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Three Hacks that will Give a Creative Edge on Your Instagram Stories

Instagram is undeniable, a top-rated social media platform. One of its most used features is Instagram Stories.

Launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories now has more than 500 million users daily. So, if it has ever crossed your mind to use this feature to boost your engagement and reach, then now is the perfect time to do it. 

Three Hacks that will Give a Creative Edge on Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories appear at the top bar of your News Feed. Once you have posted a story, anyone can view it by tapping on your profile photo. Also, Stories will only last for 24 hours. It will be automatically deleted once the 24-hour period is over. 

When viewing an Instagram Story, you can tap to go from one story to another. Alternatively, you can also swipe in order to jump from another person’s story. Unlike regular posts, there are no public comments or likes on Stories. 

But aside from the basics, there are other Instagram Stories hacks that you need to know to boost your Stories’ creative edge. 

Three Instagram Stories Hacks that You Should Know

Hack 1. Add a series of text that reveals whenever a viewer tap on your Instagram Stories

This is an effective yet fun way to allow people to view your stories from beginning to end. 

In creating a sequenced text, you need to begin with the last image in the sequence. To visualize how this one will look like, one example is you will use a text tool to add those people's names in your story. This will allow you to tell your viewers who they are. After adding their names, you can also include their job title.

Once you are done with the final image, the next thing you should do is to create multiple versions of it containing varying amounts of text on the screen. You need to create many versions of the image to show every person's names and titles on the screen. Do this until you have included all the names and titles of everyone on the image. 

Three Hacks that will Give a Creative Edge on Your Instagram Stories

Remember that you create these images by working backward. The first thing you will work on is the final image in the sequence. After you are done with the final image, save it by tapping the arrow icon at the screen's top. 

After saving the final image, create the next version that will appear before the final image. To do this, delete the text that will appear last in the sequence. After that, click save. Do this until you come to a point where no text is in the image anymore. 

Now, you can already upload the images on your IG Stories. Make sure that you will first upload the last one you created to the first image that contains all the text.

Hack 2. Add a halo to the object or person on your IG Story

If you want to have a creative way to highlight something special in your IG Story, then drawing a halo around it is the perfect solution to make it stand out. 

To create a halo effect, tap on the squiggly line or the brush tool at the top right of your screen. Next, choose the neon tool. A bar of colors will appear below the skin. Tap any color that you like to use. 

After choosing the color, you want to use, draw a circle around the object you want to add a halo effect. Ensure that you are drawing on the spot that you will erase when you create the halo effect. 

Now that you have drawn a circle, chooses the eraser tool located at your screen's far top right. Once you have tapped on the eraser tool, a slider will appear on the left. Drag that slider down to make the eraser smaller. 

Finally, erase the object's area to create an effect that looks like the object is wearing a halo. 

Hack 3. Customize  color and font size for your IG Stories

In this hack, start by taking a photo that you want to upload on your IG Story. Next, tap on the Aa icon at the top right of the screen. This will prompt the tex tool to appear.

Type the text that you want to appear on your image. 

The next thing to do is cut that text into multiple segments. You will do this to format each segment separately. Choose the text section that you want to take out and cut it to paste it again after formatting the first segment. 

From here, you can do anything you want with the text, such as repositioning and resizing. Besides, you can also change the color of the text and make its background colored. 

Three Hacks that will Give a Creative Edge on Your Instagram Stories

After formatting the first segment of your text, the next thing you need to do is to paste the text that you cut previously. To add the next segment, tap the text tool once again, tap the cursor, and then select Paste. Choose the text that you do not want and then tap Cut. 

If you want to change the next segment's font, tap the icon at the center of the screen. You can also create an outline effect by layering the text. You can do this by simply typing the same text again, style it, and then drag it above the original text. Ensure that the top layer of the text has a slightly smaller font size than the bottom layer. This is to make sure that the outline will be visible.  

When you are already happy with your text's second segment, paste the other segment on your image. Choose its font color, style, and position on the screen. Repeat this process until you have already completed the text you want to add to your IG Story.

Date: October 7, 2020 / Categories: Engagement, / Author: Joy P


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