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Instagram Develops its Features for Mobile and Desktop

Despite Instagram's popularity and greatness, it continues to roll out some great features for both it's mobile and desktop versions for firms to help businesses engage with audiences in meaningful and profitable ways.

In this article, I am going to roll up some of the excellent features that Instagram will release this 2020.

Add Call to Action Buttons to Your Business Profile

Instagram allows businesses to add a call to action buttons to their posts, stories, and Instagram Ads. These calls to actions include “Contact” and “Message.”

But now, the platform added a few more calls to action buttons such as “Order Now,” “Click Here,” and “Buy Now,” to name some. When these clickable buttons are tapped by the users, they will be redirected to the link or platform that you have chosen where they will be able to complete their purchase. 

This new Instagram feature is perfect for brands that offer advanced orders that customers can pick up or food delivery. 

To make your target audience aware of the new features that you are using, use Instagram stories, and feed posts to announce how they could acquire your services in a new and more convenient way. 

Instagram Direct Message via Desktop

The direct message or DM feature of Instagram is used both by users and brands. However, the said feature is only accessible through mobile phones and not on the app's desktop version. A lot of brands have been anxiously waiting for the platform to expand their desktop feature and send direct messages to their customers even without the mobile app. 

However, this is not the case anymore as Instagram already announced its plans to roll out access to direct messages via Instagram's desktop version.

Access to the desktop is very much easier for brands compared to mobile apps. It is much faster and more error-proof to type replies on the desktop. Besides, brands can take more advantage of copying, pasting, and customizing responses for individual messages if they are doing it on the desktop.

This new feature is also beneficial for customers as it can speed up brand and customer relationships as well as improve customer service. 

Download Your Data Feature

The Download Your Data tool for Instagram is accessible within your app. It lets you see how you have been using the Instagram app and the interactions you have done, such as profile updates, likes, and comments, and replies that you left.

The new feature also lets you have an insight into the categories you are interested in and why you see specific posts when you explore your Instagram feed. 

This feature is designed to provide brands with information about how they perform on the platform. It also shows brands how they collect information about their target audience must be obtained to serve better ads and drive more organic traffic. 

Improved Reporting Action

This new feature is mainly for users who use Instagram as a social media platform rather than a platform for branding. 

Instagram is a social media platform that takes its terms of service very seriously. These terms of service include allowing users to report accounts that potentially go against the platform's rules. However, this feature can be a hit or miss as there are inconsistent punishments for rule-breakers. Still, Instagram is continuously working to improve the way they respond to concerns.

For instance, Instagram now has the Support Requests feature where users can see the status of the report they have currently submitted as well as the report's history. This allows users to see the posts they have reported as being against the platform's guidelines and the actions taken.

If you are an Instagram user who reported a post in the past only to be told that the post you reported is excellent when, in fact, it was not, then you might find this feature appealing. As an additional feature, the platform allows you to appeal to the decision regarding a post you reported. You simply have to click the “Request a Review” button, and the Instagram team will be required to review your report again to see if there is something they have missed.

Sharing of Live Video Straight to IGTV

Instagram announced an exciting feature where brands can live stream a video directly to IGTV. This means that your live videos will no longer live only on Instagram stories. You can now share them with IGTV and even organize them into series for a better look. Once assembled, you can also promote these live videos' previews on your feed to attract the attention of your target audience. 

This feature is perfect for brands that want to interact more with their target audience. Brands can now answer the comments of their viewers the instant it was sent to the. 

Instagram Insights' Growth Analytics

Instagram's Insights feature offers quite detailed analytics, which is better than all the other analytics out there. Still, Instagram further developed this feature, and the Growth Insights was born. This new analytics tool allows brands to see which Instagram posts and stories are generating the most followers and engagement– a metric that has not been seen in any platform yet. 

See Aggregated Stories that Mention Your Brand

It is a good thing for you to be aware of who mentions your brand for different reasons. Of course, you would want to know what people say about your brand as well as the service you provide. This will give you a chance to identify the areas you need to improve. Besides, you can also share those posts and capitalize on the power of user-generated content. 

Final Thoughts

Instagram has been continuously developing its features to serve both individual users and brands. Brands can now utilize a lot of these new features to further give better service to their customers. 

Date: May 19, 2020 / Categories: News, / Author: E O


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