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How to Register for Instagram Donation Sticker: Fundraising Followers

Last July 21, the social media platform Instagram has rolled out a new way for users to raise money for a personal cause. These personal causes include the platform users themselves, their small business, a friend, or even a cause that has importance to them. 

A New Way of Fundraising for Personal Causes

The social media giant will start a small test to make a Personal Fundraiser on its Android app in the UK, US, and Ireland. The test for the platform’s iOS app will begin after the test for Android is conducted. Individuals who live in countries where donating to fundraisers through Instagram’s donation sticker can also donate to the new Personal Fundraiser on Android. 

People Raised Money For COVID-19 Fundraisers

Since January, many people were able to raise more than $100 million in COVID-19 fundraisers. These fundraisings were done globally across Instagram and its parent company Facebook. Further, donations on Instagram have doubled in the US in the last 30 days. The social media giant has also seen a significant digital activism wave that responds to the global conversation around racial justice. People are very dedicated to mobilizing around the causes that they care about. For instance, people raised money to provide medical equipment for protesters during the Black Lives Matter movement. Additionally, some donated money to rebuild small businesses owned by Blacks affected by the pandemic. Some even funded educational resources that are related to racial justice. For this reason, Instagram is making it easier for users to create fundraisers that benefit such personal causes directly on the app. 

How to Create A Personal Fundraiser For Your Followers

Creating a Personal Fundraiser on Instagram is pretty straightforward. First, tap on the Edit Profile Button and then select Add Fundraiser. After that, select Raise Money. In no time, you will not only get more Instagram Followers but raise some real donations in the process!

Once you have selected the Raise Money option, select a photo that you want to use. Next, choose a fundraiser category. Make sure to add important details to your fundraiser. This will help your story reach more people and encourage them to donate. 

A New Way of Fundraising for Personal Causes

It is important to note that you need to enter your information for Stripe. The said tool is Instagram’s payment processor for donations. 

Once you have completed all the necessary information, click the Send button. The social media platform will then review your submission and see whether you are eligible for the Personal Fundraiser feature. Every fundraiser submitted to Instagram undergoes a review process. This is the platform’s way of ensuring that all the fundraisings sent to them are for eligible causes.

How to Register for Instagram Donation Sticker

Once your fundraiser is approved, then you are ready to begin raising money. Every fundraiser approved by Instagram will last for 30 days. However, you can still extend your fundraiser more than once for 30 more days. Another thing worth noting is that you need to be at least 18 years old in order to create a fundraiser. 

When people donate to your fundraiser, they can opt to keep their personal information hidden from the public. Still, you will be able to see their name on their profile, their username, as well as the amount of money that they have donated. 

Once your fundraiser has ended, all the money collected will go to the bank account that you have designated. The Official Facebook & Instagram Help Center has the other information you need to learn more about receiving payments from your Personal fundraiser.

In the months that will come, the social media giant said it would expand Personal Fundraisers within the UK, US, and Ireland. It will also make sharing fundraisers in your News Feed and Instagram Stories easier. Furthermore, the company behind Instagram also noted that it is continuing to look at fresh ways to help the community raise funds for both personal and charitable causes in times that they need to. 

Instagram Live Donations for the Causes that You Care About

Apart from Personal Fundraisers, Instagram has also introduced Live Donations last April. Through this new fundraising feature, people could raise money for a nonprofit through the use of Instagram Live.

Instagram explained that a lot of people are facing challenges today. For this reason, it wants to do its part to support communities as well as nonprofit organizations that need support the most. So, the platform made it easier to create a fundraiser on Live. On top of that, all of the money that you will be able to raise will go entirely to the nonprofit that you have chosen.

A New Way of Fundraising for Personal Causes

In order to use the Live Donation feature of Instagram, tap on the camera icon at the top left of your Feed. If there is no camera icon, you can alternatively swipe right in your Feed to turn on your camera. Tap the Live button at the bottom part of the screen. Then, select Fundraiser and choose a nonprofit that you want to support. 

Once your Live Donation has already begun, you will be able to see how many people are supporting it. You will also see the amount of money that you are raising in real-time. 

Instagram Followers for Fundraising

You can see the breakdown of your donors and individual contributions by tapping on the View button. In addition, you can also thank your donors in real-time by tapping on the “Wave” button. 

Moreover, Instagram partnered with @leonatsume, a Brazilian community illustrator. He created a custom “I Donated” sticker to help celebrate giving on Instagram. People who donated on Live or in Stories can access the sticker for a limited time. 

The accounts that you follow who used the I Donated sticker will show up to a shared story displayed at the front of your Stories bar for a selected period of time. Through this shared story, you will see how your community is participating in helping those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Furthermore, Instagram is still looking for more ways to help the community during this trying time.

Date: February 16, 2021 / Categories: Follower Tactics, Interesting, / Author: Kam R


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