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Reporter Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin Stages Fake Activism For An Instagram Post

A journalist from Santa Monica, California, went viral after a video of her faking activism surfaced on the internet.

New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz that the reporter in the video was Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin, a commentary intern at the Washington Examiner– a MediaDC-owned conservative news website.

Reporter Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin Stages Fake Activism For An Instagram Post

In the viral video, Moriarty-McLaughlin can be seen near a building being destroyed by looters while holding a power tool. The said reporter posed for an Instagram followers promotion photo and made it look like she was one of the activists before jumping back into her car and drive away. Individuals who saw the video were enraged that Moriarty-McLaughlin appeared to have pretended for the sake of a photo op.

Instagram Hit Goes Viral

The video showed Moriarty-McLaughlin posing with a construction worker, and then handing him back the power tool after the photo was taken, said, “thank you so much,” and then walked away. Afterward, a bystander can be heard saying, “Boyfriends of Instagram!” referring to a young man who took Moriarty-McLaughlin’s photo.

Furthermore, people who have seen what happened yelled, “Good job, you guys! BLM!” as Moriarty-McLaughlin and her boyfriend walked into a black Mercedes-Benz. 

Controversial Instagram Post Gets Likes and Followers

Notably, several establishments in Santa Monica were destroyed by protesters after the death of George Floyd in police custody. As all viral things behave, the action generated thousands of Instagram likes.

Because McLaughlin was wearing sunglasses and a handkerchief as a mask, the controversial video went viral on Instagram without her identity being found out. But after the video was posted on Twitter, online detectives figured out who she was in no time. Since then, the video has already garnered 24 million views.

Furthermore, Yashar Ali, a New York Magazine reporter, reported that the Washington Examiner has already fired Moriarty-McLaughlin after the video went viral.

Negative Reactions from Followers on Instagram

After a lot of negative reactions she received due to the viral video, Moriarty-McLaughlin changed the accessibility of all her social media accounts into private. But since she is a journalist, all of the past articles that she wrote remain accessible to the public. The words “I’m chasing the facts,” which are written on the bio line of her Twitter, remain visible as well.

The controversial and viral video, many people were disappointed and enraged that a white woman staged fake activism for the sake of an Instagram post. Pink, a famous singer, showed her rage on Twitter and asked who Moriarty-McLaughlin and her boyfriend is and even called the two horrible people.

Similarly, Director Ava Du Vernay was also enraged by what she watched. She tweeted out a video where she said that she would put Twitter away even before she could throw her phone across the room. 

Moreover, everyone who saw the video was equally enraged by the fact that someone could fake such a serious matter for the sake of an Instagram post. 

Moriarty-McLaughlin is a Reporter For Campus Reform

During her career as a journalist, Moriarty-McLaughlin reported for Campus Reform, a site that is dedicated to publicizing Liberal Abuse and Bias against conservatives.

While reporting for the site, the Pags Show, she discusses a new Social Credit Score. 

At the beginning of the interview, Pags voiced out some compliments for Moriarty-McLaughlin. According to him, young reporters like her put the legacy media to shame. He also said that Moriarty-Mc-Laughlin’s articles posted in the Campusreform.org are unique and factual and that she is good at backing up her pieces with real information.

Reporter Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin Stages Fake Activism For An Instagram Post

In addition, Pags noted that he saw people who pretend to be a reporter or an anchor who seem to be unsure of what they were reporting. And while these pretending reporters voice out a sort of opinion about what they saw, Moriarty-McLaughlin lays out facts, something that he appreciates from her. 

To which Moriarty-McLaughlin replied that they were always chasing the facts. She also pointed out that they were excited to be there, considering the rampant UC system of all the new that was happening.

Instagram Followers go to Campus Reform

On their website, Campus Reform shared a statement where they claimed that college campuses are no longer places for learning. Instead, they were a place where leftist professors poison the minds of students with their agendas. College Reform also claimed that these leftist professors are silencing conservative students in an attempt to suppress free speech.

On the other hand, Moriarty-McLaughlin also writes for Spoon University apart from the Washington Examiner and Campus Reform. Her most recent writing at Spoon University, according to her Muck Rack profile, was entitled Six Things to Do with that Avocado in Your Dorm Room.

Moriarty-McLaughlin and her boyfriend still do not have any statement about the issues as of the time of writing.

Looting and Vandalization Happened in the Third Street Promenade of Santa Monica One Day Before Moriarty-McLaughlin’s Photo Op

What even adds up to the infuriation of those who watched Moriarty-McLaughlin, a young white woman who pretended to be one of the activists for the sake of social media clout, was the fact that looters have already ravaged Santa Monica. In fact, what is supposed to be a peaceful protest became violent one day before Moriarty-McLaughlin had her photo op. 

Looters went into stores and stole everything that they could carry in their hands before riding their getaway cars. Earlier that day, the Santa Monica police announced in a tweet that people might see some businesses fortifying their storefronts to avoid any potential damage from looters. They also asked the public to stay calm and safe and that their freedom of expression must be exercised peacefully. 

Reporter Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin Stages Fake Activism For An Instagram Post


However, the preventive measures taken were not enough to keep things at bay. Less than one hour after Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti delivered a speech about protecting the community’s citizens, a series of looting have already started. In his remarks, Mayor Garcetti also announced a countywide curfew from 8:00 in the evening to 5:30 in the morning. Just like the looting incidents that happened in Fairfax Village, looters started stealing from the stores in Santa Monica in broad daylight. 

Date: September 15, 2020 / Categories: News, / Author: Joy P


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