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Six Instagram Story Hacks That Everyone Should Know About

A lot of people love to upload photos on Instagram essentially buys you real followers. Millions of people use this photo and video sharing platform, which is owned by the social media giant Facebook, to share their best shots, travel stories, and even the food they eat. Needless to say, Instagram is really an extremely popular platform. 

One of the most popular features of Instagram is the IG Stories. There, people could share any photo that they want and customize it with text, stickers, and other enhancement features.

Six Instagram Story Hacks That Everyone Should Know About

Instagram Stories are an excellent way to engage with your followers. This is because a majority of people scroll and watch stories on the said platform every day. So, if you have a brand or business that you want to promote, there is no doubt that Instagram Stories would be really helpful. However, you need to use the best hacks on Instagram stories to make sure that you will capture the interest of many. 

Six Hacks That You Should Use for Your Instagram Stories

Enhance Your Instagram Stories By Adding A Solid, Translucent Background to Them

If ever you get bored by posting regular videos or images in your IG story, you can add solid and translucent backgrounds or filters to make them more exciting. 

To add a solid and translucent background in your IG stories, the first thing you need to do is to select a photo that you will use. Next, choose the Pen tool on the upper corner of your screen. Note that the Pen tool has different strokes. If you want a solid background, then choose the first brush and choose what color your background would be. If you want a transparent background, then choose the second brush.

After choosing the background, hold the screen for a couple of seconds. After that, your image will be covered by your desired background. To reveal some parts of the photo or to make it more interesting, tap the Eraser tool. 

Add a Drop Shadow Effect to Your Text

You can use this hack if you want to make your text look highlighted. Once you have already written a text on the Instagram story that you are creating, duplicate that text. Choose a contrasting color to the previous one that you used to make the highlight more visible. This way, you will be able to create a drop shadow effect on your text. In addition, you will be able to make it look more catchy and attractive.

Convert Your Boomerang Live Photos Into Instagram Stories 

This is another good hack that you should try. If you want to turn your live photo into a more interesting IG story, simply choose a live photo from your galley. Next, touch it for a few seconds. The Boomerang option will show up and your live photo will be turned into a Boomerang.

Six Instagram Story Hacks That Everyone Should Know About

Use Emojis to Create a Color Fog on IG Stories

You have read it right. You can use emojis to create a color fog in your Instagram Stories. All you need to do is to pick any photo from your gallery. Next, choose any emoji that has the color that you want your fog to be. 

Once you have selected the emoji, expand that until it is blurred enough to look like a color fog. Reposition your fog anywhere in the photo. You can also rotate the emoji depending on how you want your color fog to appear. 

For More Engagement and Reach, Include Location on Your IG Stories

Adding the location where you have taken your Instagram stories can help you gain more views. Potentially, it can also help you get more followers on your account. This is because adding a location to your IG stories will make it appear in Location’s feed. On top of that, it might also show in Location’s popular or recent stories. Through this, there is a high chance that your views will increase in that specific story. In addition, the people who saw your story might even follow your account, too. 

Adding a location on your IG story is pretty straightforward. On the settings located at the right corner of your story, choose the Stickers icon. There, you will find a Location sticker. Choose that and then search for the location where you took your story. Once you are done, tap Publish. 

Adding a location to your story will allow you to reach more people than the ones who already follow you. 

Blend Your Hashtags on Your IG Stories to Hide Them

Some people love to add multiple hashtags to their IG story. However, using more hashtags than one can make your IG story look overcrowded. But through this hack, you will be able to use as many hashtags as you want without them crowding up the photo. 

In this hack, you are basically hiding your hashtags by blending them to the image itself. 

To do this hack, the first thing you need to do, of course, is to choose a photo that you want to add to your story and select hashtags that are related to it. 

The next step is to blend the hashtags. You do this by coloring them with the same color as the background or main color of your photo. Alternatively, you can also hide hashtags by putting emojis above them. This way, you can still use hashtags that would widen the reach of your IG story. When people search for a hashtag that you used, your story would still appear. However, it will not look overly crowded with hashtags. 

Six Instagram Story Hacks That Everyone Should Know About

So, these were some of the best and cool hacks that you can use on your next Instagram Story. Aside from making your IG story look better, these hacks will also no doubt increase your followers, reach, as well as your engagement. 

There is still a plethora of hackss that you can use for your Instagram Stories. You only need a little creativity and you will surely make a story that could catch the attention of many.

Date: December 9, 2020 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: Joy P


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