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How Many Instagram Likes Do You Have To Buy To Be an IG Influencer?

Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram will roll out fresh ways for its creators to earn money. Moreover, these ways might sound familiar. 

A lot of people use Instagram to build their own businesses and brands. In return, these people were able to help Instagram build its business. This photo and video-sharing platform have happily helped its users monetize their following. But despite this, monetization has largely happened off-platform. 

Social Media Giant Instagram is Finally Going to Pay Influencers

Influencers make money by making a deal with brands to create sponsored posts. These influencers also set up revenue sharing to earn money when they recommend particular products. Unlike other platforms like Twitch and YouTube, Instagram has never put its content creators on the payroll. But things are about to change now. 

Instagram Monetizes Its Content Creators

Recently, Instagram announced that there are two new ways for influencers or content creators to make money. The first one is via ads on IGTV, while the second one is through badges for Instagram Live. The IGTV ads have begun showing up last May. According to Instagram, it will split the revenue, and at least 55 percent will go to creators. The figure is something comparable to YouTube. 

In addition, the social media giant will allow fans to sponsor their favorite influencers. This will be done using paid badges on Instagram Live videos. The badges will only cost less than $5. Once a fan purchased a badge, a small heart-shaped icon will appear next to their name. 

Instagram is testing these features with only a small group of content creators and advertisers for IGTV ads before it rolls out the new monetization methods widely. 

How Many Likes Should I Buy To Be A Professional Influencer on Instagram?

According to Instagram, paying for Instagram followers made the new features to help people like Charlee Atkins. She is a fitness trainer who is based in New York. In addition, Atkins was highlighted by the company when it announced the new monetization methods. It's not all about followers, you should also be buying Instagram Likes on your posts due to the engagement metric.

Atkins’ in-person training is now on pause as New York City stays in lockdown. For this reason, she has been holding fitness classes on Instagram Live every day. She has more than 120,000 followers who watch her daily fitness training. This has been an excellent way to build her audience, especially because as many as 600 people are tuning in to her Instagram Live. However, Atkins is not getting paid for those fitness classes.

According to Atkins, most questions sent to her DM ask if she has a PayPal or Venmo account. She directs those people to Le Sweat TV, her subscription-based fitness app, which costs $12.99 per month. 

Social Media Giant Instagram is Finally Going to Pay Influencers

Yes, You Should Buy Instagram Likes with your Followers

Now that Instagram is offering badges, Atkin’s Instagram Live workouts can still be watched by her viewers for free. The only difference is that her fans and viewers can now support her by paying money directly within the app. Purchasing a badge for Instagram Live is like dropping a couple of dollars into a digital tip jar.

Moreover, the badges do not cost much. Viewers can opt to pay either $0.99, $1.99, or $4.99. All of the earnings got from badges will be kept by the creators themselves. Viewers who purchased a badge will have one, two, or three heart-shaped icons next to their names. The number of heart icons depends on how much they paid. In addition, Instagram said that purchasing a badge will make a viewer’s comments stand out during a live video.

Instagram Plays A Great Role in People’s Daily Digital Life

Much of the US remains in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many establishments such as movie theaters, gyms, and shopping malls are still not operating. For this reason, Instagram is now playing a significant role in the everyday digital life of people.

More and more influencers are turning into video platforms such as YouTube and Instagram Live to create informational cooking videos, fitness classes, and whatever videos people are interested in. 

Moreover, many people have their livelihoods negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, trainers cannot go to the gyms, and chiefs cannot go to the restaurants to work. For this reason, the social media giant rolled out a sticker feature last April. Instagram users can use those stickers to show their followers where they can buy gift cards or support fundraisers meant to help small businesses.

On Instagram Live, many content creators are recreating the jobs they do before the pandemic. The only difference is that they do it on the small screen.

Instagram noted an increase in activity on Instagram Live. There has been a 70 percent increase in views during February and March, as reported on its blog post. 

In addition, content creators like Atkins have noted that more people are engaging with their videos than ever. 

Social Media Giant Instagram is Finally Going to Pay Influencers

Monetizing Your Instagram Account as an Influencer

To monetize this kind of attention, Instagram influencers have historically looked for their own sponsorship deals. However, Instagram is now adapting to the way that creators use its platform. After years of making influencers making informal agreements with brands off-platform, the social media platform announced a branded content manager. Now, it is much easier for content creators to make money using Instagram.

Furthermore, the new monetization tools represent a significant change for the creator set of Instagram. However, it is worth noting that the features themselves are not original. YouTube, the largest video sharing platform owned by Google, also splits ad revenue with creators. In 2018, it introduced channel membership features that give the audience benefits when they sponsor a channel for $5 per month.

Besides, Twitch also had a sponsorship model for years. Like Instagram’s badges, it also uses icons and “bits” that viewers can purchase to show support for streamers. 

These models, however, have been under controversies. YouTube, in particular, has repeatedly upset its creators in its aim to keep advertisers happy and not dissatisfied by the video they appear next to.

Date: March 11, 2021 / Categories: Buy Instagram Likes, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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