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Instagram Tips: Using Stories In Sales Funnel

People are becoming more reliant on technology than ever before and the continuous advancements are to be blamed.

Instagram Tips: Using Stories In Sales Funnel

Purchasing all of your needs from food, clothing, to daily necessities is now one tap away. Social media platforms Followers on Instagram played an integral part in the innovation of the selling market. Marketers are now using famous social media platforms in promoting their services to their target audience. If you’re still not using any of the platforms, you are probably missing out on lots of opportunities.

Utilizing Instagram Stories

Instagram is a vital platform if you want to bring your business online. This platform has evolved over time. Now, it has become more versatile in terms of keeping up with the current showing its trends. One of the most flexible features of Instagram is the Instagram Stories. 

Instagram is originally created as a photo-sharing platform. So, you might wonder if it will really boost your brand and sales. 

The rise of active users on Instagram Stories has increased. For this reason, there came an increase in engagement for brands and businesses. When you got hold of your Instagram Story, you can turn your followers into clients. Do you know how to catch your potential client’s attention? We’ll provide you some notes about ways to utilize your Instagram Stories and guiding them through your sales funnel.

The Basics

Before we provide you the notes, you need to know some basic tips in making your Instagram Stories format attention-grabbing

1.       Know the use of hashtags and geotags. This will let people with related interests reach you.

2.       Link your stories to your services or promotional blog posts

Instagram Tips: Using Stories In Sales Funnel

3.       Utilize Instagram Stories Stickers

4.       Use interactive features such as polls and questions and answer buttons to gain feedback and suggestions.

5.       Spend for the sponsored feature of Instagram Story. This is one of the easiest approaches in promotions on Instagram.

Instagram Lead Guide to the Middle Funnel

You have to unleash your creative side for this feature. Instagram Stories are best used if you want your followers to know your brand better. You need people who are already familiar with your brand. Those who are interested in the service that you are selling will more likely to carry your brand to the bottom of your sales funnel. Keep your content consistent and compelling to make them stay interested.

Your content needs to be attention-grabbing and entertaining enough so that viewers will watch them until the end. Remember that your stories must have information that is easy to digest. Consider tactics that will make your content memorable to your viewers.

1. Hacks and Tips Stories

This technique is commonly used in making great Instagram story content. You can easily slip in product placement in between the details. It will come off as appealing to your target audience. They will discover a way or two about the product that you are advertising. New viewers will then be exposed to the presence of your brand that can result in a high chance of purchasing.

For example, create a story with engaging tips about proper handwashing then simply insert a product placement for your soap business.

2. How-To Stories

One effective way of keeping your consumers move down in the funnel is sharing educational or informative Instagram Stories. Try to teach something basic and something advanced related to your niche. You can also try making a 15-20 second story introducing a service or product and its benefits to people. This method also helps in acquainting the service or the products to your followers. For instance, you can show in your story how your product is used and how consumers will benefit from it. It helps in developing your brands’ credibility.

3. Lifestyle Content

This is where you feature lifestyle content to entertain your followers more. Your viewers will feel more connected to your brand in using this approach. The stories will show content with personal stories, humor, and any fun gigs. This delivers a sense of leisure in contrary to how-to stories that are too informative. You can also try featuring a famous figure to gain more engagements from your viewers. Showing the never-before-seen footages of your business also fall under this tip.

The main goal of this content is to connect and befriend your viewer’s attention.

The Use Of Highlights Albums

Here is the catch in using Instagram Stories: they will show in your followers’ feeds in 24 hours. They will disappear after that. Thank Instagram because it now lets users compile stories under the highlights albums. No need to re-upload your previous story. Just check them out in your archive and start creating your highlights albums. Instagram users use this feature to display their stories that they do not want to expire after 24 hours.

Instagram Tips: Using Stories In Sales Funnel

In your Instagram business page, you can use this to organize your content. This allows your followers to review them back and for new viewers to check them on. This will allow you to make your landing page more appealing to new viewers. We can share with you a few points in organizing your highlights albums.

Label your highlights topic by topic

Name your albums with the designated topics each. This will help your viewers to navigate your Instagram Stories content easily. In addition, plan the posts for a better and more organized compilation.

Customize the albums’ cover

Choose a design for your highlights’ cover. This will help in your landing page’s appeal and branding. You can make this by aiming something with a minimalistic format and using color palettes to coordinate with the overall look of your Instagram page.


Always check if the engagements are aligned with your sales funnel. When you learn how to monitor the activity in your Instagram Stories, promoting be a lot easier. Proper execution is the key to boosting up your sales be it in traditional and modern marketing. You have to be flexible and not to be left behind with the trends. Think of this as an opportunity for something bigger for your business. Having the upper-hand in this field will make you master the sales funnel without even breaking a sweat. Engage and stay connected and you will maintain a visible presence in this industry.  

Date: August 19, 2020 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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