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How to Catch Your Boyfriend’s Misbehavior on Instagram

Recently, news about an Instagram influencer caught the attention of people on the internet. She discovered an exciting hack that opened up a big revelation between her and her boyfriend. Perhaps you are wondering who is the smart girl behind the trending issue on Instagram. Let's get to know her story better.

Kornelia Slunjski

Kornelia Slunjski is known as a model in Miami. She is also an international makeup artist and beauty influencer. Right now, Kornelia is living in Manhattan, New York. The model was born and raised in Croatia. Her career started when she worked as Keune Haircosmetics cover face model. After a decade, the rest was a beautiful history! Kornelia experienced working on Beauty & Fashion sets since she was young, and from then on, she could not deny her love for the industry. From observations, she discovered her passion for makeup artistry. That's when she decided to attend a prestigious makeup school in Serbia called Aleksandar Kapris Hair & Makeup Academy. Because of her talent, skills, and burning passion for beauty and makeup artistry, Kornelia became an educator later in her alma mater. 

Here's a Fun Fact: Kornelia was pursuing a degree in Journalism major in Social Media & Communications. 

How to Catch Your Boyfriend's Misbehavior on Instagram

Kornelia is indeed a beautiful woman with brains! Her life as a talented makeup artist and educator also shines on Instagram as she shows her followers interesting content about beauty & fashion. Her Instagram account ‘kokobeaute’ contains 1,160 posts and 37.9K solid followers.

Her Story that Thrilled Instagram 

Last April 2, 2021, Kornelia caught more people's attention on Instagram when she posted about how she noticed her boyfriend's misbehavior. As soon as she shared her post with the caption “Thank me later,” it went crazily viral on Instagram Reel. Enticing her followers what would be the twist of her Instagram post, she asked them in her video, saying, “Would you like to know an Instagram detective secret? Open Instagram in Safari, and there you can see who your boy recently started following.”

Perhaps you think that this girl might have some trust issues, or better yet, she is just obsessed with her boyfriend. Nonetheless, Kornelia has her reasons, and one of them might be the decisive thing which is a “girl's hunch.”

If you noticed, last October 2019, Instagram stopped its Following Activity Tab. It is a feature that allows users to get updated on who follows them, likes their posts, and sees who they can add and follow back. Though there is chaos on Instagram followers and the following lists, there is still an order. For example, if you have less than 100-200 followers, they will be listed and organized in alphabetical order. Please take note, the list goes on by their profile names and not by their usernames. Plus, profiles without any name are always listed above the alphabetical list.

Catching Bad Boyfriends To Buy Instagram Followers? Win-Win!

On the other hand, if you have 200 followers and more, Instagram will organize them based on your interactions with them. With it, you can see who's following you. Even better, you've always got the option to buy more real Instagram followers! More so, the list of who you follow will be based on mutual interaction. The posts you like and vice versa, posts where you tagged each other, Instagram posts where you put comments with each other, etc., matters most.

Now that you know what happens on Instagram, let's get on the app that Kornelia used, which effectively helped her learn her boyfriend's whereabouts. The sensational app that thrilled 15K Instagram peeps is none other than Safari. Unlike on Instagram, using Safari lets you know the followers you follow, including your boyfriend. Plus, they are all in chronological order. Using Safari is an excellent tool to satisfy your hunches and take a secret detective operation with a click on your hand.

How to Catch Your Boyfriend's Misbehavior on Instagram

Online Drama Always Leads To More Instagram Followers

Going back to Kornelia's Instagram post, she told her followers the very reason why she did the secret detective operation. She felt a little bit fishy about her boyfriend's message and decided to do some investigative steps. She ended the content of her Instagram post with this statement: “So if he says it was a boys' night out, why are you following five new girls? Why?!” Guess that Kornelia tricked her boyfriend rather than her boyfriend tricked her.

With that, Kornelia said goodbye to her boyfriend, now Ex. Every woman deserves to be treated right, with honesty and love. For some, Kornelia's post might have been a triggering post that encourages couples to get into war with each other. But thinking again, things like hunch and doubts may have never been an issue in the first place if your partner is sincere enough to cheat on you. The story of Kornelia only shows that trust plays a massive part in every couple's relationship. In entering a relationship, both must demonstrate commitment, love, and care for their partners. Without it, the relationship will weaken little by little; doubts will arise from time to time until the relationship breaks the couple apart.

Keeping A Healthy Relationship

Relationships can last if both parties are willing to give each other love and support that they need. You may not have the best relationship, but you can make love last for a lifetime. Show your partner how much you love and understand them, especially in the stormy parts of their mood. You must be ready to comfort each other instead of fighting it out. Sometimes, listening to what they are saying and giving them a warm hug is enough to soothe the anxiety or pain they are going through. 

How to Catch Your Boyfriend's Misbehavior on Instagram

In keeping a healthy relationship, setting goals together is also essential. It is one way of planning a future together. Both of you learn to take responsibility and prepare for the purposes you want to reach together. You may not do all that's on your list 100%, but it will help you see which path both of you will take and hold on to for the good of your relationship. Just enjoy your time together, keep and save all the best memories you have, and secure each other with your love!

Your Boyfriends Safety Is As Important As Your Own Instagram Follower Safety

Instagram is a social media platform with billions of daily users. It provides people with a seamless way for people to share snapshots of their life’s highlights. However, just like any other social media platform on the internet, it is susceptible to bad actors who try to hack the accounts of users. Some online harassers and scammers run rampant on Instagram. Fortunately, there are ways that you can prevent them from taking over your account. 

The Facebook-owned social media platform released several features that aim to secure users’ accounts. For this reason, there are now things that you can do to control the privacy of your account.

How to Ensure Your Safety and Security on Instagram

How to Make Instagram a Safer Place for You

Use Two-factor Authentication

If you are worried that someone might be trying to hack your Instagram account and post using it without your permission, Instagram has a solution for you. You can set up the two-factor authentication setting, which will require entering a PIN code after you enter your password. This way, a hacker will not access your account without physical access to your connected device. Regardless of whether they already got your password, they will not get the PIN that Instagram will send to your device. 

To enable the two-factor authentication setting, go to your profile and tap the hamburger button. Choose Settings and navigate to Security. There, you will see the Two-Factor Authentication setting. Navigate to that and then select Get Started. You can opt to set up the two-factor authentication through a text message or use Google Authenticator — an independent authentication app. 

There is an instance when you will have connectivity issues with your phone and not receive an SMS security code. If this happens, you can use recovery codes. Go to your profile’s Settings on your connected device and navigate to Security. Next, choose Two-Factor Authentication and go to Recovery Codes. This will display a code that you can use to log in to your Instagram on another device.

Prevent Yourself From Getting Phished

Instagram released an “Emails from Instagram” tab on its platform. This is to help users find out which are fake emails and which ones came from an official Instagram correspondence. 

How to Ensure Your Safety and Security on Instagram

You can activate this feature by going to your account’s Settings. There, choose Security and then Emails from Instagram. This will prompt the platform to display a Security tab. There, a list of emails that Instagram sent you within the past 14 days will be displayed. Those emails included inform you about your account’s security and the locations from which you have logged in. 

In addition, a second tab named “Other” will appear. If you tap that, you will see the remaining emails sent to you by Instagram over the remaining period. 

Make Checking Your Login Activity a Habit

Another way to watch out for hackers is to check your login activity, which you can find in the Settings. This page will display a list of all the locations where you have logged in with your account. In the same setting, you can verify your current location and look through your previous activities. If you see a location that you do not recognize, the best thing you can do is log out from those devices and then change your password.

Disable Your Activity Status

A feature on Instagram allows people to see when a user is actively using the platform. Look for a tiny green dot beside your friend’s profile photo in your direct messages. That green dot is an indication that an Instagram user is online to answer a DM. However, allowing others to see when you are online can be a little intrusive, especially when all you want is to be left alone.

Fortunately, you can turn your active status off. Just go to your account settings and look for the privacy options. There, you can find and turn off your active status.

Restrict, Block, or Report Accounts

If a fellow Instagram user is harassing you or posting inappropriate content, you can report them on Instagram. You can report the entire profile page or a specific post, direct message, comment, or story. To do this, tap the three-dot icon located on the top right of the post or the bottom right of a story. 

Suppose you want to report a comment if you are using Android, long-press on it and tap the exclamation point icon. On the other hand, iOS users need to swipe left to find the said icon. 

How to Ensure Your Safety and Security on Instagram

You can also fill out a form report on the Instagram website. If Instagram finds out that the account, story, or comment that you reported breaches its terms of service, it will suspend the account in question. But you can also manually block the account by opening the three-dot menu on the account you want to block. After opening the said menu, tap the Block option. 

Instagram Followers Are Great When Safe

In addition, Instagram has taken more targeted action to stop bullying on the platform. It launched a new feature called Restrict. This feature hides a particular user’s notifications and comments if you want to not see their activities without reporting or unfollowing them.

To enable the Restrict feature, navigate to your account settings and choose Privacy. There, you will find the Restricted Accounts options, where you can manually add the accounts you want to restrict. Alternatively, you can visit the user’s profile and tap the three-dot menu on the tap right. There, you can select restrict. 

On iOS, you can swipe left on a comment for you to restrict it. Afterward, you enable the restrict option, the comments that the restricted account made on your posts will only be visible to that person. 

You can view restricted comments by tapping “See Comments.” Doing this will allow you to either approve, delete, or ignore it. 

Date: October 22, 2021 / Categories: Buy Instagram Followers, Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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