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Top Instagram Features That Increase IG Followers

Instagram is changing at a continuous phase. From time to time, new features and changes in the platform’s algorithm happen. So, if you are not updated enough, you might miss all of these tremendous changes.

Top Instagram Features That You Have to Know

Moreover, increasing followers on Instagram is famous for rolling out new features that increases these followers faster than ever. So, to help you keep up with the changes that this platform is implementing, below are some of the top features that you might not know yet:

Filtering Options and Following Categories

This new Instagram feature allows you to manage your following better. In addition, it also helps you keep a record of who you have interacted with in the past. 

Once you visit the list of people that you are following, there are several new additions that you will notice. 

First, you will see that there are now two various categories– the Least Interacted With and the Most Interacted With.

The second edition is a small two-way arrow icon. With this new addition, you can sort your followers by Latest Followed and Earliest Followed.

This new feature is for those people who want to interact more with their followers. It helps them to find out who among their followers is worth interacting with and engaging with. 

Hidden Like Count

You have read it right. Instagram is testing out a new feature where they are hiding the number of likes on posts.

Only the visitors of your newsfeed will see this change. You will still be able to see the number of likes that you get for every content you post. For this reason, you can always check your post insights and see which of your posts are getting the least number of likes.

Top Instagram Features That You Have to Know

According to Instagram, the reason for removing the visibility of likes is to help people share their stories comfortably. Perhaps, Instagram wants to take away the fear of people not getting enough likes on their posts. The platform also added that they want to banish the vanity metrics, which is not essential. 

Instagram Stories’ Arrow Pen

Instagram decided that they will integrate an official arrow pen into the drawing tools of Instagram stories. So now, you do not need to exert any effort in getting the perfect pointer. 

One of the most effective ways to have your followers take action on your stories is by adding an arrow to the areas of interest. For instance, if you draw an arrow pointing to the bottom of your screen, you can encourage users to swipe up. If you draw an arrow pointing to your profile picture, you prompt your viewers to visit your profile.

Age Restrictions

Through this feature, Instagram users can now set age restrictions for their accounts. This will allow you to limit the people who will see your profile, especially if you have posts that are not appropriate for a particular age range. 

However, not all people want to utilize this feature because they do not want to decrease the number of people who visit their profile.

Instagram Creator Account

Back then, Instagram only has two profile types. The first one is the personal account for those who use the platform for private purposes. On the other hand, the second type is the business account for, of course, businesses.

But now, the platform added a new account type specifically catered to the growing population of influencers. The Instagram creator account is for content creators and influencers as it gives them more edge to grow their accounts.

Top Instagram Features That You Have to Know

Through the creator account, influencers will be able to track their followers gains and losses on a daily basis. But other than these features, the new account type is pretty similar to the business account.

Dark Mode Gets More Followers For Your IG Account

Instagram’s dark mode is still on its beta test. So, if you are an iOS 13 or Android 10 user who woke up with a dark version of the app, then you are a part of the beta test. This allows you to easily use Instagram at all hours of the day, making it easier for you to get more IG followers at night.

While some people loved the dark mode of Instagram, some users are freaking out. This is because it is not clear how they could go back from the dark version to the normal one. 

Only several users can access this feature. If you are one of those who woke up with a new and dark version of the platform, switching back to the past performance is simple. 

For iPhone users, navigate to your phone’s setting. There, select Display and Brightness and then toggle the dark option.

Moreover, Android users can also disable the dark mode by going to their phone’s settings. From there, navigate to display and then select the theme. You will find an option where you can enable or disable the dark theme of Instagram.

Email Checker

Have you ever received an email saying that it is from Instagram? Most of the time, these emails say that you have been qualified for verification or your password was change. And to save your account, you need to click on the link attached to the email. Many people are getting tricked by this kind of message, only to find their accounts hacked moments later. 

Such emails are a type of scam called phishing. It was sent by anonymous parties who try to trick Instagram users into entering their usernames and passwords on a particular link. Once users entered their login information, these hackers will take over their accounts. 

Finally, Instagram realized that phishing is a serious issue that they need to solve. For this reason, they implemented a feature where users can verify if the email they receive is indeed from Instagram. 

The feature can be found in the user’s settings. It displays any emails that Instagram sent within the last 14 days. There, you can check if the email you received is genuine or not. 

To enable this feature, go to your profile and click on the hamburger icon. Navigate to the security settings of your account, and there you will find emails from Instagram.

Indeed, this email feature is beneficial to avoid hacking. But it is also important to note that the platform never contacts users through emails. Messages from Instagram are only sent via in-app notifications.

Date: September 22, 2020 / Categories: Tips, / Author: Joy P


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