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The Popularity of Drops During the Rise of E-Commerce

Drops became popular through a limited releases sales tactic in the fashion industry. It consists of launching limited-edition products or small collection that will not be restocked again. It’s not surprising that drops gained popularity during the rise of e-commerce. Brands are doing their best to meet the needs and demands of shoppers. And launching small batches of products, as well as anticipated releases, would make customers feel that those products are more special and desirable by the masses. 

Right now, brands and businesses all over the world are using the drop strategy for various objectives. Now that there is a global pandemic, promoting less can reveal more. In fact, a simple product post on social media can seal a deal. Needless to say, the drop strategy is evolving in order to meet the demands of the shoppers and the needs of businesses. 

The Popularity of Drops During the Rise of E-Commerce

The three examples below done by different brands outline a number of ways that a business can bring the drop strategy to life. 

Use Drop to Engage a New Customer Base

Businesses are now showing their new side using surprising collaborations. For instance, fast-food giant McDonald’s Taiwan partnered with Apujan, a high-end fashion designer. Together, the two created a series of stylish package designs as well as jet black burgers. This partnership with a fashion brand elevated the global fast-food company. It also allowed McDonald’s to attract a younger generation of customers. 

When McDonald’s announced the release of its limited products on Instagram, it was able to position its popular burger as something that was never seen before. In the process, it found new customers. 

Make Sure to Focus on a Purpose

When you are planning to utilize the drop strategy, decide what your purpose is, and then stick 7with it. Regardless if it is a special partnership or a significant cause, finding a focus is an important part. 

Facebook IQ noted that more than half of consumers around the globe say that it is important that the businesses they buy from are supporting the same values that they believe in. collaborating with charitable groups will show your customers what your business is standing for. 

For instance, Bagugu celebrated the launch of its shop on Instagram. As a form of celebration, it commissioned Sage Adams, an artist and activist. Adams designed a product that is only available on Instagram. 100 percent of the product’s proceeds were given to Border Kindness. This is a creative and successful way to safely buy Instagram followers in a roundabout way.

The Popularity of Drops During the Rise of E-Commerce

This initiative by Baggu gave Adams the chance to design a bag for the cause. Moreover, that creativity was able to inspire action. 

Baggu’s goal for this drop was to drive traffic to its shop while doing some good cause.

Utilize Drop to Create Demand

Using the drop strategy, collaborating with niche creators can increase a brand’s appeal. This is true regardless of the size of your business. This is the reason why C&A Brasil, a retail chain, partnered with the Obvious Agency’s creative powerhouses. The aim of this partnership is to bring content and culture to a limited release collection.

Obvious Agency, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is popular for its whimsical creativity and projects. With C&A’s expertise in retail, the two businesses successfully scaled a small collection that sold out in just a matter of seconds.

In order to create intrigue and demand, Obvious Agency publicized content that showed its brand’s authentic voice. 

If you are a brand that is thinking to collaborate with other creators, then doing such is now much easier using the new branded content features of Instagram. 

Branded Content Features for Businesses on Instagram

Branded content lets brands authentically look for new customers, build advocacy, as well as drive business impact between culture and advertising. A lot of brands are aiming to share their stories with their consumers through partnerships with content creators. This way, they can create authentic, relevant, and compelling content that can drive business results.

Moreover, Instagram serves as a home for a business’s branded content. In addition, it provides tools and features that brands and businesses can utilize for branded content. 

Here are some of the tools that businesses can use to create branded content:

Brand Collabs Manager

This tool helps brands and creators in finding, learning, and connecting with each other. They can set an audience match in order to see the percentage of every creator’s audience that matches the brand’s. 

In addition, brands can select any creator or group of creators. They can also find others with similar audiences. 

The Popularity of Drops During the Rise of E-Commerce

Lastly, the Brand Collabs Manager also lets businesses explore a customized list of creators. The list is based on the business’s past branded content partners, content creators who like the business’s page, and more. 

Announce Critical Partnerships Using the Branded Content Tag

It is important for customers to know whether or not the post they have seen is paid. For this reason, Instagram created the Branded Content Tag. the said tag makes sure that the disclosure is seamless and easy no matter where people see content across Instagram. Moreover, the Branded Content Tag is also available in Instagram Stories, Feed, Live, and Reels. 

Use Branded Content Ads to Amplify Branded Content

Branded Content is an excellent way of accessing the audience of popular content creators. Using Branded Content Ads, businesses can expand their branded content’s reach more than a creator’s organic audience. As a result, it provides access to millions of customers and critical measurement of efficacy. 

Utilize Shopping From Creators to Combine Commerce With Creators

Businesses can connect content with commerce in their branded content. They can do this by giving content creators the ability to directly tag their products in their own posts. This will allow people to discover and shop from a business without having to leave their Instagram app. Shopping from Creators is a feature that is now available to businesses that are based in the US using Instagram’s checkout feature. With this tool, it is so much easier for shoppers to purchase from their favorite brands. 

Date: January 20, 2021 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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