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Kim Gordon Instagram Followers Increase Via Album

Born in upstate New York in 1953, Kim Gordon was raised on the West Side of Los Angeles. Her father was an instructor in U.C.L.A’s sociology department while her mother was a seamstress. Ain the year 1980, she moved to New York with her dream of becoming an artist. A year after she went to New York, she along with the guitarists Thurston Moore and Lee Ronaldo started an experimental rock band which they named Sonic Youth. Gordon in some ways cool. She was vaguely aloof, intimidatingly smart, and impossibly chic. These characteristics made other young women feel terrified yet enamored. During those times, it was somewhat anomalous to see women as part of rock bands, most especially in bands that are as adventurous as Sonic Youth. For this reason, Gordon became the beacon. Instagram followers review here.

The Rise of A Star

Apart from her skills, Gordon was also innovative and knowledgeable. She was the one who produced the debut album of Hole Pretty on the Inside. She also co-founded a streetwear brand for women called X-girl and formed several musical side projects. Gordon also excels in arts. After some time, she began showing her paintings, drawings, as well as collages in galleries around the globe. 

Kim Gordon on Her No Home Record Album

However, in 2011. Gordon and Moore’s marriage fell apart, causing Sonic Youth to go on an indefinite hiatus. After four years, the Girl in the Band was published by Gordon. It was a thoughtful memoir that recalls all her formative years in Sonic Youth, her relationship with Moore, the history of her art practice, as well as the birth of her daughter. Gordon also spent a few years performing with Bill Nace, an experimental musician, as half of Body/Head. When she was 66 years old, Gordon released No Home Record in 2019. Notably, it was her very first solo album. 

The Making of No Home Record

According to Gordon, the album’s title was based on No Home Movie, Chantal Akerman’s final film. When asked to elaborate on how she came up with her album’s title, Gordon said that she had read in a book written by Trisha Low what the concept of a home is. The book’s author detailed how it feels to be both emotionally and physically displaced from Singapore, her original culture when she moved into the U.S for an education that her father had as well. Get Instagram followers here.

Gordon compared her life to how the story goes. She thought of how she would fit into the landscapes of her real home Los Angeles after the breakup of her marriage. Furthermore, Gordon came up with the title No Home Record because she liked the idea of creating a negative title that is not supposed to be negative.

Kim Gordon on Her No Home Record Album

Instagram Album Releases Means More Followers

When writing the songs that will be featured in her very first solo album, Gordon did not have a notebook where she writes the lyrics that she thought of. Instead, she had a list of phrases in the notes on her phone, on scraps of papers, as well as on legal pads. There were also times when Gordon would go out and drive around while looking at signs. Los Angeles has a lot of small malls where different businesses are jammed in with a lot of signs. For instance, a lyric from her song Air BnB was taken straight from the catchphrases of its site. Gordon also mentioned that she loved ad copy because it was faux personal and that she was fascinated by the literal interpretations of ad copies. ForAir BnB, Gordon took a persona of the of an ideally perfect client and came up with “Airbnb gonna set me free.”

Furthermore, Gordon does not entirely identify herself as a musician because she thinks of herself more as a visual artist. While being downtown and post-punk music suited her inclination away from authority as well as her feeling of being unfit into the world, what she really wanted ever since was to make art. Gordon also liked No Wave because she viewed it as a form of art because it needed no credentials and did not need to be about money. In addition, what she liked about music was its spatial and physical aspect of playing as well as its sense of transcendence that felt instinctive. And while making art has always felt partially instinctive, Gordon always had to fight against this feeling of instinctive in order to make something awkward– something that she finds difficult to achieve because everything has already been done. 

Gordan's Instagram Followers

As mentioned, Gordon was also an artist apart from her career as a musician. According to her,  she does not see the role of artists in this time of crisis any different from their role a year ago. Gordon noted that the role of artists is to hold something up as a reflection. Furthermore, Gordon added that making art has become a more open system and that she always thinks of her art as political, which in a way makes it social. Still, there is no single way of creating art or being political. She emphasized that a thing that looks overtly political may just be a design and what seems to be a mere design can be political.

Kim Gordon on Her No Home Record Album

The musician’s art was featured at the Irish Museum of Modern Art’s She bites her tender mind. One of her displayed paintings was a canvas where the word “#mood” was written in dripping yellow paint. The show’s title was a fragment taken from a Sapphi poem.


Gordon said that the modernness of Sappho’s poems made her feel close to it like a sister from another time. In addition, the Irish Museum of Modern Art held classic architectural details, which made her envision an Airbnb. 
Gordon also said that she was slow in figuring out what she really wanted to do. However, she realized that she is not going to live forever, so she thought of making a solo record. And while she gets lazy sometimes with what she was doing, she was able to finish No Home Record and was surprised how people responded to it.

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