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Top Instagram Trends from 2020 That Got Bigger in 2021

Instagram constantly makes platform updates to better cater to the needs of users. For June, the Facebook-owned social media network has yet again delivered a handful of new features. 

The world is facing a battle that crumbles the economy down. The COVID-19 pandemic is adversely affecting businesses as well as the works of people. Establishments are left with no choice but to stop their operations due to lockdown restrictions imposed by governments. Similarly, workers are either left unemployed or are working from home because of social distancing implementations. 

Top Instagram Updates This 2020: Instagram Updates for the Month of June

It seems like Instagram knows the struggles of businesses nowadays. For this reason, it began integrating new features and updates that are all designed to give new opportunities to brands and influencers on the platform.  Some of the new features are intended to give influencers and brands alike to make money within the social media platform.

Instagram is known for constantly updating and developing its platform. For June, this social media platform is set to roll out several features from where brands and creators can profit. Instagram users are getting the first look at IGTV ads monetization and monetizing live videos. Also, there will be a new test for shopping tags and Messenger and Direct Message integration.

New Paid Badges For Creators’ Lives

Instagram is aware that influencers or creators carry a massive amount of weight. In some ways, these influencers are quite central to the platform itself.

Bothe users and brands love creators. This is because they can no doubt drive more users over to IGTV, something brands are hoping so much to do. For this reason, Instagram is providing new ways for creators to gain profit out of the platform, especially now that the times are tough and the economy is uncertain.

The last thing that this photo-sharing platform wants is to have its entire users flocking over to other social media apps. To prevent such from happening, it is offering “badges” for the creators on the platform. Users can purchase these badges whenever a creator goes live on IGTV. They will appear next to the creators' username throughout the entire live video.

Top Instagram Updates This 2020: Instagram Updates for the Month of June

Besides, influencers will get more additional features. These features include having their comments stand out and access to the creator’s list of badge holders. This will make them more appealing to the eyes of their audiences.

New IGTV Ads for Monetization

Instagram Followers will now integrate ads into IGTV. Whenever an Instagram user clicks to watch an influencer’s IGTV videos from their feed’s video preview, short video ads will appear.

Moreover, the ads will be accessible on mobile phones as Instagram will use vertical formats for them. The ads will run a maximum of 15 seconds. 

Influencers who use IGTV and are working to drive traffic using live videos will benefit from this new feature. When viewers click on their IGTV video preview, and an ad is displayed, the influencer will share the advertising revenue. 

Because IGTV ads are brand new, the platform will test out various ad experiences for this entire year to find out what will work best. 

Top Instagram Updates This 2020: Instagram Updates for the Month of June

The ad experiences may include a viewer’s option to skip ads after several seconds. 

Instagram’s goal is to find what solution will work well and will prevent creators from losing views. It also wants advertisers to get successful results for the new feature. 

Instagram is Now Testing Post-caption Shopping Tags

The social media platform has already made several major steps with on-platform shopping. In fact, it rolled out an updated version of Instagram shops for businesses just last month.

Now, the platform is giving users something new.  

Business businesses in the platform can only tag clickable product tags to their post’s images and stories. However, Instagram is now planning to change that. So, it is testing shopping tags that businesses can integrate into the captions of their posts. 

Brands are the ones who will be able to use this feature once it rolls out. Yet, influencers might be able to, as well, especially during sponsored campaigns. This will allow businesses to have a new way to talk about their products. Besides, it might be able to drive clicks and conversions.

Continued Testing of Messenger As Well As Direct Integration

Since the end of 2019, Facebook, the owner of Instagram, has major plans to integrate Messenger and  Direct Messaging on Instagram. It was also planning to integrate WhatsApp. It aims to provide Instagram users with a seamless and streamlined communication tool that Instagram Followers can access from the three apps mentioned.

This year, the platform is taking new steps to continue their plans. 

Several early adopters noticed that there is a test going on in the platform. This is because selected users were offered an option to get Messenger on Instagram. 

The social media platform confirmed that tests are taking place and that its ultimate goal is to integrate messaging apps into Instagram. However, the platform also pointed out that they are very early for the test. 

When the test is complete, and the new feature rolls out, users, marketers, and brands will ultimately benefit from it. This is because they will be able to get a streamlined direct message feature for multiple platforms.

Conclusion: Instagram Followers Keep Their Eye On The Future

It will be so much easier for brands and businesses to keep up with incoming messages from those interested in what they offer. Also, they will respond to queries quickly, thus allowing them to engage meaningfully. 

Still, it would take a while before Instagram users could see a true and full integration. Despite this fact, the new plan is exciting news and a feature to wait for.

Furthermore, Instagram said that it would take steps to address racial inequality. In a video, Adam Mosseri talked about how the platform participated in the Black Lives Matter Movement. However, e also acknowledged that the platform could have done better in addressing racial inequality. 

Instagram will now address issues in its policies that can cause various group exposure to harassment or abuse. It will also check the content to make sure that there will be no bias in content that will show up on its Explore and Hashtag section.

Date: February 25, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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