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How Our Instagram Followers Are Changing The Way We Look

Instagram and any other social media platforms are quite harmless. You can even consider them as another company doing business and trying to increase their business growth. But, the difference they make depends on their popularity. So, let’s take a look at how Instagram is changing the way we look.

Why We Are the Way We Are

If you have ever heard of the phrase, “Monkey see, monkey do”, then you might already have an idea of why we are the way we are. Humans are natural at copying each other. One of the common phrases that you will hear in your lifetime is, “I want to be like them.” This is especially evident in children and is why parents are told to always be good examples around them.

As children grow up, they really don’t know any better, which is why they will copy their peers and us. You might not notice it, but adults are the same as children too. We just do things more subtly because once we reach the adult age, we begin to feel embarrassment and shame.

We want to be who we like

Just as kids have their favorite superhero, adults have their favorite sports star or celebrity. This is totally normal and one of the great motivating things about famous people. When we like someone, we tend to admire them and want to be just like them. Whether it is their behavior that we like or their personality, it is common for human beings to strive to be like someone else that inspires them.

Nowadays, the world is filled with famous stars and fashionable people. This is mostly due to the amount of media coverage that exits now because of technology. So, it is easier to see how other people are and what their lifestyle is like. One of these well-known and popular media medium is called social media.

Social media are online platforms where individuals create accounts in and connect with other accounts or profiles. Some social media platforms specialize in a specific area, such as Instagram and YouTube. YouTube is a video-sharing platform, while Instagram is all about photo-sharing.

Peer-pressure runs the world.

Because media can be viewed by the public, anyone can see what everyone is seeing. While media is viewed through TV, social media is viewed through our phones or computer screens. You could say that social media is the media of the online world.

The thing about seeing what everyone else sees is that everyone will talk about it. This is where peer-pressure begins. Because one person likes a certain someone’s facial feature, for example, another might be influenced to also like or talk about the same topic. It then starts to become a sort of Chinese whisper and have a domino effect.

Instagram and other social media platforms can easily create this influence domino effect. A perfect example is when a picture of a famous celebrity, such as Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox, consistently appear beautiful in their pictures or images. This kind of beauty overtime becomes the natural look for women. In turn, other women will strive to look the way these celebrities appear on their Instagram photos.

How Instagram is Changing What We See

It is always nice to want to look better. After all, good looks build self-esteem, which is vital to growing our confidence in ourselves. Confidence is a useful attribute and is one of the driving factors that help us get through life’s challenges. However, the trick with Instagram is its certain features or filters.

Because Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, everyone wants to look beautiful or handsome in their photos. The better you look, the more “likes” your photos will receive. This sort of rewarding system puts a sense of peer-pressure on the individual to make sure that the photos their sharing with the public are the best. Therefore, many users like to take shots of their topside or take hundreds of shots just to find the perfect one to post.

Instagram’s image filters

Now, to make it much easier on its users, Instagram has many filters available that can fine-tune your photos to better suit your taste. These filters can make your skin smoother by removing any pimples or even re-shape your head to your desired look. These are just a couple to mention.

If Instagram’s own features are not enough, then other apps can also edit your images before sharing them on Instagram. One of these universal apps is called Facetune. Facetune works just like Instagram’s filters, but there are more options available, and you can further change your facial features. If you’ve always hated your round face, for example, and wanted it to be like a fashion model, then Facetune can make that dream come true.

The influence of celebrity plastic surgery

Instagram and other social media have changed the way we see each other is the use of plastic surgery that so often celebrities boast about. The majority of these celebs are female. So, more and more women are turning to plastic surgery to physically, rather than virtually, change their looks to permanently appear great on their Instagram posts.

Back in the early 2000s, plastic surgery was not accessible. In fact, it was frowned upon and a risky procedure. Now, thanks to the influence of social media and in addition to admired famous people’s example, it has become the norm to get plastic surgery.


Today, we live in a world where beauty is rewarded. You will find that there are now double the number, if not more, of plastic surgeons than there was back when it was not accessible. How Instagram is changing the way we look has genuinely impacted how we view ourselves and each other. We can expect the newer generations to be working on their looks, such as hitting the gym or tanning at the beach.

Date: May 11, 2020 / Categories: Follower Tactics, / Author: E O


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