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Instagram and Facebook Messenger Now Have New Messaging Features

Now, Instagram has a new messaging experience available for users. 

For the first new messaging experience, Watch Together is now available on Instagram. When you update your Instagram app, you will be able to use this new messaging experience along with your friends. You can tune into Reels, IGTV, TV shows, movies, and even trending videos in real-time through video chat. In addition, the social media platform is bringing two new shows– “Here for It With Avani Gregg” and “Post Malone’s Celebrity World Pong League”– exclusively to both Instagram and Messenger through Watch Together.

To begin watching either of the two shows with your friends and family, all you need to do is start a video call on Messenger or Instagram. Alternatively, you can also create a Messenger Room. When you are using Messenger video chat, swipe up to access the options, tap Watch  Together, and then choose the Tv & Movies tab. On the other hand, those who use Instagram in video catting cam tap the media button located at the bottom right. There, they will find the TV & Movies Tab. Now, you and your friends can choose to watch various videos and other content. That includes Post Malone and Avani Gregg’s shows. 

Instagram and Facebook Messenger Now Have New Messaging Features

Instagram and Messenger Launched TinyTAN

The second feature that Facebook is rolling out for its messaging platforms is chat themes like Love and Tied Dye. This allows users to personalize conversations. Now, Facebook is adiding another special theme on Messenger and Instagram– TinyTAN.

TinyTAN is a group of small lovable characters created to copy the looks of the seven members of BTS, a popular Korean boy band. Updating your Messenger and Instagram apps will allow you to access the TinyTAN chat theme. It allows you to express your affection using the purple heart emoji. You can also share your favorite songs from BTS’s new album. In addition, the new chat theme allows you to customize your message reactions for your TinyTAN chat theme.

To activate the TinyTAN chat theme on Messenger and Instagram, tap your chat settings, and then choose Theme. There, you will see the TinyTAN chat theme. 

Vanish Mode

There are times when you share spontaneous messages with your friends. You want to share these messages at the moment without you worrying about those messages sticking around. Good thing, Facebook has a solution for that.

Instagram and Facebook Messenger Now Have New Messaging Features

Vanish mode is another feature that will soon be available on Instagram and Facebook Messenger. This feature allows you to set messages to disappear after the receiver has seen them. 

Now, you will be able to send GIFs, memes, or reactions, or anything that you badly want to say but can’t always do, without it staying in your chat history. 

To turn the vanish mode on, simply swipe up in a chat thread where you want the feature to exist. As simple as that and you will be able to turn vanish mode on. Once you want to go back to regular chats, just swipe up again to turn the said feature off.

Marketing on Messenger Can Buy You More Followers

According to Facebook, it designed vanish mode with choice and safety as a top priority. This is to allow users to be in control of their messaging experience. To start, only those accounts that are following each other or who are connected on Messenger can access vanish mode. In addition, this feature is optional. This means that you get to choose whether or not you want to use vanish mode with someone. 

Another excellent feature of vanish mode is that when someone takes a screenshot of your messages while the feature is on, you will receive a notification. In addition, you can block or report a conversation in an instance that you feel unsafe. However, spending some marketing dollars using this technology can grow your Instagram following significantly in no time.

Moreover, Facebook is slowly rolling out vanish mode on both Instagram and Messenger. Messenger users in the US can now access this feature, while countries in the EU can expect the availability of it soon. On the other hand, vanish mode for Instagram will be available in the US and other countries soon.

Message Control

With this new feature, users can now decide who can message them directly, who can send them a message request, as well as who cannot message them at all. 

Custom Reaction for Messages

You no longer have to squeeze your mind for replies once you ran out of words to say, thanks to Facebook’s new custom reaction feature. Once you have updated your Messenger app to its latest version, you will be able to access the said feature. In any chat thread, try to long press one message and wait for the reactions to appear. At the right end of the reaction bar, you will see a “+” sign. Tap that button and the emojis where you can pick a reaction will appear. 

Enhanced Reporting and Blocking Updates

Apart from a single message, users can now report an entire conversation if they find it unsafe. Users will receive proactive blocking suggestions across Messenger and Instagram when they register their accounts in the new Accounts Center.

Instagram and Facebook Messenger Now Have New Messaging Features

Instagram and Facebook Messenger Integration

This one is probably one of the major updates that Facebook has done to its products. Now, Facebook Messenger merges with Instagram DM, allowing users to access all their chat threads in both messaging applications. 

With this feature, people on Messenger can reach you via Instagram without needing to download an Instagram app, and vice versa.

In addition, all the aforementioned features will be accessible on both apps now that they are merged. 

The Takeaway

There is no denying that Facebook is keen on updating its products. The recent changes in Facebook Messenger and Instagram Dm are proof that the social media giant aims to improve user experience and their security. Now, people can enjoy using the messaging platforms and all their features while they feel safe. This is because Facebook made sure to enhance its blocking and reporting system. Needless to say, Facebook was able to significantly improve user experience.  

Date: January 13, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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