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The Rise of Lo-fi Videos On Instagram

With creative tools on mobile becoming more and more popular, businesses are now providing low production video that can deliver high engagement.

Lo-fi videos are basically clips that have a DIY look and feel. This type of content is popular among brands and businesses trying to engage their customers on an authentic level. Regardless of whether it is Reels, first-person IGTV videos, or behind the scene Stories, many Instagram users use lo-fi style. In fact, it is showing up in everything from organic DIY videos to Super Bowl ads. As a result, people love the content as it feels more unpolished and approachable. 

The Rise of Lo-fi Videos On Instagram

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected video productions of businesses. Now, there is a need for cost efficiencies. For this reason, businesses began to rely on their own devices to create content that would only require them to use phones and a few minutes of their time. 

Also, larger businesses have begun partnering with content creators to connect to niche audiences. Needless to say, what started as a necessity is now an opportunity. Lo-fi style videos are now a popular way for brands to appear in a more accessible manner. 

The aforementioned examples show how several businesses from all around the globe are leaning into lo-fi style videos. As expected, these businesses are seeing results. Some even provide people with an inspiration to make their own lo-fi videos. 

What are Lo-fi Videos?

The term lo-fi stands for low fidelity. It was first used by musicians and is defined as a type of recording that has technical flaws. Those flaws make the recording sound differently in comparison to the live sound that’s being recorded. 

Just like any other industry, the global COVID-19 pandemic has restricted the production of videos. This affected brands in the sense that they can no longer produce high-quality video advertisements. For this reason, a lot of them turned to lo-fi videos so that they could advertise in a low-budget yet creative and engaging way.

Blend in With Your Customers in Order to Get More Real Followers

When you are thinking about what type of content works for your brand, you should not look any further than your existing customers. Businesses, regardless of their sizes, are all paying close attention to their online community. Doing such allows them to make sure that the content they create resonates and inspires their audiences.

The Rise of Lo-fi Videos On Instagram

For instance, Dunkin’ Donuts has relied on Reels to create entertaining content that is relatable yet surprising. They used nothing but a cutting board, a knife, and a few of their products in an advertisement. Despite having only a few resources, Dunkin' created mouthwatering inspiration that allowed it to boost its brand, rapidly getting more real Instagram followers

Needless to say, there are endless ways to create exciting videos using the tools within Instagram.

Similarly, Wakibungu, a Japanese stationery business took a page out of a DIY planner movement by using lo-fi videos. As a result, it curated planners and organizers that feature some of its products.  

There is no denying that IGTV provides brands with a chance to showcase their products using longer-form videos.

Utilize Instagram’s Reels

Big Girls Don’t Cry Anymore, an Australian plus size brand found its own voice through Reels. Using Reels, they showcased people, not models, wearing the brand’s products in real situations. 

On the other hand, Amaro, a brand based in Brazil, also utilized Reels to make its outfit change trend popular. This trend gave the brand the chance to try new ways of showcasing its products. Also, Reels allowed it to create something culturally relevant. 

Indeed, Reels make it easier for brands to reach their target audiences. Besides, it makes it easier for customers to discover short yet entertaining videos from businesses. But since Reels has just been released recently, not everyone knows how to use it yet. 

For that reason, below is a guide on how to create Reels for your business:

A Guide to Creating Reels For Your Business

Reels allows businesses to be creative and entertaining at the same time. Through this feature, brands can experiment with various storylines and publish original content that their audiences can relate to. On top of that, Reels also allows brands to stay relevant by participating in trending moments. 

What is even better is that creating Reels is very easy. You can even produce your own video through four simple steps.

Step 1. Open Your Instagram App and Find Reels

You can find Reels at the bottom part of the Instagram camera. Remember, you want to get more real Instagram views from these reels, so choose wisely!

Step 2. Select the Creative Tools and Length That You Want to Use

There are two selections on Reels in terms of length — 15 seconds or 30 seconds. After choosing your desired length, the next thing you need to do is to choose various tools. For instance, you can set the effects, speed, and timer to make your videos more creative. 

Step 3. Start Recording Your Reel

You can start and end recording your reel by tapping on the multi-clip shutter. Also, you can record Reels in various forms. It can be recorded all at once or in a series of clips. It even allows you to upload videos from your gallery. Once you are done recording, you can go back to your video and cut or delete any previous clips on it.

The Rise of Lo-fi Videos On Instagram

Step 4. Time to Upload Your Reel

When uploading your reel, you can choose the cover image that you want to use. You can also include a caption, use hashtags, or tag other Instagram accounts. If your account is in public, your reel will get the chance to be discovered by a broader community on Instagram. 

With Reels, brands and businesses can now connect with their customers in a new and creative way. It even allows them to advertise their products and services without the need for expensive productions.

Date: February 3, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Disturbinsilence


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