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Double the Fun with Followers at Instagram Live Rooms

Instagram has always been bringing the coolest updates on its platforms. And whether it’s something you love having or hate coming, it’s all worth the hype. This is most especially true when it comes to its live streaming and all its craze. After all, who hasn’t been into live streaming during the pandemic, anyway?

Don’t Stop the Fun Followers Coming

On March 1st of this year, Instagram introduced Live Rooms. This gives the ability to go live on the platform with not just one person, nor two people, but with three Instagram users! Streaming live with only one person has been so outdated. So the social media giant is doubling the fun on this update, but it’s actually triple the fun, honestly.

The app hopes to double the fun during live streaming sessions as it opens the opportunity to create more creative content. This allows anyone to start their talk show, host jamming sessions, and even collaborate with other artists. You also get to engage in Q&As, do live tutorials, or simply hang out with your Instagram besties. And who knows that you can reach more people?

Double the Fun With Instagram Live Rooms

Instagram Live Rooms: Fun, Functional, Fluctuating Followers!

Live Rooms give content creators more ways on how they can build and develop their businesses to earn more money. Because ultimately, that’s every business’s goal, isn’t it? Live viewers can purchase badges for their beloved Instagram creators so they can show their love and support. With it, viewers can purchase badges for hosts and use various interactive features such as Live Fundraisers and Shopping. The company is also at its explorational level to create more interactive tools. One example that we’d been dying to have is the audio and moderator control features that will be soon available in a couple of months.

Instagram had seen its users embracing its Live features when the COVID-19 crisis struck. Last year, there were many things that happened on Live. This includes informative talks concerning the virus guidelines and all things about science and health. Along with it are celebrity interviews and viral rap battles. From musicians to fitness coaches, chefs, and activists, creators of different sorts depended on Live to make moments to bring the community together in the most creative way possible. And with this new update, everyone cannot wait to see how people will be more creative.

Now Let’s Make It Work – Get More Instagram Followers

To begging with a Live Room, all you need to is swipe left and tap the Live camera option. Next is to add your creative title, then tap the Rooms icon to invite your guests. From there, you’ll see Instagram users who have made the requests to join live with you and search for someone you can add. Once you’ve started a Live Room, your live view will stay on top of the screen as you go on adding more guests. As the host, you can add a total of three guests all at once or do it one by one. The latter is a strategy to escalate excitement as you bring one guest at a time if you’d love to. And that works pretty well to have a surprise guest in the middle of your broadcast. Having three guests on a live stream is one clever way to increase your brand’s reach further because followers can get notified once their following is on air. This is an easy, new way to get more Instagram followers.

Double the Fun With Instagram Live Rooms

The media giant wants its platform to be the best avenue for content creators to start significant conversations with their followers and audiences, plus a design that ensures everyone’s safety. Users who were blocked by the participants or guests in the Live Room cannot watch and join Live. On the other hand, guests that were revoked access to go live due to Community Guidelines violations also cannot participate in a Live Room. Live Room hosts will also have the ability to block and report comments or apply filters in the comment section.

Live Rooms update is a step forward to give creators ways to further reach and connect with their followers. But the question now is this; is it better than other live streaming apps?

In Comparison

To compare Instagram Live Rooms, we put it side by side with Clubhouse. Clubhouse is like a talkback radio with conference calls. It’s a social networking app that focuses on audio-chat. Users are allowed to listen to conversations, discussions, or interviews between people on different topics. Think more of it as a podcast but live with additional layers of extreme exclusivity. Why? Because you can only join a stream through invites only. If you think you can download it from the app store or play store, create an account and join, then you probably have it all wrong. It’s a virtual elitism of the typical country and yacht club parties because you’re only allowed if a user invited you to join in. This is unlike Instagram, where you can follow anyone you want and listen and watch their Live Rooms when it’s available.

Double the Fun With Instagram Live Rooms

Clubhouse Followers Make Great Instagram Followers Too

Once you’ve joined in, you can select various topics and interests such as tech, business, or health, for instance. With more info and details about your interests, more conversation rooms and users on the app will be recommended for you to join or follow. Conversation rooms in Clubhouse are like Live Rooms of Instagram. However, few people are on the talking part and most on the listening. Conversations on this app are like phone calls, too. Once the conversation is finished, and so is the room’s availability. This is where it is different from Instagram. After the live stream on Live Room, users can choose between saving it or sharing it after the stream has concluded. It is video content that audiences can still rewatch or watch if they ever miss the chance to watch it live.

In Clubhouse, more than ten users can all speak at once. Imagine being with your friends all talking at once, but you can’t see who’s talking. Its rooms can have 8,000 users listening together until they reach full capacity. For Instagram, four users are only allowed on the screen, while most of your followers can view the Live Rooms during its live broadcast. A downside of Clubhouse is that it’s only available on iOS, which means extreme exclusivity only for Apple users. 

The Takeaway

 As the company mentioned last year, creators are core parts of the Instagram community. With Live Rooms, the company has ensured its main priority is met. From building one’s brand from scratch and ground up, Live Room is here to stay and will definitely develop in the days to come.

Date: May 20, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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