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Instagram Aims to Support Creators on the Platform

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform owned by the social media giant Facebook. Ever since this social media platform has been introduced, many Facebook users created their own Instagram accounts, making the platform get the popularity that it has today. 

Since Instagram is a prevalent social media platform, many people have utilized it to gain popularity for either themselves or for their brands. On the other hand, Instagram has seen how these creators have taken part in making the platform more popular. For this reason, it thought of various ways to give back to creators through giving them profit.

Instagram Aims to Support Creators on the Platform

Creators have always been at the core of the community of Instagram. Since the platform’s earliest days, these creators were able to inspire people all over the world with their talents. They were also able to share their lives with others through the platform, as well as create personal brands from the ground up. 

Moreover, the social media giant continually commits itself to support creators while turning their passion into income sources. Instagram also believes that every creator is unique. For this reason, the platform is providing them with a mix of monetization tools. These tools are meant to help creators regardless if they are big or small, emerging or established. 

Instagram is also aware that its commitment to creators is more important now that everyone faces uncertain circumstances. For this reason, the social media giant created new ways for creators to earn profit through IGTV and Instagram Live. 

Instagram Followers Earn “Live Badges”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Instagram has noticed that people support their favorite creators during a Live with likes, comments, and even donations. So, to give fans a new way to participate in Live and show their support for creators, the platform introduced badges. Viewers of Instagram Live can purchase these badges while the live video is going on. 

In recent months that passed, Instagram has seen how creators embrace Live in various new ways. This lead to a total of 70 percent increase in views from February to March. 

Instagram Live has also helped in building connections between businesses, creators, and followers. This feature is also effective in bringing people together. Through badges, creators will be able to generate more income from the content that they are creating. 

Instagram Aims to Support Creators on the Platform

Badges will appear next to the name of the person who bought them during a live video. In addition, fans who purchased badges during an Instagram Live will stand out in the comments. Apart from that, they will be able to unlock additional features such as placement on a list of badge holders of creators and access to a special heart. 

The benefit of these badges is evident. In fact, @charleeatkins, an Instagram fitness creator, said that badges could not have come at a better time for creators like her. She also noted that this new feature is an easy way to channel the love that they already see in their Live feeds. Through the badges, creators will be able to continue building and creating for their fans.

Badges have begun testing last June with a small group of businesses and creators. In the coming months, this new feature will expand across Brazil, the US, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Mexico, and Spain. 

IGTV Ads – Buying Instagram Followers for Brands

Aside from the Instagram Live badges, Instagram has also introduced ads on IGTV. Notably, IGTV is the social media giant’s long-form video destination. According to the platform, it wants to support creators' investment in IGTV by sharing advertising revenue with them.

Ads in IGTV will initially appear when Instagram users click to watch IGTV videos displayed as previews in their feed. Creators with millions of Instagram followers will create the video ads for the mobile version of the app. Besides, the ads will be 15 seconds long. 

Buying IGTV Ads Will Increase Targeted Instagram Followers

Instagram will be conducting tests for various experiences within IGTV ads throughout the year. The experiences that will undergo tests include the ability of viewers to skip ads. Furthermore, the tests will be conducted by the social media giant to make sure that the final result will work well for people, advertisers, and creators. It's the newest safe and real method for brands buying real Instagram Followers.

Moreover, IGTV has become a powerful feature for creators. This allows them to connect with their fans more deeply. Creators have also used IGTV to pilot new projects and share their talents and lives with their fans. With IGTV ads, creators will have a new way to profit from the content they worked hard in producing.

Furthermore, Instagram will start testing IGTV ads with a small group of advertisers and creators within the US. After that, it will slowly expand over time as the company behind Instagram improve the experience people can get from the feature.

Instagram Shopping and Branded Content

In addition to IGTV ads and badges, the social media giant will also make it easier for creators to grow with branded content and shopping.

Recently, Instagram announced Live Shopping. This feature allows creators and brands to tag products whenever they have a live video. The platform will expand shopping access to more creators who have their own merchandise to sell in the next months. 

Also, Instagram will expand access to Brand Collabs Manager. This will help creators in finding potential brand partners. 

Instagram Aims to Support Creators on the Platform

The updates mentioned above are one step forward in giving Instagram content creators various ways to earn a profit and grow their business. Instagram pointed out that as it conducts tests and gathers feedback, it will be looking for more ways to help and support creators in the platform.

Needless to say, Instagram has been giving importance to content creators by thinking of various ways how they could improve their livelihood. As the social media giant has mentioned, it will be thinking of more ways to help creators profit from their hard work.

Date: March 4, 2021 / Categories: Follower Tactics, / Author: solmae


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