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Instagram’s Copyright Policies: Adding Music to Videos

Instagram has always valued the rights of artists and other users of its platforms. While it wants to encourage musical expression, it also wants to ensure that it upholds its agreements with rights holders. 

According to Instagram, its partnerships with rights holders were able to bring people together within the platform. But as part of the licensing agreements between Instagram and rights holders, the company set limitations around how much recorded music can be included in videos or Live broadcasts.

Instagram’s Copyright Rules for Adding Music to Videos

Moreover, the company said that the specifics of its licensing agreements are confidential. Still, it shared the general guidelines, so users could plan their videos better.

The General Guidelines to Including Music On Videos and Instagram Live

 In an article that the company released, it said that music in stories, as well as live musical performances, are not covered by the copyright rules. This means that users can post clips from concerts or live performances without abridging the platform’s copyright rules. 

Additionally, the more the number of full-length recorded music a video has, the more chances that it may be limited. For this reason, Instagram recommends users to use shorter clips.

There should also be a visual component to the video that users will post. Recorded tracks should not be the main purpose of the video.

Moreover, the aforementioned guidelines are consistent across recorded and live videos on both Instagram and its parent company Facebook. All types of accounts, such as verified and unverified, are covered by these rules.

In addition, Instagram has already launched music on its platforms in over 90 countries. However, there are still places where it is not available yet. For this reason, if your video includes recorded tracks, it may not be available for use in the locations where music on Instagram is not available yet.

What Actions Will Instagram Take If They Detect Copyright Music?

There are three options that Instagram might do when it detects that your video has a copyrighted track. It can either, mute your post and block the track from playing, end your live stream, or take down your entire Instagram post.

But late last year, the company rolled out a new feature that alerts users when they use copyrighted music. A message will pop up if a user is using copyrighted music on Instagram Stories, live streams, as well as other posts. This warning will give the users time to change the music they are using. 

In addition, the warning notification includes instructions about how users can resolve the issue. This feature aims to avoid the automatic interruptions of Instagram, such as blocking, muting, or ending a live stream.

Alternatively, Instagram users can use the platform’s copyright free music when posting videos or during live broadcasts. This is called Facebook Sound Collection. Facebook and Instagram have curated a library of music that people can use without facing copyright issues. Using these tracks, your posts will no doubt be safe. 

Instagram’s Copyright Rules for Adding Music to Videos

What to Do If Your Post Was Taken Down

Knowing the aforementioned Instagram copyright rules for music will make your posts safe. However, there are instances when the platform accidentally takes down a post. It can also be “reported for copyright infringement.”

When someone reports your post, Instagram will send you a notification. It will give you more details about the issue. That includes the name and email address of the rights owner who reported your content or the details provided in the report filed. 

If you think that your post is not infringing the complainant’s copyright and it should not be taken down, then you can appeal to Instagram. 

How to Prevent Copyright Issues on Your Poss

There are four simple ways that you can do in order to ensure that you will not face copyright issues for using music on Instagram.

First, you can ask the music’s owner for permission. While it sounds easier than done, it is still worth the effort and time to reach out and ask the artist for permission to use their music. However, the bad part comes if they say no. 

Another thing that you can do is to give credit to the rightful owner of the track you are using. This may not prevent Instagram’s algorithm from detecting your copyrighted music. However, it will be very helpful in case someone files an appeal. If your post has not been taken down yet, you can show the credit that you added. You can also explain that you did not intend to claim the music as yours and that you gave the rightful owner appropriate credit.

In addition, you can do a collaboration. You can reach out to local musicians or smaller artists. Ask them if you can work together to create custom music for your Instagram videos. This way, you will have copyright free music that you can use when posting videos or doing live broadcasts. In addition, you will be apple to support and promote independent artists.

Finally, there are libraries online like HookSounds that offer royalty-free music. They allow people to choose from a vast array of tracks and use them for Instagram.

Furthermore, there is a much easier way to make sure that your posts are entirely safe from getting copyright issues. You can use Instagram’s short-form video feature called Reels. 


Instagram Reels works similar to Tiktok. You can create 15-second videos, which is the preferable length of time for Instagram that will allow you to avoid copyright infringements. 

And the best part is that Reels has a built-in music feature. This way, you can use all the songs you want for your videos and post them to your feed without worrying that the platform might take it down. 

Instagram’s Copyright Rules for Adding Music to Videos

However, if you do not want to use Reels, or if you want to post videos longer than 15 seconds, then you have to keep the music clip short. You should not use the same track for one minute straight. Instead, cut a number of tracks short and then use them for your video.

Date: March 18, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Kam R


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