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Easy Tactics to Grow Your Instagram’s Follower Count

Take the practice of getting followers as an example. Back then, the methods of getting followers for Instagram were all spammy and against the platform’s policy. You can even buy followers in the form of auto-generated bots just to instantly grow your follower count.

However, Instagram has clamped down its algorithm and prevented spammy behaviors from happening. Most old methods for growing followers will not work nowadays since Instagram has already limited the number of followers an account can follow each hour. 

Today, you have to try different methods to gradually grow your number of Instagram followers. Purchasing Instagram followers at night and waking up with your follower count instantly doubled in number is possible with good reviews. Besides, people have been very observant, so they will immediately determine whether your followers are real or not. Once they found out that your followers are not organically grown, you will lose their trust.

So, to make sure that you will remain credible and trustworthy in the eyes of people, below are some of the tactics that you can use to grow your follower count on Instagram:

#1 – Be active when your followers are

You can find out when your followers are online using Followerwonk. Followerwonk is an Instagram analytics tool that allows you to manage your profile. It also lets you see when your followers are online, so you can interact with them. The said software tool is integrated with Buffer, a social media scheduling tool. For this reason, you can quickly queue tweets when your followers are active and fully engaged.

#2 – Start conversations with your followers

If you already have a Followerwonk for your account, then this tactic is quite easy to do. Using Followerwonk, you can search for relevant keywords in your industry. You can also conduct a comparison of your competitors’ followers. Once the searches have appeared, sort them by Social Authority and look for those with the highest response rates and total engagements and engage with them.

Besides, Followerwonk has another sorting feature. Using the said feature, you can filter out the people you are following but are not following you back and vice versa. You can also filter out the people who you follow and support you back as well as those that do not have any relation with you.

The feature is helpful when you consider the type of engagement that you want to start. For example, are you planning to attract people to follow you, then sort out those who are not yet following you and then start a conversation with them. Remember, your attempt to engage with your target audience is futile if you are not engaging with the right kind of audience.

#3 – Utilize content as incentive

Getting your audience’s attention isn’t always easy. However, you can utilize your content to attract your audience. Once someone sees that you are producing compelling content, there is an excellent chance for them to follow you. 

#4 – Maintain the conversation you have started

Once you have started a conversation with your audience, don’t just reply and let the conversation end. Instead, you have to be interactive. Keep conversations, especially the positive ones, as going as possible. Also, Xion, retweet every positive response that you get from your audience. You want your tweets to circulate as much as possible. The more you talk to your audience, the more likely their followers will take a peek at your profile. This will then lead them to follow you since they have seen how interactive you are. 

#5 – Make sure that your profile and tweets are compelling

As mentioned, when you start a conversation with your target audience, chances are to visit your profile to know more about you. However, this is not an assurance that they are going to follow you. So, to convince them that you are worth pursuing, make sure that your profile and tweets are interesting. Everyone who takes a look at your profile will see your most recent tweets. So, make sure that these tweets are compelling enough to make people follow you.

#6 – Your tweets have a larger audience than you think

Engaging with your followers is a must on Instagram. However, you may not have realized it yet, but your tweets are seen by a more massive audience than you think. For every retweet that you get from your followers, there are third-party audiences that see this retweet. For this reason, provide tactical retweets of the person you are having a conversation with, giving some narratives to your third audience. 

#7 – Track your followers

Going back to Followerwonk, this tool has a feature where it tracks every person that unfollows you. Using this feature, take a careful look at who you are losing. You can sort the list of your followers by their influence and follower count. From there, you can identify whether you are missing big names with significant importance. Also, check when they have unfollowed you and see what you did on that moment that might have driven them to unfollow yoU.

#9 – Don’t just follow back for the sake of following back

Just because someone followed you does not mean that you have to follow them back. Remember, you want followers who are genuinely interested in your content. So, before following back, check if you can see something in their profile that has any relation to your industry. If there is, then that is the time when you should follow back.

#10 – Know your purpose for following people

Instagram’s recommendation for who others can follow is mostly based on groupings of interconnected individuals. For this reason, the way you choose you to follow must be tactical and designed to attract more followers. Look for those who are somewhat related to your niche and those who have high engagement rates.

It is never easy to grow your followers. But with effort and patience, you will see that doing these tactics will pay off in the long run. 

Date: May 14, 2020 / Categories: Follower Tactics, / Author: E O


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