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Guide to Create Instagram Stories Polling Sticker Ads

Instagram polls allow you to have an interaction with your prospect and customers. These polls will also let you find out what they care about and have a glimpse of some new content ideas from them. It was last year when the said social media platform released the Stories ads feature so you can pay to get answers to their questions to find new ways to have their audience engaged. 

When Instagram users see your ad, they can tap on one of the two poll options. Once the users are already answering the poll, the Ads Manager will automatically record the answer for you. Needless to say, Instagram Ads stories are more than just content and engagement. Instead, they can provide you some valuable insights regarding what your audience’s preferences are. Also, the Ads Stories feature allows you to customize your audiences to re-engage those who engaged with your past poll. 

Step by Step Guide to Creating an Instagram Poll Ad for Your Brand

Step 1. Only select the Instagram Stories placement

There are a couple of settings that you need to know and understand when setting up polls in your stories ads. Navigate your Facebook Ads Manager to your ads set’s Placements section and then select the Manual Placements option. This will allow you to see the placement categories for your Stories, Feeds, in-Stream, and others. The only category that should only be marked with a check is the Instagram Stories. Checking anything other than the Instagram Stories will cause you to automatically lose the poll option from your creative.

Step 2. Setting up the Instagram Stories Ad Poll

When creating your poll, you have to select whether you would run a video or image with your Ad Poll. While a video would look good, I highly suggest for brands to stick with still images when creating their polls. This is because their audiences are already trying to figure out what is happening in the story. So, having a video that is running, a poll question, and only 15 seconds to figure out the message makes it more difficult for your audience to understand what you are trying to convey.

Presenting your poll question with a video can make your audience lose their focus on the poll itself.

Besides, you should always choose an interactive poll question and only present your audience with two options. After uploading an image for your ad, keep scrolling until you find the Stories Customizations feature. Tap on that section and select the Add an Interactive Poll checkbox to customize your poll. Also, it is essential to note that the poll question is limited to only 90 characters. Therefore, you need to come up with a short but catchy poll question. After typing in your question, the text font would be in Times New Roman with white font color. Unfortunately, this is a default setting that you cannot change. So, it is crucial to choose a background that is not busy or predominately white.

Moreover, positioning your poll is also essential. It is quite tricky to adjust the size, angle, as well as the horizontal and vertical positioning of the sticker. This is because when you mess too much with these settings, the Ads Manager will refuse to render the image. Instead, it will tell you that your vision is outside the showable area. For this reason, you have to keep it simple whenever you set up an ad. It is also worth noting that rotating the sticker will add an eye-catching appearance because it looks somewhat different.

Step 3. Find out the result of your interactive poll

You can see the result of your poll by navigating to the original pane of your Ads Manager. Once you have found your ad, hover over it and tap on the View Charts option. The View Charts option will open, and you will have to scroll past the ad preview to find the Interactivity results. Now, you will be able to see all the responses to your poll.

In addition, the ads manager will show you the ad’s reach, which stands for the total number of individuals that your ad has reached. It will also show the number of people who responded to your poll as well as the number of responses each poll has received. This is why businesses and ad managers buy Instagram story views onto their highest production ads.

Bonus: How to Customize Your Poll Takers

Facebook allows you to customize your audiences for your Instagram post or poll stories. So, instead of being just someone who answered the poll, poll takers become a part of a remarketing audience that is based on how they engaged with you. 

To customize your audience, open your Ads Manager, and navigate to the Audiences dashboard. Once you are there, click on Create Audience. A drop down will appear, and you should click o the Custom Audience listed in that drop-down menu. There, you will see several options on how you can customize your audience. You want to select the Instagram Business Profile option. After choosing the said option, find the Everyone who engaged with any post or ad to create an audience of people who interacted with your add. This will help you narrow down the number of people who can see your poll.

Furthermore, Facebook also allows you to be specific with regards to the number of days that your selected audience will remain. 

Final Thoughts

Interactive polls on your Instagram stories can be a great way to interact with your target audience. This will also help you collect their insight so you would know what their preference are. Besides, these Instagram stories ad poll can also help you turn a prospect into a customer once they see that you are valuing their opinions. 

The steps mentioned above are straightforward to do. Yet, they offer excellent results when done correctly. Follow this step by step guide now and customize your poll for more optimal audience engagement. 

Date: May 8, 2020 / Categories: Marketing, / Author: E O


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