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Instagram Tests Native Affiliate Tool And Introduces New Ways To Earn

Social media networks are doing an excellent job at connecting people. They act as the platform that allows friends and families to communicate, no matter how far apart they are. Furthermore, they allow people with the same talents, interests, and hobbies to meet. 

Aside from friendly social interactions, social media platforms can also be used to promote businesses. For one, Instagram influencers are trendy right now. With influencers advertising business owners' products, they can reach more people. Moreover, several social media platforms allow businesses to set their own page or profile, separate from the owner's personal account. On top of that, they can link their online shops or sell products directly from their pages. 

Instagram Tests Native Affiliate Tool And Introduces New Ways To Earn Money

Even before the pandemic, these features have been loved – both by sellers and consumers. But now, since going out is not generally a good idea, shopping online has become even more trendy. Of course, the developers notice these things. Once they realize the potential of something, they would want to improve the feature continuously. That will ensure that the users will get the best experience. 

For instance, Instagram is testing a native affiliate tool to improve the shopping experience on the platform.

Shops On Instagram

In the past, users could only sell products by uploading photos on their accounts. That is not really a feasible method of advertisement. The introduction of Instagram Stories improved that, but not by much. Instagram users will still have to either send you messages asking for the price or where they can buy the product. The payment method is also frequently asked. You can put this information in the caption of your posts. Still, that would often require users to leave Instagram to buy the product. That is a lot more inconvenient than how it is done on e-commerce websites. 

Instagram has nearly 1 billion monthly active users. The social media network aims to leverage that reach to get into e-commerce. Instagram developers know that a feature like that will put them at an advantage over other social media networks. Likewise, as a well-known platform for socialization, it separates them from typical e-commerce websites. Thus, the Shops tab is born.

Instagram Shops are immersive fullscreen storefronts businesses can use to promote their products in a native shopping experience. In Shops, browse products, explore collections, and purchase products. The whole process is streamlined, so it is very convenient. In Instagram's own words- it wants people to enjoy shopping rather than make it feel like a chore. 

Using the feature will allow you to integrate your product catalog in a special Shop tab on your profile. Furthermore, you can tag Instagram Shop products in your posts in the same way you tag a friend. Doing so will add a little shopping bag icon to your image. You can tag a maximum of five products per image and twenty per carousel. When a user taps a photo, he will be able to view the prices of the products featured. Then, he can tap each product to go to the product page. The system is straightforward to navigate, thus making selling a lot easier.

Instagram Checkout

As mentioned above, Instagram wants online shopping, as a whole, to be convenient. Thus, they introduced the checkout feature. With it, users will not have to leave the site to pay for their purchases. They only have to click or tap the checkout button, easily buying new Instagram followers for any store. Then, they would be asked to enter their name, email, billing information, and shipping address. Submit, and it's done! Fast and easy. 

Instagram Tests Native Affiliate Tool And Introduces New Ways To Earn Money

The system will also retain the information. So, the next time the user buys something, he will just tap, tap, and tap. 

Unfortunately, not all shops offer products available for purchase via Instagram Cashout. 


Another newly introduced feature in Instagram Shops is the Drops destination. There, business owners can hype up their upcoming products. It will notify Instagram users about the latest and newest products. The Drops' destination will keep them in the know. Best of all, every product in Drops will be available for purchase via Instagram checkout. 

The New Native Affiliate Tool

In the first-ever Creator Week, Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that pleased content creators. Facebook and Instagram will be introducing new features that will help them earn more money. The CEO said the tools would enable making a living by expressing creativity. He said it would focus on doing things people want to do rather than things they have to.

In Instagram, they will be testing a native affiliate tool. The tool will function like Drops. It will allow creators to discover new products available for purchase via Instagram Checkout. 

To make money, the creators must share the information with their followers. A tag saying “eligible for commission” will appear below the creator's username when they make these posts. That is similar to how the sponsored content label appears. The creator will earn commissions on resulting conversions and purchases from their posts. 

 The native affiliate tool will be launched in the beta phase. So, it will be tested with only a small group of creators and businesses in the U.S. Included in the participating brands are Benefit, Kopari, MAC Cosmetics, Pat McGrath Labs, and Sephora. More product lines will be added down the line.

There are other opportunities for creators on Instagram aside from that. By the end of the year, eligible creators in the U.S will have the chance to set up new shops. They will be able to do that by partnering with one of Instagram's merchandise partners. These brands are Bravado/UMG, Fanjoy, Represent, or Spring. There, they can drop exclusive product launches on the app.

Instagram Tests Native Affiliate Tool And Introduces New Ways To Earn Money

Furthermore, creators can be eligible to earn an extra payout when they meet certain milestones. Once milestones are reached, their viewers can send them badges while in live Instagram videos. The badges act as tips, costing between $0.99 and $4.99. 

Based on these, we can say that there is a prosperous future that awaits content creators on Instagram.

Date: July 13, 2021 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: Joy P


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