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Big News: Instagram No Longer Sees Itself As A Photo-Sharing Platform

By nature, we humans are different from each other. We like different things. Some prefer apples over oranges, cats over dogs, then some like it the other way around.

 Likewise, we have preferences on social media platforms. There are people who are into micro-blogging, so they like Twitter. Some others like video content creation. For aspiring filmmakers, YouTube, the long-form video-focused platform, is the choice. Meanwhile, TikTok proves to be the best way to go for those who want to become famous instantly. 

Big News: Instagram No Longer Sees Itself As A Photo-Sharing Platform

Then some people are into photography and arts. They like expressing themselves through pictures. Naturally, they love seeing other people do the same. For these people, Instagram is the best social media platform.

What Made Instagram Great?

There are many reasons why people liked Instagram – the old Instagram, at least. 

The first and primary reason is its visual nature. On Instagram, users are not often met with a wall of text. Though, that is something that could happen. Still, what you see on Instagram are beautiful pictures your eyes can feast upon. 

They say photography is an art. What appears to be a simple picture can contain a complex story or lots of emotions. Users can upload one photo, and that will convey many things. In a way, it makes Instagram both simplistic and complex in nature.

Wherever you go, people love photography. Think about it. Have you ever encountered someone who hates looking at pictures? There is a mountain high chance that you never have. 

That brings us to the other strength of Instagram. As a photo-oriented social media platform, it allows users to travel without actually moving. They can go to different parts of the country, to other countries, and to another continent, even. Furthermore, with Instagram, they can travel back to the past. 

Now, videos can also do that. But, there is a charm unique to still and unmoving photos. Nevertheless, Instagram acknowledges the similar properties of videos and pictures. So, they can also be found on the platform. However, even with the inclusion of videos, images remained the primary focus on the platform. 

Instagram's Evolution

As new social media platforms popped up, new trends came as well. They introduced new features that the netizens have loved and hated. 

Of course, already existing platforms like Instagram have to improve. If they remain stagnant, their users can abandon their network in favor of the new ones. So, they have to develop new features to keep up with the other platforms. 

For example, Snapchat became a threat to Facebook – Instagram's parent company. So, they developed and invested in Instagram Stories. 

Then, e-commerce boomed. Since the social media platform's inception, businesses have been using them for advertisement. But lately, aside from posting about their products, they have become able to sell as well. Social media platforms have found ways to let users shop without leaving their websites. Again, Instagram has to keep up with the trend. So, it introduced Shops.

Now, TikTok is the talk of the town. The fastest-growing social media platform focuses on short-form video content creation. It became so prominent that even YouTube, the video-streaming giant, felt alarmed and introduced Shorts. Instagram's attempt at taking on TikTok is through its products IGTV and Reels. 

Big News: Instagram No Longer Sees Itself As A Photo-Sharing Platform

Instagram No Longer A Photo-Sharing App

Adam Mosseri took to Twitter to talk about the future of Instagram. He says that for the next half of 2021, it will be focusing on four things. Those are creators, video, shopping, and messaging. 

Yes, you read that right. There is no mention of photography or photo-sharing. In fact, the head said himself that Instagram would no longer be a photo-sharing app. Instead, it will be an entertainment service, similar to TikTok and YouTube.

Instagram wants to embrace videos more broadly. That means videos will be the main focus in the platform once dominated by photos. Mosseri laid out some of their plans, like focusing on full-screen and immersive video content. Instagram also plans to introduce mobile-first videos and featured video content on a timeline that users may not follow.

Mosseri explains the motive behind this change. He says that people come to Instagram to feel entertained. However, Instagram is not the only platform that offers entertainment. It is a crowded marketplace.

The Instagram lead mentioned YouTube and TikTok., indicating that they are currently the most successful ones. Both of them focus on videos. So, they decided to fight them head-on by investing more in videos on Instagram.

Reactions from Instagram Followers

Mosseri's revelation did not surprise many people. Those who frequent Instagram had been suspecting about it. Instagram was not subtle either. For instance, the Reels button replaced the Feeds button while the Shops replaced notification. This is why so many on the platform now try to buy real Instagram followers.

The new Instagram is so different from its original version. Without the logo, it becomes scarcely recognizable. In its attempts to compete with other platforms, Instagram lost its identity. As pointed out by Engadget, it is one thing to adapt to what the rival platforms are doing. But, it is another to lose sight of what made people love the platform in the first place. 

Needless to say, those who come to Instagram for its photo-sharing aspect are dismayed by the news. Actually, many have left already, even before the announcement. The new Instagram has strayed too far from its original identity. Since it is losing the quality that attracted its users, it is expected that they will leave and look somewhere else.

What Instagram is doing is a total overhaul. It is not a good one, to say the least. With its decisions, Instagram shows that the platform ceased to care about what the users want to share. Instead, it forces them to create content it wants them to do. 

Big News: Instagram No Longer Sees Itself As A Photo-Sharing Platform

It is still not clear how the new Instagram is going to compete with YouTube and TikTok. Will it copy their features, add Facebook twists, and call them their own? It is threading in a dangerous path here. However, it does not seem like they are backing down. So, netizens looking for photo content might soon look for them on another platform. The company could lose half of its user base.

Date: August 18, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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