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Instagram Must Provide All its Users With Swipe Up

On terms of Instagram Followers and Likes, Swipe Up basically means that an account is considered worthy of having that tool that permits users to integrate links into their Instagram Stories. Meaning, if a user would link something into a story slide, those Instagram users that will view the Story can swipe up from the bottom of the screen and be directed the link designated by the user. 

As of now, the Swipe Up feature is only available to verified users as well as accounts whose follower count is 10 thousand or more. Being verified on Instagram means that the platform has confirmed that you are who you declare you are. And while the said social media platform could verify every Instagram account, it chooses not to. This argument is no longer new on Instagram and other social media platforms when it comes to the fact that they could make themselves safer, but choose not to. In addition, the 10,000 follower mark also seems to be a random benchmark that allows the platform to define what significant following looks like.

Instagram Must Provide All Its Users With Swipe Up

Swiping Up on Instagram Followers

This only means that the Swipe Up feature is only accessible to a limited group, which consists largely of celebrities, influencers, and news outlets. Notably, one from the group– the influencers– are overwhelmingly white. This limitation is an indication that the new feature is not a thing that a diverse group of everyday Instagram users could access. 

Limiting the platform in a way that everyday users cannot access is a missed opportunity for getting more Instagram followers and likes. For this reason, the platform should take a moment to consider granting all of its users the access to its Swipe Up feature.

Swipe Up is the key to urge Instagram Users to Take Action On Something

Swipe Up is a useful feature for a lot of people. Using it, charities could link places where other users can donate money. Links to protests, marches, and information could also be more properly disseminated using Instagram’s Swipe Up feature. Other links, such as those that lead to anti-racism educational materials as well as powerful articles written by black writers would also be easier t disseminate if everyone could use Swipe Up. Notably, the key to urging people to take any action online is by making the action as easy as possible. And allowing everyone to access Swipe Up will enable this accessibility. 

Recently, Instagram has been full of unending posts of black squares from people who are trying to express their support to Black Lives Matter. The original idea of this Instagram blackout is called Black Out Tuesday. It was staged by two black people who are music industry veterans who asked their colleagues to spend one-day supporting black voices. The blackout also aimed to grapple how black culture in all ways have inspired every aspect of the arts and entertainment industry. 

Instagram Must Provide All Its Users With Swipe Up

However, what started out as a targeted effort became an important message that countless of people disseminated. Thousands of Instagram users, both blacks and whites posted black squares under the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter as an indication of their support to the black community.

Black Square Posts are Taking Over the More Important Information

However, people who were posting the black squares under the said hashtag are covering up the important protest information and resources posted on the internet. As everyone knows, Instagram, as well as other social media platforms, have a similar algorithmic nature. This algorithm allows Instagram to show user's posts depending on what the computer program thinks that they would prefer to see. For this reason, instead of posts appearing in order, Instagram filters the posts that a user will see based on their recent likes, shares, and other activities. 

In the case of the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter being used by too many people, the information and resources about the ongoing protests are being suppressed. Still, the massive amount of blackout posts is a good sign that there are a lot of people out there, who, in their own ways are trying to show support in their own simple ways. 

Instagram Followers Blackout Posts

True enough, the endless sea of blackout posts under the aforementioned hashtag might have been a misfire. However, if those who posted the black squares on both their newsfeed and Instagram Story could add a pertinent link to relevant and vital information on their Story using the Swipe Up feature, their efforts would not be futile. Clearly, it is very important for all Instagram users to have access to the platform’s Swipe Up feature. For this reason, Instagram must supply this need. 

Instagram Must Provide All Its Users With Swipe Up

It will be beneficial if Instagram will let every single user access the Swipe Up feature. For instance, organizations, as well as smaller community activists, will benefit from it. Moreover, organizations that have not reached the platform’s criteria for accessing the feature will be able to use it as a tool for information dissemination. This means that accounts that are new but act as a platform for centralized protests would be able to spread information more than just in their newsfeed and Instagram Stories. For instance, the Instagram account @JusticeForGeorgeFloyd still does not have a Swipe Up despite its rapidly growing follower count. This is something that Instagram must do something about. 


True enough, Instagram users who cannot access the SwipeUp feature can add the link to their bio. This link will remain there until they choose to remove it. However, this alternative is nowhere near helpful. The reason is that most of the Instagram users do not look at bios when they are viewing stories. Users can also type out the link on their Instagram caption. However, doing such a thing is inefficient because viewers cannot copy and paste from a caption. In addition, typed out links will not redirect them to the page inside the link. So, it requires to much work if those who want to see what the link leads to will type it manually on the browser. 

It is clear to see that Instagram already has all the technology that could help people spread important information. What they only need to do is to allow everyone to access this technology.

Date: July 6, 2020 / Categories: Interesting, / Author: Joy P


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