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MrBeast’s Friends Chris and Chandler Want to have a Verification Badge on their Instagram

Jimmy Donaldson, or more commonly known by his fans as MrBeast tweeted a message on May 16, saying that he wants to help his friends out. The YouTube influencer wanted to help his friends and video collaborators Christopher Tyson and Chandler Hallow.

MrBeast already has more than 35 million YouTube subscribers. His content focuses on outlandish videos with millions of dollars being given away. 

Tyson and Hallow do not have one of the primary components that every modern-day influencer must have– a blue checkmark beside their Instagram profile which signifies them as verified individuals. But in order for you to get Instagram’s verification badge, you need to have articles written about you by mainstream publications. 

In an interview with the local publication Newsweek, Chandler and Chris talked about topics like balancing work and life, love, and creating content in the light of coronavirus. 

Chris and Chandler: An Overview

Newsweek asked Chris and Chandler what exactly they do with regards to being MrBeast’s collaborators. According to Chris, both of them are the talents for the YouTube personality. However, it is hard to put an exact name to what they do because there is so much. The two of them are responsible for working on the video processes for MrBeast. In addition to that, they also are also responsible for the concept, idea, and location where every video will be done. Apart from that, they are also the actors in the videos. Get Instagram verification badge in the easiest and simple way.

MrBeast’s Friends Chris and Chandler Want to have a Verification Badge on their Instagram

The two met MrBeast separately. Chandler had a friend who was MrBeast’s coworker. He played baseball with the two and found out that they were in need of a janitor for the summer. Chandler got the job and was eventually featured in one of MrBeast’s video. MrBeast’s fans liked him, so he became a talent for the YouTuber’s content. 

On the other hand, Chris and MrBeast met each other when they were in high school. Chris was in ninth grade back then while MrBeast was in seventh grade. Both having an interest in YouTube as well as watching people play video games, the two of them became friends. One day, Chris went to MrBeast’s house and created a YouTube channel, marking the birth of MrBeast on YouTube. 

YouTube Fame Comes Hard View Counts

The YouTube channel became known to a lot of people. Chris realized that they were already starting to become popular when he noticed that people are already going up to him whenever he is in public. However, the MrBeast channel’s popularity reached its peak when they went to a local restaurant and gave a $10,000 tip. The said the video made it to the national news.

Chris and Chandler are not necessarily YouTubers or content creators themselves. However, both of them have an eye in the creative process, so they are able to interact in a platform that they are not necessarily a part of. 

MrBeast’s Friends Chris and Chandler Want to have a Verification Badge on their Instagram

According to Chris, they are not YouTubers in the sense that they do not own a channel or clicks the upload button. Still, he and Chandler have a big part in the process of creating content. For this reason, they feel as if having an actual YouTube channel is the only thing that they are missing from being YouTubers. The two even met other YouTubers and Chandler even shared some ideas to them about creating videos.

Chris and Chandler in Dealing With Life and Fame

Ever since the two became popular in MrBeast’s videos, Chris no longer prefers to eat out as much as before. He now prefers ordering food and staying at home. However, he does this not because he does not like his fans. Rather, it is because he is living in a small town and a lot of people already know who they are. For instance, if he will dine out with his friends or family, his fans will go to him to greet him and take a photo. Chris said that he kind of feels bad for the people he is with whenever such instances happen. He also added that he would like to lay low a bit. Still, he finds meeting fans fun whenever he is out and about.

On the other hand, Chandler said that he does not have much of a personal life. Whenever Chris and MrBeast need him, he goes. But whenever the two does not need his help for their MrBeast’s videos, he stays at home and hangs out there or with MrBeast’s crew. 

Chris told MrBeast, which he refers to as Jimmy that what they are doing now is his dream job because it does not feel like they are working. It is as simple as going to meet each other, record and make videos the entire time, and then go home after. Chris also said that there are a lot of times when they hang out outside filming. Still, he tries to make a line between work and home because he has a wife and a child coming in four weeks. 

MrBeast’s Friends Chris and Chandler Want to have a Verification Badge on their Instagram

Chris also noted that the reason why they do not differentiate personal life from their work is that they are working with friends. So, hanging out feels the same as working. 

Chris and Chandler admitted that the coronavirus pandemic affected who they do their videos. The three of them had to film videos where they go out of the state. So, as a safety precaution, they quarantined themselves in their homes for 14 days. After that, they finally decided to quarantine together. Chris, his wife, Chandler, Jimmy, and another crew named Carl quarantined together in Jimmy’s house. They also admitted that the coronavirus pandemic prevented them from freely doing videos. Still, they always make sure to follow all the precautions implemented in their state because they want to want to remain healthy while entertaining their fans. When you have that many Instagram followers, it's the least you can do.

Finally, Chris and Chandler said that they wanted their Instagram accounts to be verified because they get a lot of videos from fans who ask them whether their main accounts are backup ones. The two, along with MrBeast give away a lot of money, and not having a verification badge on Instagram makes it easy for scammers to impersonate them.

Date: June 15, 2020 / Categories: News, / Author: Joy P


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