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How You Could Start A Blog on Instagram for 2021

Blogging has undeniably evolved over the years. Even the platforms that people use to get relevant information changed, too. One of the major changes in blogging is the shift from actual blogs posted on websites to microblogging. 

Now, you may be asking, “what is microblogging?” Well, to answer that, microblogging is a method of sharing information using small posts– think of Twitter and Instagram posts, for example. 

How You Could Start A Blog on Instagram

That means starting out a blog on Instagram will be considered as microblogging, increasing your Instagram followers dramatically. The good thing about that is that you no longer have to deal with web design, web hosting, or writing lengthy articles in order to start blogging. 

Microblogging: What Exactly is It?

Microblogging is sharing your thoughts with people using any social media platform. There is a chance that you have already done microblogging without you knowing it. 

Moreover, creating a blog on Instagram will let you share your thoughts with a vast array of audiences. In addition, it will also provide you with a chance to get paid for your posts on the platform if brands see you and ask you to showcase their products. 

The Benefits of Blogging on Instagram

The first and probably best benefit of blogging on Instagram is that you no longer have to go through the trouble of managing and maintaining your own website. In addition, you will never need to create articles with thousands of word count.

Also, with the technology around us, it is now easy to take good and high-quality photos all by yourself. This means that you can already get up and running without needing to pay for a photographer or buying expensive cameras. A good quality smartphone is enough for taking high-quality photos. 

How You Could Start A Blog on Instagram

Moreover, there are brands that heavily rely on microblogging in order to increase their engagement and sales. For instance, the beauty brand Artestilebeauty uses Instagram as its blogging platform. This allows it to direct users to its online shop.

Brands choose to use Instagram other than blogging websites because it lets them increase their sales by directing their audience to their online store through posts and Instagram Stories. 

Other than increasing sales, Artestilebeauty said that it likes Instagram as it allows it to communicate to customers directly via comments and direct messages. This gives the brand a chance to strengthen customer and brand relationships. 

One blogger who uses Instagram as her blogging platform is Victoria Zermeno. For her, Instagram is a great platform as it lets her connect to brands that she can collaborate with. In addition, Instagram lets her share affiliate products.  

But Victoria does not only use Instagram for promotional and blogging purposes. It also gives her the opportunity to connect with other women who think like her.

The Disadvantages of Starting a Blog on Instagram 

While starting a blog on Instagram has significant benefits, we cannot deny the fact that there are also some disadvantages. 

The first disadvantage comes in terms of analytics. On Instagram, your analytics will be limited to what the platform decides to provide you with. These analytics are not as detailed as the ones provided by other analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics. 

When you have a stand-alone blog or website, you can use your analytics in order to dive deeply into the interests of your audience. In addition, you will be able to test various items in order to grow your website traffic. Such is not impossible on Instagram Insights. However, Instagram Insights is a lot more limited. 

In addition, you technically do not own your Instagram content. This means that if Instagram

 would suddenly shut down, everything that you worked for would be gone. You will also be more vulnerable to hacking compared to stand-alone websites. And if someone hacks your account, you would lose everything that you worked hard for.

0Your website also has the possibility of getting hacked. However, you can back things up and restore it if such happens. On the other hand, you cannot back up your Instagram posts. So, if a hacker deletes them, they are gone for good. 

Fortunately, you can prevent hackers from accessing your Instagram account. Enabling two-factor authentication is one way to do so. With this feature, you will receive a one-time pin (OTP) when someone tries to access your Instagram.

How to Start Blogging on Instagram

Now that you know everything that you need to know about Instagram, you are ready to begin your career as a microblogger. Below are the steps that you need to follow to start blogging on Instagram. 

How You Could Start A Blog on Instagram

Step 1: Sign Up For An Instagram Creator Account

The first step to begin a blog on Instagram is to sign up and turn your personal Instagram into a creator account. Such an account is made particularly for influencers and bloggers. 

Open your Instagram app and begin with the signup process. 

Step 2. Switch to a Creator Account

Once you have created an account, the next thing to do is to switch over to a creator account. To do this, go to your profile and click on the hamburger button located in the top right corner. Next, click on Account >> Switch to Professional Account >> Creator.

Instagram will ask you to choose a category that your creator account will fall for.

Finally, Instagram will ask you to confirm the switch, and you are done.

Why is a Creator Account Important?

Through an Instagram Creator account, you will gain access to insights and analytics. This will make it easier for you to see the demographics of your followers. Apart from that, you will know the best time to post for higher engagement and reach. 

Another importance of a creator account is that you will have access to ads. This means that you can promote your profiles so you could increase your followers. 

In addition, creator accounts have access to the contact button feature. Once your follower clicks on that contact button, they will be prompted directly to your email, allowing them to contact you more easily. 

Date: December 31, 2020 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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