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Eva Mendes Debunks Plastic Surgery Allegation on Instagram

Actress Eva Mendes directly denied the accusation by an Instagram user on her recent post that she had plastic surgery. She has had other accusations in the past, including rumors she bought real Instagram followers to boost her account's popularity.

Mendes, 46, shared a birthday greeting to one of her friends using a black and white photo on the social media app. This prompted one curious fan to ask why she had been absent from social media.

Eva Mendes Sets Record Straight Over Plastic Surgery Allegation on Instagram

In a comment, the curious Instagram user wrote, “Why you post on insta… so less????” 

However, before the actress could respond, another user suggested that she stop posting her photos because she went under the knife. The comment, which said, “She had work done, and I don’t think she’s happy with it. She was beautiful without,” was already deleted.

Mendes was quick to set the story straight. According to her, she spent less time on Instagram to live in the moment more. 

The actress said that she was not sure why she was answering the comment. But still, she explained that she wanted to be present for her family. She added that her children need her, and posting on Instagram takes up too much of her time. 

In terms of the accusation about getting “work done,” she will do that whenever she wants. However, the actress emphasized that it was not the reason for her absence. It was difficult for her to juggle her family and social media, so she chose to be with her family. 

Mendes Has Not Been Active on Instagram Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mendes, whose husband is Ryan Gosling, has two daughters. The eldest is Esmeralda, six years old, while the youngest is the four-year-old Amanda. The actress has been less active on social media, particularly Instagram, throughout the pandemic. She has only been sharing throwback photos as well as images related to the work of other people. 

There are also some occasions when the actress would share posts about her beauty routine. Such largely appears to be non-invasive. For instance, last November, she shared a photo of herself while getting a “Mono-Threads” treatment at a spa located in Beverly Hills. 

Eva Mendes Sets Record Straight Over Plastic Surgery Allegation on Instagram

Four months after, the actress shared a short clip of herself getting a facial massage using a “Golden Wand.” According to the doctor who was performing the treatment, the Golden Wand is supposed to enhance lymphatic drainage.

Mendes’s Daughter Told Her She Was on the Phone Too Much

Before the issue popped out, Mendes shared an infographic about empowering your child and letting them call you out. The infographic is a post about parenting posted by “Latinx Parenting.” The post is encouraging parents to allow their children to call them out. Children doing such is not disrespectful, according to the infographic. Rather, it is healthy. This is because children have the tendency to be fiercely aligned with their values. For this reason, they will take nothing less than the respect that they deserve.

She also provided a personal anecdote of how her own child did so. 

Mendes revealed that she has been inactive on Instagram lately because her child told her that she was on the phone too much. The actress felt that the child was taking it personally, so she chose to be with her family more. 

She also added that children take things personally unless parents get out of their way to make it clear that it is not personal. Mendes said that she and her daughter had a good talk. She apologized to her daughter and promised that she would be more mindful. 

Moreover, Mendes emphasized her realization that just because she is always at home does not mean that she is always present. 

A News Story Took Mendes’s Statement Out of Context

Moreover, a news story seems to have taken Mendes’s reply to the Instagram commenter out of context. For this reason, the actress took to social media and said that she wanted to clear some things up following her response to a plastic surgery accusation. Notably, the said news story claimed that she denied undergoing plastic surgery.

While sharing a grab of the piece’s headline, the actress said that she never denied that she had plastic surgery. Instead, all that she did was a reply to a particular comment on social media. Mendes also emphasized that she will never deny such stuff because she is all for it. 

The screen capture grabbed from the news story which Mendes posted on Instagram reads, “Eva Mendes denies plastic surgery accusation left on her Instagram post.”

The news story in question’s headline continued, saying that the actress clapped back at an Instagram user who said that her absence on Instagram was caused by getting “work done.”

Eva Mendes Sets Record Straight Over Plastic Surgery Allegation on Instagram


In her caption, the Hitch star critiques the idea that she clapped back at an Instagram commenter. The reason is that she strove to kindly and genuinely reply to as many followers as possible. She said that she does not like the term “clap back” because it sounds aggressive. Mendes said that as her followers know, she replies to as many Instagram comments as possible and does not clap back. Rather she tries to connect or communicate. 

Looking at her reply to the commenter who said that she had plastic surgery, one can really tell that she did not “clap back.” Instead, she politely clarified that the reason for her absence was because she wanted to be with her family and not because she had work done. 

Meanwhile, the actress posted in December last year about “Mom Pandemic Guilt.” She said that her daughter wanted to cut out Maria Callass’s face from one of her record covers. Notably, Maria Callas is a late American soprano. 

Mendes went on to reveal that she said yes to her daughter even though her heart “died a little inside.” 

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