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A Secret to Success on Instagram: Does it Exist?

Last October 2020, Bay Area-based artist and college student Rachel Reichenbach received an email from Instagram. Interestingly, the email was not sent by a bot but by a human being working at Instagram. The email contains a proposal offering Reichenbach to help her expand her audience. Of course, she was intrigued. 

Reichenbach has more than 78,000 followers on Instagram. Such is already a huge number but is still nowhere close to Instagram’s biggest stars, who already have millions of followers. Out of nowhere, someone is offering her one on one advice to grow her followers. This is something worth checking out, thus prompting her to take the meeting.

A Secret to Success on Instagram: Does it Exist?

According to the artist, her call with the Instagram representative revealed that he had his own spiel that he needed to go through. The meeting was all about Reels, Instagram’s short-form video feature. The Instagram representative taught her how she could use Reels to widen her reach further.   

The meeting between Reichenbach and the Instagram representative made it clear that the platform wanted people to use Reels. Such is no longer a surprise. Of course, Instagram has to take steps to advertise the new feature that they released in August. 

However, Reichenbach was surprised by how specific the man’s advice was. He told her that the goal was for her to post “four to seven Reels a week.” To her, it felt like something more than general guidance. For this reason, she began asking questions. 

The Bay Area-based artist asked how many videos or photos she should be posting to her news feed. To this, the Instagram representative answered three posts per week. She was also told that she should post Instagram Stories eight to 10 times per week but preferably at least twice a day. Lastly, she asked how many longer videos she should upload to Instagram TV. The representative told her that one every three weeks is preferable. 

To emphasize everything, the Instagram representative told her that consistency was the key. 

Reichenbach Felt As If She Suddenly Holds All the Secrets

Reichenback sells her art to make a full-time living. While most of her customers purchase her art through Instagram, she still does not consider herself an influencer. According to her, her business is she draws cute frog characters who like doing crimes and other similar stuff. She sells pins, prints, buttons, and other merchandise. To support her work, she decided to utilize Instagram. 

A Secret to Success on Instagram: Does it Exist?

Moreover, Reichenbach’s friends are all curious about what she had learned. This made her feel like she suddenly holds all the secrets. The news about her meeting with an Instagram representative circulated like wildfire. Soon, she received an overwhelming number of messages in artists’ groups on Discord and other platforms. To make it easier for her to share how the meeting went, she wrote about her experience on her blog. This way, she can easily share it with people who are reaching out to her. She even illustrated her blog post with an anxious frog.

Reichenbach’s post went viral within a couple of days. It has been viewed almost 200,000 times. The artist received numerous responses, which all startled her. On Instagram, most people are thanking her for sharing such helpful information. On the other hand, people on Twitter were like, “I want to burn Instagram and Facebook to the ground.”

Is Buying Instagram Followers and Likes The Secret to Success?

There are people who wanted information. Some, on the other hand, only wanted to vent about how Instagram was making them miserable. Reichenback started seeing the guidance from her blog post circulating without context. She had portrayed the recommendations of the Instagram representative as unrealistic. She also offered advice about how to reduce stress, not just on Instagram and Twitter but also on Tiktok. There are people who accused her of being a “corporate shill.” On the other hand, there are also people who anonymously sent her hateful emails. 

In addition, she saw artists that she had idolized “since middle school” sharing her post. One of these artists is Jen Bartel. Bartel took Twitter her response to Reichenbach’s article. She said that the social media landscape these days is deceiving. It is designed to wear away one’s self-confidence and then capitalize off of it. For this reason, people should not let social media affect them this way. Alternatively, people can reduce stress through one little secret: buy Instagram followers and likes.

Reichenbach joked, saying that she felt as if she had dealt psychic damage to some of her heroes. All this artist did was accept a meeting and share what she learned from it. But for a moment, at least, it transformed her into a guru in the eyes of the people who use Instagram. The secret that she shared could change the businesses, identities, brands, and even lives of other people.

Information Similar to Reichenbach Learned From the Meeting Quickly Became Gospel 

There are also people on YouTube and Tiktok who specialize in sharing the “secrets” to growth. Information from meetings that are similar to Reichenbach’s became gospel in an instant. 

According to Jackson Williams, what Reichenbach wrote in her blog post was generally accurate, and so was her characterization of the meeting.

A Secret to Success on Instagram: Does it Exist?


Notably, Williams helps in overseeing talent outreach and development on Instagram. 

He also said that a large global team supports Instagram’s partners in different verticals. They do similar kinds of outreach across the platform. However, Williams did not disclose the number of people who work on the team he mentioned. He also did not say the number of similar meetings held at a particular period of time. 

Moreover, Williams said that Reichenbach was told that she got the meeting with a representative because the team noticed a number of her successful Reels. 

Furthermore, Williams noted that some of the very popular Instagrammers might have high-touch relationships with the representatives of the company. Such was never a secret, according to him. This is because the information is the same as what they talk about to open presentations like VidCon. The information on Reichenbach’s article was already shared and intuited in bits and pieces and for different audiences before.

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