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Instagram’s New Authenticity Measures

Instagram has been keen on ensuring that all the content on its platform is authentic and comes from real people. This is because Facebook, the owner of Instagram, is aware that bots are present. For this reason, Instagram will now begin requiring people to confirm who is behind an account when it sees a pattern of potential inauthentic behavior. By requiring Instagram users to confirm their information, Instagram will see when accounts are trying to mislead their followers. This way, it will be able to hold them accountable and keep the platform safe.

Moreover, Instagram will look at a variety of signs to determine whether an account user needs to confirm their information. In addition, the social media platform noted that this change would only apply to a small number of Instagram users. Meaning, most users of the platform will not be affected. 

Instagram accounts that will be subjected to this change are potentially engaged in coordinated authentic behavior. In addition, when the social media platform sees that the majority of someone’s followers came from a different country to their location, Instagram will require its holder to confirm who they are. If the platform sees any sign of potential automation, such as bots, or sees a potential inauthentic activity, holders will be required to confirm their identity. 

Instagram’s New Authenticity Measures

Buying Followers is Increasing Authenticity

Once they can confirm who they are, their accounts will function as usual. However, the investigation may continue if Instagram sees that the account has to be investigated further. Instagram IDs will be stored securely. After that, it will be deleted within 30 days once Instagram’s review is done. The ID will also not be shared on the person’s profile because Instagram still values pseudonymity.

If an account opts not to confirm their information, their posts may receive a reduced distribution. If the behavior is worse, the account may even be disabled. This questionable authenticity creates a huge market for people to buy Instagram followers to increase authenticity.

Instagram values the security of its users. This is why it has always been strict when it comes to implementing its policies and regulations. Now that the social media platform is implementing a new security measure, it will be harder for bots to continue their fake activities.

A New Way to Crack Down Bots on Instagram

As mentioned, Instagram is planning to take down fake accounts with its new authenticity measure. Owners of accounts that the platform sees to have a pattern of potential inauthentic behavior will be required to provide government-issued identification information. Once the platform finds an account inauthentic, the content of the account will have reduced distribution or may be disabled. 

Instagram implemented this new regulation in order to find the accounts that are attempting to mislead their followers. This way, it will be able to keep the platform’s community safe.  

Needless to say, the new measure will provide a new and effective way of taking down inauthentic accounts on the platform. Back in the year 2018, Instagram also planned to begin cracking down on fake follows, likes, as well as comments that are made by third-party apps and bots on the platform.

Instagram Increases Security Measures

Back in 2018, the social media platform has also rolled out a number of steps to increase its security measures. Included in these updates are detailed public info, two-factor authentication apps, and new account verification. 

Instagram’s New Authenticity Measures

About this Account

This update allows users to access other account’s information. The date joined, the ads the account runs, country of activity, former usernames, and the accounts that share followers with it are only some of the data that users can access.  

The aim of this option is to let users judge if an account is worth your trust or not. If the account that you have checked makes you suspicious about its intentions and claims, then you can unfollow and report it.

Two-factor Authentication

Instagram aims to protect users against hackers as it launched its two-factor authentication apps in 2018. The reason behind this update is that the social media platform has seen thousands of accounts being hijacked during that year. By updating its two-factor authentication feature, there is an increase in the privacy, safety, and security of Instagram users. 

Setting up this feature is easy. Just go to your user profile icon by clicking the button at the bottom right corner of the platform. Next, click the hamburger menu icon that is located at the top right corner of the app. There, you will find Settings. Tap on that and then select two-factor authentication. 

In the Two-Factor Authentication menu, you will find the “Authentication App.” If you have already installed the authentication app, Instagram will automatically locate it and send you a login code. But if you do not have the app yet and you want to use this feature, you can always download it from the App Store or Google Play. 

Lastly, get the code generated by the app and then enter it on Instagram. 

Account Verification

You can access this feature on the Settings menu. If you have complied with the standards of Instagram, then you will be able to apply for verification. In addition, if you meet the standards that are set by the social media platform, you will be able to obtain the blue badge. This badge is a certification that the information you have added on your account is true and authentic. 

With all the features, updates, and policies that the social media platform has implemented, there is a certainty that Instagram is already a safer place for users. 

Instagram’s New Authenticity Measures

Similarly, Instagram’s owner Facebook has also implemented a number of regulations that aim to make its platform a safer place for users. Billions of people are using Facebook, Instagram, and the other products that Facebook owns. This is the reason why it keeps on making updates that are intended to provide a better user experience. Needless to say, the social media platform is doing its best to protect its users.

Date: December 17, 2020 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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