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Instagram Gives Followers more Branded Content Capabilities

Instagram is committed to helping creators turn their passion into a means of living on its platform. Apart from newer tools and features, such as IGTV Ads and badges in Instagram Live, branded content is still an important way for content creators to earn a profit. This is why the company introduced some updates that will make it a lot easier for creators and brands to create, amplify, and share branded content all over Instagram.

The Platform is Bringing the Branded Content Tag to Reels + Live

Instagram wants to make sure that content creators can clearly disclose whenever they are creating branded content. To increase transparency, the platform launched the Branded Content tag in Reels and Instagram Live. 

New Flow of Creation for Branded Content Ads

In June last year, the platform launched a feature where brands can run branded content posts as ads. This is a new way to amplify their brand story using the voices of creators. Similarly, content creators will benefit from this as branded content ads will also drive value for creators. The reason is that it allows them to gain more visibility and discovery.

Not too long ago, businesses can only create branded content ads by promoting existing posts from creators. But Instagram now launched a new workflow where advertisers can make branded content ads without their partner creators needing to post organically on Instagram first. With this new feature, brands will gain more flexibility with lesser constraints whenever they want to run branded content ads. 

Moreover, Instagram designed this new process with creator control in mind. Also, content creators can pause and approve any ads that are published from their handle. 

Branded Content Ads that have Product Tags for Buying Followers

Back then, branded content posts that creators made and added product ads which cannot be promoted. But this update gives businesses the capability to promote branded content posts that have product tags. That being said, brands will now be able to get more value out of branded content posts. It will also be easier for people to shop directly from their favorite content creators who promote products they are interested in.

People are increasingly shopping directly from the content creators that they support on Instagram. For this reason, this new ad format is another great way for brands to provide their customers with a seamless shopping experience on Instagram. Driving these marketing followers is the industry that allows brands to buy new Instagram followers directly to their account.

Instagram Gives Content Creators more Branded Content Capabilities

Branded Content Ads in Instagram Stories

Now, Instagram Stories with branded content ads can integrate tappable elements like locations, mentions, and hashtags. The platform wanted brands to gain access to organic Stories that make the Stories experience authentic and native. 

Age Restrictions for Branded Content

Recently, Instagram also launched and provided businesses and creators with the ability to set a minimum age for their branded content feed post on the platform. This way, they will choose and set a default minimum age or a minimum age for particular countries. They can also set a combination of both.

According to Instagram, they continue to get inspired by the brands and creators who collaborate on Instagram. The platform commits itself to support the work so that brands can continue to use creator voices’ power. This way, brands will tell their story while aiding the growth of creators and helping them make a living. 

Best Instagram Practices for Posting Branded Content

Brands and creators need to know the tools they need to make the most out of branded content. Rather, it is also important for them to know the best practices to ensure that their branded content will be a success.

For that reason, below are the ways that brands can do to tell their followers about the brand that they partnered with:

Add the Branded Content tag to your posts

Using the Branded Content tag will clearly tell a creator’s followers that a relationship between them and the brand they mentioned in their post exists. Using the said tag is also required by Instagram when a content creator is posting sponsored content. 

When the creator uses the tag, their followers will see the words in the post’s header saying, “Paid partnership with [business partner. 

Instagram Gives Content Creators more Branded Content Capabilities

Say that you received the products as a gift

Content creators can also say that the product or service they mentioned in their post is a gift they received in their videos, Stories, or feed text. After that, they can go on and discuss what the product is, as well as its benefits. This way, they will be able to persuade their fans and followers to try the product, thus increasing the sales of the brand they partnered with.

Simply mention that the content is a partnership

Another simple way to disclose a paid partnership is by being upfront and mentioning that your post is a part of a paid collaboration. After that, you can mention your business partner’s name.


There is no denying that Instagram values Branded Content so much. Of course, this is a crucial part of the platform’s ecosystem. 

The platform also knows that a lot of content creators rely on partnerships and brand sponsorships to make a living on Instagram. In fact, Instagram even publicized that it is committed to helping content creators turn their passion into a living using the platform. Apart from the branded content ads, Instagram also introduced badges in Live to help creators earn a profit whenever they live. Apart from that, the platform also integrated ads on IGTV. 

Yet, it is aware that branded content remains an essential way for content creators to may money. This is why the platform focused on doing updates that would make it easier for creators and brands to create, share, and amplify branded content on Instagram.

Date: January 27, 2021 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: Joy P


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