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Instagram Stories For Project Launch Success

You might want to consider using Instagram Stories in your project launch. Did you know that there is an estimate of 500 million active Instagram users around the globe? It is very wise to introduce your project in using this app, considering the wide audience that will see your promotions.

Moreover, people love visual things. Instagram Stories’ format has a visual nature that is made to catch viewers’ attention. If used properly, this feature can hold massive opportunities for businesses venturing online. They can use this in stuff like showcasing their brands and building positive impressions for online consumers.

Why Invest in Instagram Stories

If you’re an active Instagram user, you must be familiar with how stories work. At first, you view stories of your friend’s road trip. Next thing you knew, you have tapped through various people’s stories, influencer’s content, and loads of advertisements. That’s how Instagram Stories work. It offers content for the users to be hooked and entertained.

What makes Instagram Stories ideal for marketers is the way this feature increases the engagement between the brand and the consumer in a personal way. In stories, you will have to show new things on a regular to keep the viewers on the loop. They disappear within 24-hours so you should generate another story for your consumers. People have to view your stories' within that time-frame to catch up with your content. However, if you do not want the content to expire after 24 hours, you can upload your stories in the highlights section. If you have things to promote or to sell, keeping them connected will make them support your business.

This is the same thing as blogging before. In blogs, they create engagements by letting their viewers comment under the post. Now, you can connect with them easily by using the direct message feature and have a comfortable one-on-one conversation.

Instagram Stories: How-To’s During Your Launch

What are the things to consider in promoting your launch in Instagram Stories? Since this feature makes it easy for marketers in producing consumers on the platform, they must think about the content they should post.

Support your launch by considering these suggestions that can help you in creating warm up leads.

1. Crowdsourcing for anticipation

Post something to build up your viewers’ anticipation of your new product or service. Make posts to make them curious and collate the feedback. Involving your viewers in the process of your brand’s pre-release will make them feel invested especially when it reaches its official launch. Creating this strategy boosts up engagements and will attract more viewers in the future.

2. Post some testimonials

Show the comments in your stories. Show your viewers the positive comments that your new project is receiving. Do this by posting the conversation and add some stickers for the visuals. You can try this together with your previous clients who are satisfied with your previous works. Make joint live broadcast sharing opinions then collect them all in your highlights folder.

3. Interactive stickers

You are familiar with the interactive stickers in Instagram Stories, right? Some of these are the Poll Stickers, Question Stickers, and Live Q&As. Utilize these to research about your target audience and increase engagement with your prospective clients. You can ask them the things they want with regard to the service or product that you are launching. Repost your answers to build up your credibility.

Similarly, you can also apply this method to your Instagram live session. Use the Q&A sticker so your viewers can ask you and answer them in real-time.

4. Maximizing your DMs

Start to maximize the use of your Direct Message feature or your DMs. This is the most personal engagement that you can have between you and your clients. You can understand the most concerns by asking their insights. Knowing these things can help you improve and adjust your services.

Your Instagram Feed and Instagram Stories

Share your Instagram Post on your Instagram Stories, too. This is one way of promoting your main account which includes your landing page. You can do this by clicking the airplane icon below the image of your post then click on “Add Post To Your Story”. Make sure that your account is set on the public if you want to reach a wide audience. In addition, you can choose the story preview between the plain image or with the white borders. Add some nice stickers for the visual presentation of the story like arrows or doodles. If you have a knack in drawing you can create your own doodles or text to highlight the post.

Expand Reach Through Customer’s Feedback

Another strategy in growing your community is to let your customers post their feedback about you. This way, their friends will get curious about the services that you are offering and will let them check your page out. To appreciate their feedback, make a page or post sending your thanks to your customer. Put up something with a catchy visual and tag them. Tagging them allows them to share it in their stories. You can try doing some giveaways, too. Making these can make them feel more connected to you. Welcome and make them feel important because they are!


Taking advantage of these kinds of features will give you ease in building up your brand. Understand Instagram Stories’ algorithm because marketers gain lots of benefits. It is up to you in keeping them on the loop. Explore the application and grab a few things to help you navigate through the platform. When you learn how to use this properly, you will be surprised by the increase in exposure and sales this will give you.

“The first rule of social media is that everything changes all the time. What won’t change is the community’s desire to network.” – Kami Huyse, a Social Media Strategist. 

Do not forget to check up on the trends from time to time. Trends nowadays change in the blink of an eye. Catching people’s attention may look like a hard job, but there is no easy job when talking about business.

What do you think about using Instagram Stories for your business?

Date: July 28, 2020 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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