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Educating Communities: Activism in the Age of Social Media

Over the several months that passed, info-social was able to dominate Instagram. Notably, the term is defined as a style of content that’s based on text. It aims to inspire and educate communities. 

Digital activism and in-person organizing provided a way for info-social to become a means of sharing information. In addition, it served as a way to educate followers on various topics such as climate change, racial injustice, and local community outreach. Even brands are now sharing important messages with their customers, too. 

Educating Communities: Activism in the Age of Social Media

Info-social contents are visually striking. Their messages become even bolder and louder due to the text that explains them. These qualities transformed Instagram content and carousels into bite-sized pieces of information. 

Since it is easy to share carousels, they have the capability to increase the awareness of people about impactful issues.

The three examples mentioned above highlight how brands and businesses integrate their content with an info-social trend in new ways on Instagram. 

The Use of Striking Content to Educate Communities

Creating visually appealing content makes it more shareable. Such is the main goal for info-social posts. The more people share a particular post, the more they can learn and support it. 

@sa.liine founder Manassaline Coleman has always been a graphic designer by profession.

 Notably, @sa.liine is a popular account on Instagram. Despite being a graphic designer first and foremost, Coleman felt compelled to take action when the Black Lives Matter movement was on the rise. She used her colorful gradients as a form of support as a backdrop for her virtual protesting kits. This caught the attention of old and new fans who want to learn more about racial justice and support her work. 

Every Movement Has Its Own Format

Digital activists paved the way to inspire brands and businesses in creating their own info-social content. Now, info-social lends its format to a vast array of social issues and causes. This is especially true when the business can serve as a solution to those issues. 

Moreover, Goodwill Industries International partnered with Erik Cavanaugh last year. Notably, Goodwill Industries International is an American non-profit organization. It provides employment placement services, job training, and other community-based programs for individuals who are prevented by barriers from obtaining a job. On the other hand, Erik Cavanaugh is a dancer and a body-positive activist. 

Educating Communities: Activism in the Age of Social Media

The aforementioned collaboration aims to educate followers on how people can create training opportunities and job placement when they shop at Goodwill. 

According to Laurie Keith, working with a creator who is already fluent in capturing audience attention on Instagram allowed them to add bold typography to share the mission of Goodwill around job training and employment. Notably, Keith is The Ad Council’s VP for Media, Social, and Emerging.

Moreover, Adoro Farm, a clothing brand based in Brazil, took its sustainability initiatives to new heights. It used powerful messaging around its newest venture. The said venture aims to plant 1,000 trees a day in an effort to fight climate change. 

By sharing powerful messages, the two businesses mentioned above allowed themselves to connect authentically with their followers. They were also able to share essential initiatives that raised awareness. Also, they were able to share information about fundamental causes while showing their followers that it is crucial to take action    0.

Furthermore, there are also other ways that businesses can inspire people to take action.

How Businesses Can Inspire Their Followers to Take Action

It is for the fact that a lot of people are reaching out to their communities right now. Their aim is to discuss social issues like racial injustice, share personal experiences, and most importantly, organize ways to support. 

Fortunately, Facebook and Instagram provide tools that make it easier for people and even businesses to raise awareness and drive change. 

Businesses can use their influence on Instagram in order to raise awareness about Black voices, organizations, and actions to take against injustice. In addition, they can raise funds through social media to support different causes. They can also inspire their Facebook and Instagram followers to sign relevant petitions, call out elected officials, or whatever tactics that demonstrate solidarity. 

Tips On How to Inspire Action


Make sure to spend some time reading what your fans are saying. This way, you will be able to understand what causes and topics are important to them. 

Engage With Your Audience By Involving Them

Businesses can ask their followers to share their own connection to the cause that they support.

Amplify Black Voices

With the help of brands and businesses that have a huge influence, activists, advocacy groups, and Black voices will be able to reach new people. In addition, businesses can introduce their fans to new informative and noteworthy content. 

Make Things Actionable

By adding links to an information source or a fundraiser page, businesses will be able to make it easier for people to take action. This way, audiences will easily get new Instagram followers and new ways to support the cause. 

Be Creative

You can post videos and stories about various causes. Also, experiment with the features that Instagram offers. This way, you will be able to introduce those causes to your fans and followers. 

Educating Communities: Activism in the Age of Social Media

Collaborate With Other Influencers

Partner with your fellow influential figures and ask them to pledge support for causes. This way, you can inspire more people to support causes as well.

Keep Your Followers Motivated

In an instance that you reached a fundraising goal, reveal it to your followers. It will motivate them to show support to causes and will help you spread the word about your fundraising.

Be Aware of the facts

It is vital to make sure that you are well informed and aware of your supporting causes. Through this, you will explain why those causes matter and why your followers should support them.

Do Not Forget to Show Appreciation

Always remember to thank those who have taken action. In addition, make sure to reinforce the importance of supporting the cause. 

Date: September 28, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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