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10 Most Liked Instagram Photos that You Should See

Nowadays, the most liked photos on real Instagram followers are mostly photos of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Kylie Jenner, and Cristiano Ronaldo. Stars like them can rake up millions of likes in whatever photo they post.

10 Most Liked Instagram Photos that You Should See

Millions of individuals actively use real purchased Instagram followers every day. A lot of them follow the most famous celebrities. This is why the likes of Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Billie Eilish can get millions of likes in their sleep. To let you know who holds the record of most-liked Instagram photos, check out the article below:

10 Instagram Photos That Gained The Most Likes 

1. An Egg (54.7 million likes)

Last year, Kylie Jenner had the number one spot on the list of the most liked picture on the said platform. Her Instagram post had 18 million likes back then. However, her reign came to an end on the 14th of January. This happened after an egg obliterated her record.

An image of an egg was uploaded on the said platform on January 4 last year. It was posted by an account named world_record_egg. It was able to surpass the 54 million links on Instagram in just a span of 10 days. For this reason, it became the most-liked Instagram picture by miles. At the time of writing, the account that posted the viral egg has 7.2 million followers. 

2. The Final Image Posted by XXXTentacion Before His Death (21.4 million likes)

XXXTentacion’s final image was posted almost a month before his death. The image was an inverted photo of himself, half-naked, and looking down. Its caption was “LOVE IS WAR.”

Moreover, the said post is the only picture posted on his Instagram account. 

3. Stormi Webster’s First Picture Posted By Her Mom Kylie Jenner (18.6 million likes)

Kylie Jenner’s daughter, whose name is Stormi Webster, was born on the 1st of February. She was introduced by her mom to the world with a photo of her tiny hand grasping Kylie’s thumb. 

Five days after the photo was posted, it quickly climbed up to the top of the most-liked Instagram posts of all time list. It stayed at the top of the list for almost a whole year before it was robbed off the spot by a random photo of an egg. 

4. Reunion Group Photo of FRIENDS Posted by Jennifer Aniston (16.2 million likes)

Jennifer Aniston created her Instagram in October last year. But despite her account being new, she was able to break the platform instantly. 

10 Most Liked Instagram Photos that You Should See

Aniston broke the record for the fastest account to reach a million followers. She was able to set the record ar a smooth five hours and 16 minutes. Aside from the FRIENDS reunion group photo, her photo with Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow gained nearly 10 million likes in just a span of 10 days. 

5. Tentree’s Pledge to Plant Trees For Every Like That the Post Would Get (15.7 million likes)

A simple image with a text that says “double tap to plant a tree” promises to plant 500K trees in Indonesia in exchange for likes garnered the fourth spot on the most-liked Instagram photos list. 

The caption of the said post claimed that it was the world’s most sustainable post. It also said that 500k trees would be planted when the post gains 5 million likes. Once it reaches 20 million likes, one million trees would be planted. 

According to Tentree, they want people to join their mission of making the most sustainable post on the planet. They also announced that as the post gain more likes, it will unlock a new level of sustainability and the group would plant even more trees all around the globe.

6. LeBron James’ Tribute to Kobe Bryant (15.5 million likes)

Kobe Bryant died a tragic death with her daughter when the chopper that they were riding crashed just last January. After his sudden death, the basketball legend LeBron James took to Instagram to honor his friends. 

LeBron James posted a photo of him and Kobe Bryant together over the years. In the caption, he paid tribute to Kobe and his daughter Gigi who died with him. In addition, he sent love to the family that was left by Kobe. 

7. Wedding Photo of The Rock With Her Wife Lauren Hashian (14.7 million likes)

After his Hawaiian wedding with his wife Lauren Hashian, The Rock posted two stunning images of them with a beach background on Instagram. The post quickly gained 14.7 million likes. Apart from that it also garnered thousands of congratulatory messages from his fans. 

Aside from the massive number of likes, the post also has 180k comments. 

8. A Photo of Selena Gomez and Her Two Friends At A Beach (14.6 million likes)

Selena Gomez’s Instagram account is the fifth most-followed account on the platform. She has a total of 192.2 million followers. 

Her photo, where she was at the beach with two of her friends, gained 14.5 million likes, making her get a spot on the most-liked photos on the platform. In the caption, Selena said that her friend is getting married, so they had to celebrate.

9. Selena Gomez’s Photo of Herself When She Was in Florence, Italy (14.5 million likes)

Selena Gomez got two spots on the list of the most-liked Instagram images. Her other post, which is a photo of herself when she was in Florence, Italy garnered 14.5 million likes. On the caption were the words “Me, Italy, trying desperately to look like a Fellini film.”

10 Most Liked Instagram Photos that You Should See

10. Kylie Jenner’s Picture of Herself With Travis Scott When They Posed for Playboy(14 million likes)

Before the two of them broke their relationship up, Travis and Kylie had a spicy shot for a little cover story for Playboy. From the series of photos posted by Kylie on her Instagram, the one that got the most likes is the one where she was standing completely naked, with Travis’s arm wrapped around her.

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