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Say Hi to Instagram Reels: A New Short Video Feature on Instagram

Recently, Instagram has announced a new way for users to create and discover short and entertaining videos on Instagram– Reels.

Reels is a feature that invites you to make fun videos that they can share with their friends or their followers on Instagram. It allows you to record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with effects, audios, as well as new creative tools. Also, Instagram allows you to share this new feature with your followers on Feed. If your account is public, you will be able to make Reels available to a wider Instagram community, thanks to a new space in Explore. 

Furthermore, Reels in Explore lets anyone have a chance to become a content creator on Instagram and reach a wide variety of audiences on a global stage.

Say Hi to Instagram Reels: A New Short Video Feature on Instagram

How to Create Reels

Creating Reels is pretty straightforward. In fact, you only need to follow a couple of simple steps to come up with short yet entertaining and great videos.

The first step you need to do to create Reels is to select it at the bottom of the Instagram camera. There, you will see different creative editing tools on the left part of your screen. These tools will help you in creating your reel.

AR Effects

Instagram, along with artistic creators all over the world, has prepared many effects on its gallery. You can use these effects to record any clips you want with different effects.


You can search for a song from the music library of Instagram. If you cannot find a song that you want to use, you can also use your own original music. All you need to do is record a reel with it. Once you upload the reel where you used your original audio, Instagram will attribute it to you. If you have a public account, people can also use your audio when creating their own reels. They need to select “Use Audio” from your video.


This option allows you to line up objects from your previous video to your next. That way, you will be able to make a smooth transition for moments such as adding new friends to your reels or outfit changes.

Timer and Countdown

If you want to record video hands-free, all you need to do is set the timer once your Reels is set up. After pressing the record button, you will see a 3, 2, 1 countdown. The record will begin after the countdown. 


You can speed up or slow down your clips or even a part of the video or audio you chose. This way, you will be able to stay on a beat or make slow-motion clips.

You can record Reels in a series of clips all at once. Alternatively, you can also upload videos from your gallery when recording your first clip. Don't forget to press and hold the capture button! Also, the progress indicator is located at the top of the screen while you are recording. 

Say Hi to Instagram Reels: A New Short Video Feature on Instagram

How to Share Reels

Using Reels, you will be able to share clips with your followers. On top of that, you will have a chance to discover the diverse Instagram community on Explore.

If your Instagram account is public, you will be able to share your reel to a space in Explore that’s dedicated to such videos. There, you will have a chance to be seen and get discovered by a wider Instagram community. Also, you can share your reel video by posting it on your Feed. When you share reels that feature particular songs, effects, or hashtags, here is a chance for your reel to appear on dedicated pages when a viewer clicks on that song, effect, or hashtag. 

On the other hand, Instagram users who have a private account must note that Reels follows your account's privacy settings. You will be able to share on your Feed so that only those who follow you will see your reel. Also, people will not be able to the original audio that you used on your reels. Also, people cannot share your reels with those who do not follow you.

Reels Makes It Easy To Buy Instagram Followers or Likes

After filming and editing your reel, the next thing you should do is to share it. What you need to do is to move to the share screen. There, you will be able to save a draft of your reel, change its cover image, add hashtags or captions, as well as tag your friends. After sharing your reel, it will show up on a separate Reels tab on your profile. People will find all the reels that you recorded and shared in that dedicated tab. If you also shared your reel on your Feed, it will be displayed on your main profile grid. However, you still have the choice to remove it. Either way, this is the perfect time to buy Instagram followers or likes to boost your performance.

Say Hi to Instagram Reels: A New Short Video Feature on Instagram

Regardless if your Instagram account is public or private, you have the option to share your reel with our close friends, Story, or even in a direct message. If you share your reel as an Instagram Story, it will behave like a regular story and will not be shared on Reels in Explore. Also, it will not show up on your profile and will automatically disappear after 24 hours. 

Enjoy Watching Reels in Explore

Reels in Explore shows the best of trending culture within Instagram. There, you will be able to discover an entertaining selection of short videos made by anyone on Instagram in a vertical feed that is customized just for you. 

Besides, there are instances when you will see some reels that have a “Featured” label. If your video is featured in Explore, you will receive a notification. Reels that are labeled Featured are a selection of public reels that are chosen by Instagram to help users discover great content. Besides, getting Featured helps content creators have a great chance to be discovered.

Date: November 25, 2020 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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