards on what posts, accounts, and hashtag to suggests the users. 

Like other search engines, violating Instagram Recommending Guidelines will cause lower search result visibility or being shadow-banned (though Instagram does not directly state it). To avoid account restriction, make sure to follow these tips when posting on Instagram. 

  • Make sure your posts do not pose or depict any form of self-harm. 
  • Do not spam hashtags. 
  • Avoid including irrelevant captions and hashtags. Your post may be reported as “click-baiting” or “interaction-baiting.”
  • Do not post sexually implicit content. 
  • Do not post violence-related content.
  • Do not plagiarize or infringe copyright. 
  • Do not post over-sensitive content like open surgery etc. 
  • Do not post content selling regularized products like tobacco. 

Upcoming Improvements on Instagram Search 

Instagram Search: How Does It Works

As promised, Instagram will be launching various improvements regarding its search page. Typically, Instagram will show first the accounts and hashtags you have interacted with recently. Soon, the Instagram results will include related photos and videos instead of authenticating users and hashtags only. It will be a great help for users who are searching without any specific user in mind. It will also benefit many contents since it will allow posts to show up in search results. 

In addition, they are also expanding the keywords users can explore and search. As part of this expansion, they will be making these keywords available in more languages.

If you will browse on Instagram, there is one thing that you will notice: social media influencers and Instagram models are starting to look the same. This is because of the trend known as the “Instagram Face.”

Instagram Face: A New Age of Social Media

Instagram Face is a selfy-ready look that is common for a lot of female celebrities. The style includes all the types of features that most cosmetic surgery clients are asking for when they go under the knife. 

But the question is, what exactly does Instagram Face mean, and who has it?

Instagram Face: What is It, Really?

Jia Tolentino, a writer in the New Yorker, defined Instagram Face as a single, cyborgian face. According to her, it is a young face with poreless skin and plump and high cheekbones. She continued that the face looks at others coyly but blankly. It is as if the face owner has taken half a Klonopin and considers asking someone for a private plane ride to Coachella.

Tolentino also emphasized that the Instagram Face is distinctly white. However, it is also ambiguously ethnic.

Similarly, a top plastic surgeon named Dr. Demitri Arnaoutakis also talked about the concept of Instagram Face in an interview with the Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

Dr. Arnaoutakis said that the world is now seeing uplifted eyes that look cat-like, overly long eyelashes, as well as pouty lips. He added that a person who has the Instagram Face has a forehead that is typically wrinkle-free.

Many people who want to become models are perfecting their posts on Instagram with filters and face apps. They do this because they are searching for social media-approved faces.

Social Media’s Popularity is Now Revealing the Taboo of Botox and Plastic Surgery

Moreover, Tolentino explained that art directors and magazines have long been editing celebrities' photos to match their unrealistic standards of beauty. But now, people can do that with their pictures with just a few taps on their smartphones. For instance, face enhancing applications like FaceTune make blemishes a thing of the past.

Instagram Face: A New Age of Social Media

A make-up artist told Tolentino that about 95 percent of the most-followed people on Instagram easily use FaceTue. The make-up artist added that these people might have even had some cosmetic procedure.

This is the reason why, as Dr. Arnaoutakis explained, plastic surgery is becoming trendy. For instance, a lot of people are getting brow lifts via Botox now. 

Dr. Arnaoutakis also agrees that social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, have played a significant role in the rise of cosmetic procedures. He also explained that people now have access to their favorite influencers or celebrity anytime. In addition, a lot of influencers and celebrities are open about the treatments that they undergo. This resulted in the removal of the taboo label from undergoing plastic surgery. It has also made plastic surgery commonplace to undergo particular procedures.

Instagram Followers Growth Fueled by Search

Back in 2018, dermatologists from Boston Medical Centre and the Boston University of Medicine revealed in a research paper that there was an increase in the number of patients who wanted to undergo plastic surgery. In addition, the faces that those who wish to undergo plastic surgery want to have are based on what they saw in face apps like FaceTune and Snapchat. 

The dermatologists dubbed this new phenomenon as Snapchat dysmorphia. It is characterized by patients seeking out cosmetic surgery to look like the filtered versions of themselves. The face they want to achieve consists of bigger eyes, fuller lips, or a thinner nose. They added that this phenomenon is alarming because the filtered selfies from apps like Snapchat and FaceTune often present an unattainable look. It is also erasing the line of reality and fantasy for patients who want to achieve such looks. 

 In addition, the authors of the said paper concluded that the beauty as mentioned above apps are providing today's society with a new reality of beauty. They also said that such apps and other similar apps are making people lose touch with reality. This is because even, in fact, people are expecting that they will look perfectly primped and filtered.

The World is Becoming More Visual than Ever

Furthermore, Tolentino noted in her The New Yorker article that the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, as well as easily accessible tools and filters for photo editing, have made Instagram's Face and the beauty standards it promotes inescapable. In addition, photo editing and airbrushing have been blamed for enforcing unrealistic beauty expectations for so long.  However, it is not anymore the domain of professionals who work on celebrity photoshoots in the pages of glossy magazines. 

Nowadays, anyone can retouch their photos using their smartphones and broadcast this idealized image to the world. 

A famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon to the stars named Jason Diamond had his take about the trending Instagram Face. According to him, about 30 percent of people who come to him bring a photo of Kim Kardashian or someone who has the same features as Kim. He also noted that there is a handful of people who others want to look like. Yet, Kim Kardashian remains at the very top of the list. 

Instagram Face: A New Age of Social Media


Moreover, Diamond added that regional preferences differ throughout the world. However, there are particular constants of proportion and symmetry. These include a projected chin as well as high cheekbones. 

On the other hand, celebrity make-up artist Colby Smith said that the world is so visual right now. Yet, it is becoming more visible, and people are aiming to upgrade to relate to it. However, if the popularity of a single, surgically altered face is striking you as being a little more jarring compared to a harmless upgrade for the sake of self-improvement, then you are not alone. 
Yet, we cannot deny that the continuous rise of Instagram's Face is an alarming trend.

Date: October 8, 2021 / Categories: Guide, Hashtags, Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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